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  1. Anyone know if there is a crying animation? I've been searching through the anim viewer, but there is so much to look through, and I have yet to find it. I decided if anyone knew, I would save myself the time and come to them first. Anyone?
  2. JetlinerX

    New Tactical Shooter Game!

    Wana explain instead of just claiming I am missing something?
  3. JetlinerX

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Ah, I didnt know they've done it that many times... makes me wonder now.... :)
  4. JetlinerX

    Grand Theft Auto V

    While that is true, I am not going to assume they will release it on PC... given their comments about it: Apparently they dont see PC as an appropriate business opportunity. I could be wrong, and they might be doing this as a shock factor... but due to my pessimistic nature, I will assume it's console only, but I would LOVE to be wrong! ;)
  5. JetlinerX

    New Tactical Shooter Game!

    Wait, am I missing something? Why did we come out of the gate hating this? I totally understand there is a lack of information, or really anything to show for it in general, but are we all really jumping on the hate ship and setting sail so soon? I feel like I missed something, and if so, please let me know... otherwise, that was a little harsh. A lot of successful game companies started with a modding background... no reason to discount this yet, right?
  6. JetlinerX

    Grand Theft Auto V

    So sad there is no PC version (yet?)..... SO SAD.
  7. JetlinerX

    A faster paced ArmA - Insurgency!

    Yup, I am 100% sure of that. :)
  8. JetlinerX

    A faster paced ArmA - Insurgency!

    Ah, sorry, didn't see the other post, though I will mirror this video that I found on that post, as it has an interview with the developer who explains a lot of the new features (from the mod) without a wall of text. Also, please note that this video is VERY old. The changes from this video are huge, so I will post a second video with a more up to date commentary as well for those of you who are interested, but want to know what it's like in its current state: Finally, the last link is a very recent interview with the developer (same one from TotalBiscut's interview) and it should give you the most recent information regarding the current state, and direction of the game: For those of you not wanting to trug through all that to find the answer to the question: "What are the differences from mod to game?" Here you go: "We got a little bit away from the "restrictive" nature of the game in the way the squad system works, which was a deliberate design choice. We've spent a lot of time improving weapon feedback, which we felt was "okay" at best with the mod in comparison to the game. We also focused a little bit more on cooperative vs. AI which is something that was never even touched with the mod. This was decided because we've seen a growing trend in multiplayer games towards cooperative and we want to be a part of that." [Taken from the interview linked below.] VIDEO WITH DEV INTERVIEW: VIDEO THAT'S MORE UP TO DATE: RECENT INTERVIEW: http://www.rollinbros.blogspot.com/2013/04/interview-insurgency-2.html
  9. My newest Machinima was a doozy. Inspired by the recent N. Korean "conflicts"
  10. Hey guys- Recently I was turned on to this game called "Insurgency." Some of you might have heard about it from it's old mod state, but this is the actual game they made around it, and my God is it awesome. The best way I can describe it is a faster paced ArmA. It's like ArmA without the pre-firefight tactics. But once you are in a game... oh man, if you dont have tactics and teamwork, you're screwed. Which is prolly one of the coolest things about it for me. It goes against every modern days FPS "feature." Instead of taking 1/2 a mag to kill 1 guy, it takes 1 - 4 bullets, following all basic human anatomy. Ex - 1 to the head, 1 - 2 center mass, and 3 - 4 below the belt. Not to mention, I've seen a lot of requests for this on this forum for ArmA... and this game has it... that feature is... 3D SCOPES! That's right, Red Orchestra style scopes! :D Oh yeah - They already released the SDK, so all you modders and map makers can get to work! :) Oh yeah x2 - It's on Steam now. http://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/?snr=1_7_15__13 I'm just gonna post the trailer now... I have expressed my opinion, and could go on for days about it... but I recommend it to everyone who wants an FPS focused on REALISM.
  11. Need: As many voice actors who want to break into ArmA videos as I can get. I am not looking for a specific amount, just because I will CONSTANTLY be needing more or less. So pretty much, anyone who wants to work in ArmA videos. Not convinced? Here is what some of my final products in the past have looked like: Based on those samples, if you would like to voice act in many shorts, and a feature film later on, please get in contact with me via Skype at: "JetsMachinimas" Thanks for your interest!
  12. Hey all! Jetliner here. Recently, I've created and posted two Machinimas on here, and gotten great feedback from them. If you have yet to see them, or need proof that this will be worth your time, check them out here: Now, it seems the only person I had helping me before is just flat out not helping anymore. Unfortunately, for the newest video, it requires some pretty advanced stuff, stuff AI cant do. So I call on you. Who would like to help with my current, and most likely future ArmA Machinimas!? You? GREAT! Please get in contact with me via Skype: "JetsMachinimas" (Made specifically for this reason) Add that user, and we will be in touch! Thanks all for your help, and I look forward to getting some awesome players! :D
  13. Anyone know if there are flag wrapped caskets in ArmA2, mod or default?
  14. JetlinerX

    ArmA Physical Fights

    Yeah, I have that, and have been looking through it, but your suggestions gave me a whole new idea! :D Thanks a million!
  15. JetlinerX

    ArmA Physical Fights

    Would the setvelocity make it a ragdoll?