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    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    me too, i just end up spraying the whole place, and dont forget the tank spamming!:) i knew that, one last thing... i just figured out that i had the latest version of everything, and it needed an older one, so im going to reinstall the mods the way the instructions say... i hate it when steam forces updates and never tells me about it:coop:
  2. tylerswearingen

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    it is a big problem when i play on lan all the time... i love ace and all the addons but i cant be commander and fight at the same time so i change commander spots at least 12 times a game, Btw it did run when i cheated and put it in single player missions, the only bug there is when i got pawned by a resistance tank i cant respawn, its like the editor missions, so i know it was a script problem... the max ammount of people on my server is 2, me and my bro so it is hard to command troops and fight too, but anyway i was just keeping you up to date! Thanks, Tyler Swearingen
  3. tylerswearingen

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Greetings for the first time! I would like to inform you that the commander vote is not working at all.... what happens is that you can click to be commander or not to be, after that it is final... just a heads up!:)