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  1. "err" is right. Thanks for your help. I am back in business. "verify integrity of game cache" fixed it. I wont be installing updates from now on..
  2. Hello I purchased TOH through Steam, Today I downloaded the update patch 1.03, after it installed I tried to launch the game and now I get promoted to insert the CD. As this was purchased and downloaded online I don't have a CD, Does anybody have any suggestions ? ---------- Post added at 22:12 ---------- Previous post was at 22:07 ---------- Oh P.s. I am an idiot. I read that the update is not to be used for steam after the fact.
  3. Malden7

    Best Laid Plans question

    Thanks for your help Next time I will post such questions in the official scenario thread
  4. Hello I am stuck on the "best laid plans" mission. I am at the stage of flying in to the firing range and dropping the passengers off, however I have tried a whole lot of times to get them to disembark but no no avail ?, Ive come in and landed at a range of speeds too, this evening I came various ways again but still no. Anybody have any pointers for me ? Thx
  5. joystick over keyboard. I use Logitech extreme 3d pro, this has served me well for flight sim's
  6. Thanks for your reply's, random loss of control was not due to speed. as it happens I have not had the issue for some time now. however I will keep an eye on my speed..
  7. Hello I have just started to play Take on helicopters, All is good so far, however randomly during game play i looser control the helicopter. I have done restarts, remapped the controller within the game. shut down pc and started again. It has done this a few times now, there is no issues with my joy stick, I am using a Extreme 3D Pro, the 1st time it happened I thought my joy stick was nackerd so i fried up MS Flight Sim 10 and no issues. This is becoming frustration. Can anybody tell me where or what I am doing wrong ?