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  1. thanks Kju, I remove all reference to ArmA1 but I always have a black screen. I don't have the QG addon. here my new rpt:
  2. I try the last version. I always the same problem when I launch the game, but now I have a black screen before the game menu. Here my rpt:
  3. Hello, I have some trouble with AiA mod. When I launch the bat file, i always have this error: Addon "AiA_baseconfig_f" requires addon "CA_desert2_character". And When I'm on the game this error pop up: script "InitJipCompatible.sqf" not found. Except that I have no problem so far. I try to remove the Arma2 character like you explain in your wiki. When I launch the editor I don't have the Arma III character, but I only have the ACR character (DLC free). :confused: Here my bat file:
  4. Great ! I'm eager to see it. Will.
  5. Yes, sometimes AI attack me.
  6. I only play with AI. When I use the melee weapon, it launches the anim but the IA doesn't die.
  7. The melee weapon doesn't work even with your link. :( I try to kill someone with the melee weapon but nothing happen.
  8. I can't understand why in one computer all works and on the other all bug :eek: . The only difference is the O.S. First is on Window 7 and the other on XP. One thing is comon is that the melee script doesn't work on both. :(
  9. Thanks to helping me, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I reinstall all element (game and folder) exactly like in my second computer and if in the second all works, in the first it's always the same problem. I run nothing except the CW mod and I have no other addon in my CWA folder.
  10. Ok, I test on my second P.C same installation, it works perfectly. Is it possible that the firewall block the script ? Will.
  11. Here the ofpr.info site: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?sekce=patches
  12. I just put a @ behind CWMOD folder and I just let what was inside: addons, bin, dta ... . I test the same rifle and it doesn't work for me. The melee weapon doesn't work anymore. :butbut: I download the 1.99 patch and the fix that are on Ofpr.infos. Will.
  13. I don't remenber the name but if it's a rifle which need a long time of reloading. I test Napoleon's mod and I have the same problem.
  14. It's what I was thinking ... But I don't understand why the pistol anim work but not the rifle anim :j: But anyway I try to reinstall. Will.
  15. Hello, Maybe I'm wrong but there was custom reloading animation for rifle in this mod, no ? The pistol animation is not the default BIS one. When I use a gun I have the default OFP rifle animation. It's strange because now I don't know when the weapon is ready to fire. I have the latest version of the mod with OFP 1.99. WIll.