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  1. Thanks for your help, that clears it up I have flown them all, but was unsure if there were more, and if the failed task in the last one was keeping me from unlocking a new one, or if there were other contracts I needed to unlock. I didn't fly them during the campaign - I got too caught up in the story line :)
  2. Hi all! I completed the campaign but without flying the military missions in Asia, figuring I would get to fly them later, after what I had read here; I have completed the campaing and all the seattle missions and contracts (at least no new ones are available), So how do I unlock the remaining Asia missions, and how many are there? I have flown the orientation flight, The leaflet dropping/SERE mission, and the gunship escort (Operation Arrowhead) - the last one with a fail in the 'Provide CAS'-task what am I missing? - do I need to complete Arrowhead with all tasks completed, or how? or are there other things I need to interact with? (I have the following in the office: Headset, pillbox and light wands/MG bullets) cheers, Morten