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  1. LoL why man? And to the other guy, I got it from wilcopub!
  2. Thanks men :) ... where is that config file? Hey do you know what's that when flying online, its like a ''water'' effect while flying and all the Bohemia and Take On Helicopter introduction appears... :?
  3. Hey I just installed the game and well, ITS GREAT but the performance ehh NOT good, not even on the MENU. My computer is not the best but it's good, give me your opinion: Windows 7 64Bits (Just installed, everything fresh) Intel i3 @2.93GHz x4 Nvidia 9800GT 1Gb DDR3 6Gb RAM DDR3 (All up to date) Also I want to know if the game works with Nvidia Inspector or something alike, I already tried but it didn't worked at all, the antialiasling in NORMAL it's slow, it seems that the settings should be set from 'inside' I think it would be MUCH better if you can use the antialiasling and others features externally, like in Flight Simulator X (If you guys know about it). (And yeah, I know this is not Flight Simulator but I'm talking about the video card). Or just a way to improve the performance. Any ideas bros? :)
  4. Hdez

    First "Community Patch"

    Hey, HOW in the world I make that work!? What's the installation process for that? IM freaking out!