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  1. Hi Karl, did you try to get in the chopper and turn the battery on? Weak battery is also one of the items that need to be checked. Also check if the flight controls can move freely be moving the stick and pedals to full deflection. Regards, Sylvain
  2. Sylle

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Hi Fergus, The developers keep a close eye on the community issue tracker (you'll have to register) https://dev-heaven.net/projects/toh-cit/issues?set_filter=1 Although I agree with the issues you mentioned above, before submitting a ticket over there to address the flight dynamics, I think it would be good to have a few extra opinions coming from real world helicopter pilots. This will give better guidelines to the developers about the (amount of) correction to make. Any chance you could convince some of the guys at hovercontrol to take a look at it?? Cheers, Sylvain
  3. Sylle

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Thanks Fergus... That's twice more yaw rate than I experience on the light helicopter. Seems something went wrong with the updating in that case... I will re-download and install from scratch as soon as I find the time. I'll keep you posted. Regards, Sylvain
  4. Sylle

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Having been involved in the development of some aircraft addons for FS I can relate to what you say Dna. In order to meet the expectation of its customers I think that a company needs to stick to its values. With Take On Helicopters BIS promised us (amongst other things): - Playability for kb & mouse players all the way up to complete hardware helicopter controls Offering this choice of controllers needs to be continued and it's good to see you do exactly this for the Hinds DLC. - Authentic flight model Meaning that certain customers will expect all kind of odd behavior like the torque induced yaw, settling with power, etc that make flying a helicopter challenging (even without anything to shoot at). I understand that marrying these two concepts together can be problematic but... why would you guys want to accomplish this with only one flight model and limited options?? Not knowing the possibilities of your game engine, I don't know if it is possible but I guess the ultimate answer will be to have more realism options regarding the helicopter behavior. In Flight simulator for example you have sliders to change the effects of P-factor, torque and gyro on your aircraft. Why not look into integrating stuff like this in ToH? Good to know you guys are not simply settling with what we have right now. As I said above, there are a lot of things I like in the new version 1.05 too. Looking forward to further developments! Bedankt voor uw antwoord. Regards, Sylvain
  5. Sylle

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Exactly what we heard from the real life heli pilots on the forum. It was also the case with community update 3 in the begin days of ToH. Problem is that it is hard to compare the amount of pedal deflection required in game as they can be dependent of hardware and sensitivities settings. We need the guys that say to be very happy with the flightmodel have a look at the yaw rate with no pedal input on their setup so that we can at least compare numbers. Just follow the procedure I described above and report the time it takes for the light heli to turn 180degrees without pedal input with collective at 45%. At least we will know if something is wrong with our setup or not. I don't know if it is normal behavior or not but I do see exactly the same issues here hon0. It's worse than the light. It would be cool to have some feedback of the developers on this as I'm not really tempted to uninstall, re-download 13Gb of data to reinstall 20Gb on my HDD to notice nothing has changed... I wouldn't have any problem doing this on the other hand if I knew something was wrong with my install. I think I'm going to hold off the purchase of the Hinds DLC until we know what direction BIS is taking with the authenticity of the flight models in general. It's a pity as I was looking forward to it to be honest :( As I know they listed the following feature on the Hinds page: Pick-up-and-pilot controls - Designed to be played with mouse-and-keyboard, gamepads and joysticks I'm worried the kb & mouse players will get it their way again in the end. For the time being I simply feel my pedals are not being put at good use in ToH... The thing is there are a lot of things in 1.05 that I enjoy. I like how they have been working at implementing more realistic engine behavior and the relation between torque and N2 for example. As I said before, if they want to cater for the whole market they should offer an new option in the settings that offers realistic torque induced yaw. Dumbing down secondary aerodynamic effects cannot be the ultimate answer from BIS! Dear BIS developers, please share your point of view on this issue... Regards, Sylvain ----------------------------------------- EDIT --------------------------------------------- I just had a look in the general ToH forum This very topic is in the top 3 threads both when you rank the topics per views or when you rank them per replies. This reinforces my belief that the promise of an authentic flight model attracts (or at least has been attracting) a big part of the ToH customers... I personally think that dismissing this issue as irrelevant would be a big mistake...
  6. Thanks Dna & Dwarden for the clarifications! All clear now ;-) Regards, Sylvain
  7. Hi BIS, Congrats with the release of your first DLC! I updated my ToH install to version 1.05 tonight and I would like some clarification on following points. Compatibility with Take On Helicopters: Hinds What does this compatibility encompasses?? Does this mean for example that someone without the Hind DLC will be able to fly a light helicopter in MP against someone (that bought the Hinds DLC and) that is flying a Mi24?? Retractable Landing Gear System support added Is this also valid for the heavy helicopter? I tried but didn't manage to raise the gear. I also noticed the torque instrumentation for the twin engine helicopters now shows identical values for both engines. Thanks for fixing this! Regards, Sylvain
  8. Sylle

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Sorry to bring this up one more time. I do need left pedal input in a hover put it is so small that I'm wondering if I have a problem too. As it's difficult to compare result for different hardware I tried a hover without any rudder input to allow us to check if the FM behavior we see is the same on our different setups. Could you guys check the following results please: - Light heli - 1 person on board - collective pulled at 45%, hover at around 3-5ft above ground - maintain speed close to zero with cyclic only I noticed a heading change of 180 degrees over 25 sec in the situation above. How does this compare to the yaw rate you see on your install?? Cheers, Sylvain
  9. WOW! That model is stunning... Did you have any modeling experience before your 8 months with 3DSmax?? I know first hand (when struggling to make some repaints for the light heli) that there are great talented people here on the forums who are most willing to help. I really, really hope you'll manage to get this baby in the sim. :cool: Keep it up! Cheers, Sylvain
  10. Sylle

    Campaign for Hind DLC!

    After reading the recent Hind developer Q&A interview it seems we won't get a fully developed campaign but rather a limited set of different missions to illustrate the various roles the Hind can perform. Better than nothing but I would have loved a full campaign even more! :o Cheers, Sylvain
  11. Sylle

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Excellent! I was about to post a movie to illustrate this problem I experienced myself today as well but I see it's no longer necessary... Thanks guys! Having never flown a helicopter myself in real life I cannot tell for sure but it seems to me that the ground effect in 1.04 is really minimal. Taking off from a rooftop (pinnacle) does not result in a drop in altitude or v/s when crossing the edge of the building. Could you guys try to get some heli pilot input on this issue too together with the tail rotor efficiency at higher speeds mentioned by AlmightyGrain?? Regards, Sylvain
  12. Great! Now we'll need a Ferrari 308 model too to replace the Chevy Suburban SUV at the heliport... Cheers, Sylvain
  13. OMAC, I think we all know by now that it is very important to you that you keep the possibility to play ToH with kb and mouse - at expert difficulty level... You have been very vocal about this on different occasions in the past. I also think that no-one of the other community members here wants to take that away from you. On the other hand you should try to realize too that - just like you find this kb/mouse thing a major issue - others on the forum here may have been moved to buy ToH based on completely different criteria than yours. In the same url you posted above Jay states: Speaking for me personally, the promise of an authentic experience of flight is what convinced me to spent my hard-earned money to a software company I never heard of before (BIS)... Noticing that the torque induced yaw is no longer realistically simulated in the beta patches to accomodate kb/mouse users is a step in the wrong direction in my opinion. Why should other BIS customers/flight simmers owning a joystick, a collective and a set of rudder pedals have to deal with a less realistic behavior of flight in a future patch?? We should really avoid falling into this discussion over and over again and instead try to get BIS to cater for everyones needs by showing some understanding for each other wishes and intrests in ToH. As stated in the other topic of the beta forum, we need to convince BIS to include more realism options as far as the simulation of the helicopter flight is concerned while keeping these independent from the general difficulty options of the game (beginner, trainee and expert). Hoping we can all get along in the future... Regards, Sylvain
  14. Hon0... After all these low level flights, I think the neighbours in Chernarus are starting to complain about the noise by now ;) Great movie! Sylvain
  15. Hello BIS, One thing that struck me when trying out X-Plane 10 was the varying sound the engine makes when you change the position of the collective. Really, really immersive and very different from the constant/steady engine sound we get in ToH!! Looking at various youtube movies, I think there is indeed room for improvement with the engine behavior and related engine sound of the ToH choppers. Have a look at .Hopefully RLIB4 will make it possible to implement these improvements. Cheers, Sylvain