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  1. jaykinch

    Make bf4.5

    Lol glad someone understands me lol The days of hot swapping planes mid-air lol After I posted the first post I ended up reinstalling bf1942 (what is free to download now:) and dc .7 And wow the graffixs lol things have come a long way "Flame jacket is zipped right up"
  2. jaykinch

    Squad invite - Noob

    Hello mate I'm kinda in the same boat my mates say no to arma they say "it's too laggy I can't find no one to kill, I always get killed etc" So I just go on public servers. I've now found 2 servers what I like they are always busy, plenty of admin around, most on mic I just end up in one of them servers they make ya feel at home ( as long as your not a knob) I would say get the game it is a great game now and only going to get better Just get yourself a mic go on a server with in the first 5 mins you will know if good server or not And before you know it you and 2 or 3 new buddy's will be working as a team
  3. jaykinch

    Make bf4.5

    Hi all hope all is good? Just a quick question really Arma is a sim game lots of buttons, lots to do, killing is a small part in arma Now could I make a mod, to make the game to battlefield level (simple play) Easy to fly and land anyone can fly anyone can kill, it takes 10 shots to kill ya lol Is thinking of a mod call desert combat for bf1942 Was great fun. Is it possible to make a mod like this Just to make the game lighter, easy pick up and play Just a thought Cheers ---------- Post added at 03:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:21 PM ---------- When I say I could make a mod lol I can just about make a cup of tea But could someone
  4. jaykinch

    looking for EU coop server hack free

    Hiya I go on "British sargents mess"think its called they play coop on there,think its a uk based server Always seems nice and busy and not seen any hacks yet Hope they don't mind me sticking there server name up here Cheers Jay
  5. jaykinch

    Alpha Lite no multiplayer

    Yeah alpha lite for offline only I think U know if your gonna want to play online or not within 10 mins of play Then get ya money out so to speak Or all the alpha lite players are gonna be pissed off if they play online now and when the full game comes out have to pay 40 quid or whatever the cost will be I can see the threads now "I got the alpha lite now it wants me to pay full price for the full game where's my discount" And no I don't get no ctd or any other problems This alpha works better than some games that get released as gold
  6. Hi all Yeah u gotta get trackir it's good very good not just for arma but flight sims racing sim any game where u move ya head u can pretty much use it
  7. jaykinch

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    I don't think the lite should have multiplayer if people's want multiplayer then buy the game The way I see it is the lite is to see if it will run on your pc and to see if u like it I give a mate one of my lite invites yesterday he liked it and ran nice on his machine so now he's gotta buy into it to play online They might release a online demo nearer to when the game coming out
  8. jaykinch

    Get the car

    Hi all I'm looking for a SP mission I see a video for it somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find the video anywhere It was a video of you having to make your way through a town and get to a car and get out of there The video looked great and I think something was said about it was ported over from operation flashpoint? So has anyone seen this mission anywhere or do u think it be a easy one to make in arma 3 Thanks all and have a good weekend
  9. jaykinch

    Hyper threading

    Hi all just wondering if anyone out there uses hyper threading or not as I've got mine switch on tonight I will try disableing it and see if there's any difference Cheers
  10. I've not had it yet myself But like someone said bad in the day u never had thismuch of a problem When we used to play battlefield 1942/desert combat full servers 32 player and no tossers in them
  11. jaykinch

    Is it possible the frame rate will go up?

    I would say yes and no I'm sure it will get better when they clean the software up but will drop when they add other stuff
  12. jaykinch

    The evil "G"-button!

    That's prob cos I was laughing so much remembering what happened lol
  13. jaykinch

    Fps counter?

    Thanks for the quick answer mate I think I will download msi afterburner as well then Cheers
  14. jaykinch

    The evil "G"-button!

    Lol glad I'm not the only one lol me and someone was stood next to crates and lol press g for gear lol I see it fall I run and survive bloke next to me never lol Whilst I'm typing to say what happened boom I blow up someone else done the same thing does make ya laugh The other silly thing I've done is on the showcase for under water when it shows a hint for artillery I'm just going through the motions doing what it's telling me then boom I'm blown out the water by it lol don't look at the ground when using artillery lol Funny stuff
  15. jaykinch

    Fps counter?

    Hi all Just a quicky everyone saying they getting 30 fps and all that lot. But what are you all using to get ya frames per second is there a in built counter or do I need fraps or something like that Cheers all and have a good day