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  1. the forces are an easy fix ,its the saving your buttons and allocating buttons to functions thats a pain, but time and time again BI never reply to it ,totally ignoring the problems from day one,even though heaps of people jump up and down about it...
  2. well why can we not save any predetermined trigger ,were we need it on the x52 and or save our or my personal configuration,with out using the predetermined x52 configurations, with the new hind you can not configure the extra buttons as needed with out it not being abel to save,it just wont save anything you imput with out it defaulting to its own setting,its pretty annoying to say the least ,hey i can get it all to work, the joy stick i mean,but can never program it to my own config in game.i mean its really standard stuff for any game is it not . !!!!
  3. yeah i am, but im having trouble were it wont save the control out put i put in ,i mean i can assign everything then go in game go back to control config and it either is not saving or it resets it self to default or some other x52 profile that i have not assigned now i have this new hind mod,and do you think for the life of me i can assign anything the way i need it on the stick ,no way in hell will it let me assign what i need were i need it,this is basic 1 O 1 these days assigning a controller and they cant even get that right,i have tried for hours thinking its me doing something stupid ,put low and behold its this stupid game.i think i might have to bin it as i really have enough of trying to sort out the bugs in this game seriously ,im doing more bug fixing than flying
  4. yeah mine works when it feels like it,meaning for some strange reason when i load up i cant see the hind mod and then sometimes i can,but other than that yes it works as long as the expansion option take on hind is ticked if its there,if not try game restart till you do see it.run the steam patch first then instal off sprocket.but don't be to disappointed with hind its really not that good,infact really disappointing
  5. am i suppose to have a short cut on desk top for HINDS ? as once i started it after the install and now i cant find it in take on helicopters or a short cut ? or in take on in expansions its not there ?meaning sometimes i start take on and the hind expansion is there,and then other times it is not ? steam instal bis sprocket hind update
  6. AZY

    Take On: Hinds!

    i have no single player challenges ??? only time trials whys is that ? but yeah from what i see from flying the hind its not that exciting and the peddle controls on torque and rudder is way over the top.
  7. the rudder feels totally unrealistic now , yes the helicopter does not crash now but it fly's like a ANTONOV fully loaded , BAD, had to smooth out the joy stick throws and the dead zones,in tern throwing out all my other helicopter joy stick settings for light and heavy's ,i really cant work out how or why BI would release this 1.04 right before the release of the hinds ?? and totally not doing any justice for the game ,with us out sorting it out for BI, do you guys actually test the flight models before release of a patch ????
  8. had the same problems but as JEDRA says the medium chopper just gets way out of control when large inputs are used on tail and or cyclic controls ,i mean i don't fly with huge imput's but that's just crazy uncontrollable to totally no regain ,no helicopter fly's like that.i gotta say its just my input,i think the new104 needs far more work to let it out in the public ,i believe the 1.03 to be far better,but its to my understanding BI love letting the public sort out there moding and there bug testing time and time again ,but i do like the way the helicopters a flying in 104 there just buggy thats all and we the public have to sort out the problems while BI play dumb AGAIN :j: also it drive me nuts you cant set up 3 different control values for the way each helicopter needs to fly.one control input just does not cut it with 3 totally different helicopter flight models.
  9. oh samb you certainly picked the hell out all comments relating to military didn't you you don't see the big picture do you,very tunnel visioned i see. hey im happy for it to be military as well dont get me wrong but more so civilian it should be. and as for the old military helicopters,well yes you are right they were mostly designed around the 70's war time, but there all still used flying today but far more advanced upgraded technology,your talking about the old airframe because thats about it today. all im saying is lets stick with it being futuristic in current times and give us something new and exciting innovative not old and boring has been done before old hat simulator game,euro copters technology type thing for civil,up with the times airframes,and if military new up with the times technology ,yes its all about the physics of the copters, i like with this sim,but i have to say its now a boring sim as ive played it to death, if BIS or the community does nothing about it being upgraded with exciting maps and helicopters scenarios the alike,its going to die a slow pain full death,because apart from the od few things going on in the community ,i see nothing constructive going on as far as major development in usable maps and usable helicopters with out major issues with cross over map development and rights from other simulators and or games. the community seems to be doing there own map integration in single play mainly from arma maps but cant share with take on im no developer so i cant say ,i fly ,im a player.just my 2 bobs worth,end of rant,if you dont like what i say keep it to your self,period !!
  10. if it is a hind or any other hunky junky military helicopter from the past that has been done time and time again and been reproduced a million times YOU CAN KEEP IT !!! why are you developers so stuck in the past with your development ????? annoys me !! WE need new Sophisticated Helicopters,new technology with the current times please,after all this will mainly be a civilian style of game simulator wont it ? because if you wanna fly military get ARMA 2 hey i don't mind military scenarios, don't get me wrong a few is ok ,but there are millions of military sims and games to play,nothing in civilian life style feel flying AT ALL !!! yeah microsoft simulator sure, but specifically modern helicopters real to life with many options to choose from ,missions and multi player scenarios you can keep ya hinds ya mi 17's ya ka50's the alike s if you are in military missions i would far rather USA technology cobras,Comanche and so on,black hawks, bells and so on,radar surveillance style choppers and so on with great missions but this is civilian life simulator ,is it not ?? !!! fire fighting,rescuing,passenger travels,cargo,joy flights, therefore we need new exciting helicopters with huge choice not 3 helicopters to chose from im open to military ,but not old junk from the 70's also maps we need multiple maps on large scale's that my 2 bobs worth anyway,keep the game interesting ,lets not go back in time please
  11. been trying to have a fly most of the day but all i get is steam errors: no steam content servers are correctly configured to deliver content for this game this will be corrected soon,please try again in a few minutes well that's been all day what the hell is this, i have ever had nor have i changed settings seems like its with language patch please explain ???? cant even play the game,that's getting close to being uninstalled from my pc ,as there is nothing going on with it and im getting bored,as much as i like flying the sim it so lacks content and missions and also multi player ,no ones playing ,i think the games pretty much dead hard drive space at the moment:mad::confused:
  12. that md 600 is mad as !!! if only we could have stuff like that in this sim nice on the repaint as well ,i was going to do some my self but there is far to much rooting around and i dont have any time but can someone make a red bull repaint for the md please ??
  13. AZY

    Community Update No. 3

    dump the HSim file in: (this is for steam users) c: drive /Program files (x86)/steam/steam apps/common/take on helicopters your hard drive /program files x86 is for 64bit users if 32 bit you will just have program files thats it your good to go haha Hon we posted that exactly at the same time man lol :eek:
  14. AZY

    Community Update No. 3

    keep up the great work man your doing a fantastic job on it,thanks for your hard work dude :D