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  1. Copied into the Addons folder and created an @ folder?
  2. Well, you are spot on with the orientation, I do need to implement that. The marker add-on you referenced isn't necessary to integrate, I already have a large number in there and will be adding more. What I haven't done yet is make the markers accessible, only the "Quick List" is functional at the moment. There are three drop-downs you will be able to use to select the unit type, size, and affiliation. That will effectively add hundreds of markers you can't see right now.
  3. Download: 1st BBR EZ Markers Version 0.5 (Beta) EZ Markers is a mod that generates map markers and optional 'signs'. The intent is to provide easier access to map markers as well as utilizing a large number of markers generated to MIL-STD 2525C standards (not all of them, just the relevant symbols that would be typical in ARMA). The mod is currently functional, however much of the symbology has not been implemented yet. Some of the interface needs tweaking for easier use. I can use any feedback on how to improve the functionality. The mod is mostly self explaintory, but check the video for a quick demo. Keys are provided, but I have not checked their validity, please let me know if the signing is incorrect. The mod is Client/Server, the Server executes the creation of markers and send commands for the clients to create signs. Most of the execution is client based. Network traffic is minimal (unless dozens are creating markers and signs all at the same time). I need opinions on whether limits should be placed on players (sign creation could get out of hand).
  4. There are also some transient conditions that can cause trigger misfires. If a trigger requires a player to be a driver of a vehicle for it to fire, the player alone can cause the trigger to fire just after they exited as the driver of a vehicle. For a short period the player is both a driver of a vehicle and not in a vehicle at all.
  5. I updated the download link.
  6. I haven't seen vvs, but there has to be a way to modify it to name vehicles as they are created. Ask him, he probably could tell you what can be changed to make it name vehicles.
  7. What you might be able to achive is a 'fake out'. Create two versions of the dialog, one that is interactive, and a copy that is not. When the dialog is closed, then the rscTitles replaces it on the fly. The player probably won't notice the switcheroo. Lots of work though, especially if the dialog is complex.
  8. I've seen this on occasion when the player jumps out of the vehicle just as the service is ending. I don't know what causes, but the trigger conditions definitely don't allow anything except the driver of a vehicle to trigger. I suspect there is some kind of latency between a player exiting as the driver (still flagged as a driver) and the trigger going off. It is like for a split second when you exit a vehicle you are the driver of yourself, which is not valid, yet exists for a very small period of time. ---------- Post added at 03:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:38 PM ---------- Yes, look for the sound script and change the radius parameter. It's probably around 50 meters, I can't remember off hand, but you can set it to 5 meters. You can also lower the volume way down on it. I'm also amazed that anyone recognized the voices, congratulations! ---------- Post added at 03:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:40 PM ---------- I'll update it with a new link, the free download services are pretty flaky these days.
  9. Is this a problem? _markerCiv = createMarkerLocal "[2412.01,6036.33,-0.839965]_marker";
  10. cbChecked always returns false, regardless of the checkbox state and cbSetChecked does not affect the state of a checkbox. However, the CheckBoxesSelChanged event does correctly report the selection state, so it is possible to track the state, just not set or query the state. I'm wondering if the recent change from rscCheckbox to rscTextCheckbox has something to do with the problem?
  11. Maybe it would pan out better to make one pass to get the highest rank and join the new group via a foreach, then join the rest to the new group via another foreach without checking for ranks on the second pass. Is it possible that the count of the group units is being altered slower than the loop because joinSilent is a global funtion? In other words joining a unit from one group to another requires time for the count to change on the next check? [_unit] joinsilent _newGrp; sleep 0.25; //wait a long time for testing _ct = _ct + 1;
  12. I'm thinking about writing a more complex add-on that could handle such scenarios. GVS really is generic. It looks up configs and such, but it's all just a delay for setVehicleAmmo 1. I am interested in what you are describing, but it would not be a simple matter to implement this in a hurry.
  13. So there is a blurb in the documentation regarding RSCTitles. Basically there can only be one class definition for RSCTitles for the whole mission. This means that many missions designers don't understand and add other scripts into their mission with description.ext #includes that have RSCTitles definitions. The effect is that the last class definition for RSCTitles will overwrite any previous definition. To resolve this issue, you must find any other RSCTitles definitions and combine them into one. I included an alternative method of defining RSCTitles for situations like this: class RscTitles { #include "x_dlg\RscTitles.hpp" #include "gvs\stc_include_alt.hpp" //Alterntive display class definitions }; In the example above (entered in DESCRIPTION.EXT directly), RSCTitles contains two includes, one is for another script (Domination) and the other is GVS. This allows both scripts to use RSCTitles, but definitely OPEN and EXAMINE the differences between stc_include.hpp and stc_include_alt.hpp files. You may need to alter other developers scripts somewhat to use this method of class definition. If you understand classes at all it will make sense. The only other thing to worry about after this is the layer numbers, they must be unique. It is unlikely that two scripts will happen to use the same layer numbers, but it will cause one control to step on another and they can end up ping-ponging. RSCTitles and Dialog's in general are a confusing animal to understand, it took me quite awhile to completely grasp and I still seem to find new things about them. They are very quirky and the developers did not follow any hard rules with their development. A lot of the biki documentation is old and only semi-accurate for Arma 3.
  14. Thanks. I'll update the biki myself then; I wish they would put it in the notes instead of the discussion... And confirmed, lbSetCurSel does fix the problem.
  15. ((""LandVehicle"" countType thislist > 0) || (""Air"" countType thislist > 0) || (""Ship"" countType thislist > 0)) && Et cetera, et cetera.