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  1. I know this is an old topics but my feeling is that there has been something wrong with this mission, maybe since a recent update. I am not an expert into military stuff, but an helicopter shot down in 2 or 3 shots from some guy at 800 m firing from a car driving off-road at full speed does not sound very realistic at all. What makes it even more annoying is that, conversely, your own gunners are perfectly useless. In 12 attempts, they have never hit any of the two car, even once. In 12 attempts, these bloody cars have always shot me down. The only way to destroy them seems to be to go straight to them firing rockets, but this is pure suicide. Even if you destroy both of them, you will be shot as well and die. What's wrong with me? What's wrong with the mission? I am suspecting opponents' skills have been somehow updated recently, making the mission not doable anymore.
  2. haltux

    Sooo Disappointed!

    I do not understand what would be the point of a civilian helicopter simulation/game if manoeuvres were not at least a bit challenging.
  3. It is nice of you to answer, but it seems that you really do not want to understand, with all due respect. I was _not_ offsetting my head _at all_ while shooting this video. When I did the exact same movement in the trackIR interface, the X position of the point of view did not change _at all_ in the trackIR interface, as you can see in the second video. In ToH itself, often (and in particular just after a recentring), the bug does not occur, and the exact same movement leads to a clean and expected head rotation, without translation. Finally, please try, with a TrackIR with default setting, to reproduce what can be seen in the video and you will see that it is impossible, or at least it requires a silly head movement (unless you experience the bug as well). I really don't know what to do to be more explicit. Do you want me to make a movie with myself and the game, so you can see by yourself that I am not translating my head when I am rotating it?
  4. Unfortunately, it is not a Track-IR mapping problem either. I have double checked it and anyway, the bug occurs erratically, it does not look at all like a wrong key assignment. Here is a video showing what happens: http://www.yout...com/watch?v=mFyn_mpxnSA (please replace yout... by youtube, I did not want this video to be indexed). And again, it is not a trackir setup problem. At the same time, with the same head movement on the trackir interface: It should be also noted that the bug does not depend on the trackir camera position, and occurs with the clip and with the hat. And interestingly, you could note that in the first video, the head goes far beyond the allowed limits for head translation (you cannot get this view with a head movement when the bug does not occur). I think it proves that the problem comes from the game itself.
  5. Thanks, but no, this is not a key mapping problem. This is very strange, just like if ToH was using its own trackir driver, which would be buggy, instead of getting data from the official trackir software. Does anyone from the development team read this thread? The only solution I found so far is to block all translation axis, which is a pity...
  6. Hello, I have an issue with TrackIR which apparently has not been documented so far. When I turn my head, sometimes, the point of view is moving in the same direction, enough to collide with the border of the helicopter, which is very annoying. This does not happen all the time, but quite often. The very strange thing about it is that it looks like a TrackIR setup bug, but it is not. It only happens in ToH. When the bug occurs, I can reproduce it as much as I want (by reproducing the same movement of my head), but when I alt-tab to the trackIR interface, there is no bug with it, the trackir is behaving perfectly (the head is turning with no significant change is the head position). If I come back to the game, the bug occurs again, until I recenter the trackIR, which usually solve, temporarily, the problem. Has anyone had this problem? Any clue? Any solution? Thanks!
  7. One easy way to check whether a game on a given configuration is CPU or GPU bounded is changing parameters which are purely depending on GPU. If you set resolution to 800x600, texture to low and post-processing effect to none, and if your fps is not massively increasing, it means that you are CPU bounded. If it is increasing a lot, it means that you are GPU/video memory bounded. This is not a perfect rule, because GPUs are involved in geometry as well, but it often works. In particular in FSX, which is typically a CPU bounded game, and where decreasing resolution does not help at all. EDIT: However, in your case, I tend to think that you have another problem, because you should be able to run ToH smoothly. I have a Q9300 and HD 4850 (far away from your config), and it runs great with low settings and still alright with medium settings.