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    Beta 3 bug reports

    Anyone else see this? I'm running at 10680 x 1050 and the Walrus armed with a cannon the aiming marker is about an inch to the right of where the gun aims on screen? I'll try and grab a screenie to illustrate. EDIT: Odd, reloaded the game, aiming reticule is fine! Oh well.
  2. Ah, not as easy to do as I'd hoped then. Never mind, was just a thought!
  3. Just got through a strategy game of the original CC using Dosbox, and I have to say I enjoyed it just as much now as I did 20-odd years ago. Caught the enemy carrier attacking one of my islands and nailed the b*****d with a load of laser fire from my carrier and then unloaded a pile of missiles from a Walrus as he tried to run for it. Punched the air when he blew up! :j: Question though, I guess mostly for GadgetMind, but if anyone else knows the answer. The enemy carrier always was able to move far faster than your carrier, and I believe it had a lot less "hitpoints", so it was easier to kill if you did catch it. Has anyone ever tried to mod the game to change that and even the two carriers out? I guess the enemy carriers repair rate would need to be lowered, but I'm thinking it would make a much longer and more strategic game. Graham