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  1. Thanks a lot! Appreciate the help! Vixit.
  2. hello, i'm stuck with the memory operation bullseye. i hate fps and i don't buy a heligame to play this. is there a way to skip this mission? greetings
  3. Hello, I can continue to mission 4 now!!! I just did the third mission again but now from the very start: at the heliport, with the brother talk and all. So reverting the mission because of a faulty save-file due to the update was not a solution. I think you have to select "heliport", do the last mission you did again, and all will work again. The curious thing is that when i look at the carreer menu i have now two times the third mission in my list to replay. But i can finally continue. Whales are nice animals, but i have seen enough off them for a while.:) greetings
  4. Hello, I have a simular problem, I finished the third mission (the one with the whales), but when i land and end the mission correctly, i come to the heliport and see i have to do the mission over. When i check the menus, and choose the career options, i see when i click the third mission the replay option. Perhaps it has to to something with the update, i updated when i saved in the midst of the third mission. When i continued with the updated game, i couldn't select my save game, but when i slected revert mission, i could it play again from the start. So i did but when i finished then the mission, it seemed that i couldn't acces the fourth mission. Please help.