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  1. Good Morning... This is my first attempt to develop a string of scenarios to form a mini-SP-Campaign. I am looking for input from various experienced scenario producers. I have read and disected many PBOs. My goal: to get ideas to expand on the following - it can be - storyline/editing. I am a medical person with very little knowledge of editing/scripting. But a very willing student. The Story so far (I DO NOT HAVE POSTING PRIVELEDGES - HOW DO I ATTACH THE MISSION FOLDER FOR REVIEW): The military’s Joint Contracting Command-Iraq/Afghanistan contracted BlackSONG Technologies Inc., which is the “the only contractor that can currently provide the subject matter expertise needed†for personnel rescue operations. Lieutenant Holmes was loaned to the mission as a Liason Officer. In a most catastrophic helicopter mechanical failure - the team crashed close to Yaram. Lt Holmes was the sole survivor. Taken prisoner by a local tribe of extremists. By overpowering one of his captors in Yaram he managed to escape. He was able to secure a PO7 9mm. The initial mission was to rescue a clergy member being held in Zargabad. He has been tagged to be beheaded within the next 48 hours. Lt. Holmes has intel about a local double agent who may assist in finding the clergyman. He feels compelled to find the agent and attempt derive a plan to rescue the clergyman. Scenario Notes: Zargabad is a stronghold for the extremists. Multiple armored and armed units have been on alert since the helicopter crash. Lt Holmes has escaped Yaram and finds himself on the edge of Zargabad (Multiple markers have been set for re-playability). There are 2 ammo boxes that are randomly placed within the city limits. Things to do: -Randomly place the double agent in a building - that has knowledge of the location of the clergyman. Need to have the scenario trigger the whereabouts of the clergyman when the double agent is found by the Lt. -Once the clergyman has been found - trigger the hostage rescue script. -Get the Clergyman and the Lt to an extraction point -End of 1st scenario -- 2nd scenario.. will be to extract the double agent who has gathered intel about the extremist's next area of assault and the revealing of the financial backers of the extremist. (These scenarios will play over multiple maps). 3rd scenario - stop the advance of the extremists and sabotage the financial backers network. -Use a civilian spawn script -Add Intro/Outro CREDITS AND THANKS TO: TULIQ for Kill Ticker BANGABOB for Enemy Occupation System ALDURIC for A3MP - maps TONIC for Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
  2. Hey Guys... I don't usually bitch... I have entered multiple tickets to STEAM Support... It takes forever to get a canned reply.. often having nothing to do with the original issue. I was told the issue with lost saved games is well know and a fix is in the works -- this was 3-4 months ago. I implement their replies only to get more frustrating... ie/clearing caches/reloading games/whatever. Does anyone have a fix (I realize i can download from Armaholic and BI forums etc)? Is Steam and BI working together? I don't see why we need to wait so long for a fix that should be a priority. Frustrated..Bill
  3. Good afternoon, Great mission!! One issue: I requested a fire team and a rifle squad. It substracted the cp's from my "bank". It said to Left Control + space to access these units. So, I press them both (together) and nothing? It appears that there are more units next to the HQ. but I cant access any of them Am I missing something? Thanks.. Bill ---------- Post added at 07:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 PM ---------- OK... thanks... now I can command fire teams to a waypoint... Is there a way to load them in a transport... the forums said it was coming...
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    Where are my requested units?

    WHOOOPS...thought I was posting to the DYNAMIC UNIVERSAL WAR SYSTEM!! Sorry about that!
  5. Good afternoon, Great mission!! One issue: I requested a fire team and a rifle squad. It substracted the cp's from my "bank". It said to Left Control + space to access these units. So, I press them both (together) and nothing? It appears that there are more units next to the HQ. but I cant access any of them Am I missing something? Thanks.. Bill
  6. billsirkill

    Steam: lost saved games

    Hey all, Played Pilgrimage and Excaliber from workshop... Made multiple saves... exited the program... reloaded... No tab to resume. However, in my Documents.. All my saved games are in folders... I changed profiles... played again... saved... again - no tab to resume but all save game files are present in the appropriate folders. Sent a ticket and forum post on Steam... no response. Anyone with any ideas/help? Thanks// Bill
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    Steam: lost saved games

    THANKS!!! It got really frustrating....
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    ammunition: running low

    Searched but no luck: Situation: Making an advance -- giving the engage command 99531 (Open fire).. within seconds.. most of the squad is running low or out of ammo... Is there a way to limit the AI from unloading their entire supply? Thanks..Bill
  9. Hi all... Noticed this today for the first time... made a mission in the editor... Saved it... (Not an SP or MP save)... Backed out.. then went to My Documents where I saved multiple missions for A3. gone... can't find it anywhere.. Repeated .. made a another brief mission.. saved it... Can't find it anywhere!! Any ideas? thanks..Bill
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    Editor mission Saves - Issue

    BINGO!!! That was it!! Thanks
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    NEW MAPS: I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask... I searched to no avail.. has there been any word on a roll out for any new maps or conversions of any A2 maps? Been having a blast with the Alpha version...
  12. Firstly.. I love the game and play SP daily. but I'm getting frustrated with OPFOR rifleman shooting at 400m and killing me with one shot when I have been in sight for less than 1-2 seconds. I just don't believe that in real life, under conflict conditions - that accuracy can be that real. And this is a sim. I find that there are too many opfor one shot - one kills. Regardless of whose mod I use..,. it appears that when AI opfor gets you in their sights (regardless of distance -with reason ~200-500M or weapon) your dead or seriously wounded on the first shot. Of course, this is not EVERY shot but does have a very high incidence of occurring. To me (never having been in a real live firefight) it seems a very high probability that there would be less perfection on using non-sniper (say AK-74s) weapons that would be as accurate as OPFOR in this sim. I'm not looking for advice on how to beat the game. Or advice of getting better at the game. But seeing this is a SIM - am I correct? Are there mods that better reflect true to life spotting then with less accuracy? Or are there settings (besides the 4 difficulty settings in the options menu) that can be adjusted? Opinions and advice appreciated? The advice I'm seeking is not for gameplay but rather for set-up. Thanks..Bill
  13. billsirkill

    How can i move GPS window?

    JEX... I did that spin around thingy.. That was stupid.. I fell off the chair - and the GPS is still in the middle!! I believe they are going to have to fix that.. drag and drop would be great!! Enjoy!!
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Ooops.. but thanks!!
  15. billsirkill

    Development Blog & Reveals

    In approx 8 hours.. are we pro-ordering for 3/14 or will we be able to play the alpha version? (sorry at work and cant get to all the posts/news)
  16. billsirkill

    Opinion: Too many opfor one shot -one kill weapons

    Thanks for the input... I will try the MODS listed... I have tweaked all the in game fuctions (ie: options and skill levels).
  17. billsirkill

    Opinion: Too many opfor one shot -one kill weapons

    Is there a way to tweak the accuracy level... I usually play on veteran.. but the same issue occurs evenon recruit
  18. Good morning... I have created a mission that I wish to incorporate multiple scripts (Draper's Air Support, advanced artillery request system-by by Bon_Inf*--thanks to both). The issue: I do NOT want these to be active during the entire mission.. How can I trigger these scripts to become active 1. at a certain event or 2. from a certain distance? As always..Thanks.. Bill
  19. Hi Guys... Started playing the Mission Pack.. In the OUTPOST.. I tried to move the AI team to different stations inside the FOB with the "move here" command.. It was a futile attempt - they would all relocate outside of the FOB... Can someone give me a hint on what is the best plan of action to succeed in this mission? All my attempts have ended in failure.. Thanks!
  20. Damn if I can figure this out!!! I copy paste the code in the init box of the player .. I get the ; missing error immediately.. I have placed the .SQF in the mission folder. I tried it in Chenarus and Takistan editior.. Can you tell me what I'm missing?? thanks..Bill
  21. billsirkill

    Adding scores for Kills

    Thanks for the quick reply.. So for my example... there are anti-radar installations... Mission ends when all 3 are !alive = false... There are 4 2-man squads.. a bunch of OPFORs on seek and destroy orders against the 2-man squads.. At the end of the mission: Do you believe that the "scores" added from the addRating values will populate for each squad...pitting the blufor squads against each other? that is my main goal.. I have reviewed a lot of single missions. I have not found any that fit this description? thanks..
  22. Hey All... I am in the final stages of making a user mission. I would like to add points for each kill. example: PVT = 1pt, Lt = 3pt, Armor kill =12pt, physicist kill 10pt.. then have a tally when the mission is complete. I searched and couldn't find an answer.. so if there is one please re-direct or an answer would be great.. Thanks..Bill ---------- Post added at 06:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:57 PM ---------- As a second phase: I will make this an MP mission... where by each squad leader will have a medic. this 2 man squad will be pitted against each other to amass the most points. this will make it a competitive PvE game.. any ideas??
  23. I have created several 2-3 man COOP missions.. and downloaded others from user MP missions. Most are seek and destroy, rescue and sabotage missions. I enjoy VETERAN play, fun not full realism but serious strategy tactics. Looking for 1 or 2 players that are consistent with the gameplay times and are willing to create missions for our use. Not looking to publish as I'm not that advanced. By that I mean, I don't put in cut scenes, or video intros.. So, the missions are basically raw go get em tasks. Hours of play: Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri 9am -1pm and 10pm - 2am all are EST (GMT-5). Reply to this and I will send you my cell #. Bill
  24. Beautiful...thanks for the quick reply!!
  25. LOVE THE SCRIPT!! Works great with TAKISTAN.. Tried it with Chenarus.. no men populate any buildings.. am I doing something wrong? thanks...bill