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  1. So deactivate 4th slot for weapons with UGL and leave it open for other weapons. They can switch animations between different weapons and 9 stances but can not switch hand position? I just don't see how it's possible
  2. No one is talking about zero recoil but control over rifle changes from shooter to shooter depending on stance, weight, trigger skills etc. kick itself is not subjective but how you handle it is. That's not my point anyway. My point is - grips in real world provide more control over vertical recoil and absence of such well...provide less. I think arma should reflex that, regardless of default recoil.
  3. Well they should. Weapon kick is pretty brutal in ArmA 3, and way to compensate vertical recoil while standing or crouching could add some nice variety and usability. It's not dramatic change of behavior but still a handy addition to ArmA 3 gameplay.
  4. Smookie Very nice mod, but there is one nasty bag: Slow feed animation in MP while walking slow with gun up(Others players only. Bots and player are fine). Looks like fast jog animation being slowed to slow walk speed. I don't belive that's hard to fix...So solution, or hotfix will be very nice.
  5. IsaacWraith

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    I'm getting badass lag while using TV cameras with ACE2 mod active(and no lag without it). Can somebody help me with that matter please? MMA v24b102 ACE2 1.12 for OA. Thank you.