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  1. privitan

    How to install ArmA 3 on a RAMDisk

    No video on Utube :confused:
  2. privitan

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Nice job mate! We are waiting something like this from a while :bounce3: Keep working on it, this will be really appreciated by mission makers like me! :cool:
  3. privitan

    =btc= co 35 'sides patrol'

    First post updated today NEW VERSION :bounce3: Now there are two version for Blufor and opfor. This mission do not use anymore UPSMON, I personally write a script that controll also scuba diver and submarine. Have fun!
  4. Hi all, I can't use the Splendid camera because any time I exit it, the game freeze, and if I 'alt+TAB' a small windows appear telling me that Arma 3 has stop working. I can use it without problems, the crash happen only when I hit 'ESCAPE' and then click on 'YES' to came back to the game. And this happen any time, means 100% of the time I exit the camera. This never happen with the camera.sqf that right now is missed :butbut: Here what report the .rpt file here my system & hardware: http://pastebin.com/bCKNNc7N Any idea? Should I have to report it with a new ticket? Thanks
  5. privitan

    =BTC= CO 28 'Eye for an Eye'

    No sorry, it was created to be played at list with 5 player and "Revive" work only with Human players.
  6. =BTC= CLAN is proud to presents to the community this COOP mission for ArmA 2 CO. REQUIREMENTS - ARMA 2 CO 1.62 - Aliabad map - ACR Lite patch - ACRE OPTIONAL (highly recommended) - ACE OPTIONAL (highly recommended) FEATURES - UPSMON - A.C.R.E. (optional) - ACE (optional) - Random patrol units, with random behavior using UPSMON - Random mission objective - Suicide Bomber - Changeble view distance - Changeble AI skill - Changeble AI number (Difficulty level) - =BTC= LOGISTIC - Land, air vehicles for enemy and players - Base with ammobox (almost all weapons) - Changeble parameters: Date: Months, Day, Minute AI skills Difficulty: Enemy numbers Terrain grid View distance (in game too with ACE) Enemy artillery (until you destroy them) Squads markers (with ACE) "Situation" The region is under the control of the Takistan troops, which with the help of local militia held in check the entire population of the region. Rapes violence and intimidation are the order of the day since the military took control of the area. The area is full of armed soldiers, tracked and wheeled light patrol the area constantly. To the east was reported the presence of anti-aircraft battery. For this reason we have created a FOB south area of operations, from it will start the operation 'Eye for an Eye'. "Mission" Local civilians have informed us of civilians mass murders, they have not been able to give us an exact location of these supposed mass graves, but they have provided an approximate location. The sources are not reliable, so we primarily aim to assess the presence of these graves. Once they have established the truth of the allegations of the local population, we have the goal of eliminating the officer in charge in this region and destroy all sensitive military targets. "Execution" -Find evidence of mass executions -Search the enemy officer and kill him -Destroy all sensible military targets, vehicles and ammunition depots (there are 3 objects to find and destroy) -Return to the F.O.B. CREDITS Version 1.2 Mission created and edited by =BTC= Muttley & Giallustio. I have to thanks: - Logistic script and other stuff by =BTC= Giallustio http://www.blacktemplars.altervista.org/ -Mine field script by: (AEF)Wolffy.au [2CAV] Contact: http://creobellum.org -UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script, version 5.1.0 beta 1. Wiki: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/upsmon/wiki Forum: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=91696 Share your missions with upsmon: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/upsmon/boards/86 -Fill Ammo Box Script by Lzryde (v0.2) -Suicide Bomb Function by WCR http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14010 -Other stuff by the ArmA community around the web, thanks to everybody -Mission and all other stuff edit and created by =BTC= Muttley http://www.blacktemplars.altervista.org/. - A.C.R.E. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149946-A-C-R-E-Advanced-Combat-Radio-Environment-for-Arma-3 visit us: http://www.blacktemplars.altervista.org/. You are NOT allowed to modify and re/distribute this mission without the creator permission. You are NOT allowed to modify any script inside this mission without the respective owner permission. DOWNLOAD LINK http://db.tt/qqtrZ9bA ARMAHOLIC LINK http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20593 HAVE FUN !!! :bounce3:
  7. privitan

    =btc= co 35 'sides patrol'

    All those stuff will be fixed in the next release, are know issue! :cool:
  8. privitan

    =btc= co 35 'sides patrol'

    it's not an error, will work also if you write there 'I'm a donk' :) Anyway I'll release a new version soon. Will include VAS, any weapons mod included the Barret M107 mod, and new missions.
  9. privitan

    =btc= co 35 'sides patrol'

    If you want to modify the mission to play with your friend on your sever you are good to go, please report any issue you find by PM me on this forum and I'll make the changes needed to solve it. How I can understand there are some magazine missed for the SDAR, maybe this is why opfor divers always result invincible lol. Virtual-Ammobox-System was planned to be add to the mission, I'll add it soon. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149077-Virtual-Ammobox-System-%28VAS%29 But I actually prefer the ammobox filler metod because Virtual-Ammobox-System do not add magazines for the weapons, so if you don't know what kind of magazines need your weapon, you will need a lot of patience to find it! New version will be relesead soon, and sorry for my poor english.
  10. privitan

    =btc= co 35 'sides patrol'

    Thanks I really apreciated you enjoy the mission, but...there is not any Dynamic Weather startup options in the mission! There is a small weather change but it's done by the BIS editor, and you can't change it, untill you extract the .pbo and re-edit it by mission editor. :cool:
  11. privitan

    =btc= co 35 'sides patrol'

    Do not use any other "AI skill" mod, may interfering and create problems and drop the server performance.
  12. privitan

    UPSMON for arma3

    So I try it better and I can cofirm that it is not working with divers. If, for example, you put diver on the editor, give them a -10m deep and run this code in the init field of the leader: nul =[this,'area_diver','random','nofollow'] execVM 'scripts\upsmon.sqf'; the divers area placed random but half meter under water, not -10m, and they not move, don't patroll, but some time, if you take a look on the map, a violet question mark appear on the screen. (screen shot http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb409/privitan/BTC/ARMA3/ARMA3%20ALPHA%20BUGS/UPSMON_divers.jpg) Maybe script his trying to find patroll location, but something is wrong. Take in consideration that there is this new command https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPosASLW to set position above sea surface. I hope in future update because now, we have only divers, but in the future game development, will be present also small (maybe huge) submarine. Nothing to report about boats they patroll good, well sometime they finish on beachs but AI never been a good driver :o Regards
  13. =BTC= CO 44 'SIDES PATROL' =BTC= Pvt.Muttley is proud to presents to the community this COOP mission. REQUIREMENTS - ARMA 3 BETA 1.08 - ACRE OPTIONAL FEATURES - =BTC= Random missions generator (12 pre made missions) - =BTC= Changeble Difficulty level - =BTC= Revive (no for single player) - =BTC= Lift script, for lift vehicle and ammobox with helicopters or logistic - =BTC= Rally Point - =BTC= Client side Ammo Box with most of weapons - =BTC= Scripts to pickup a ready backpack. Available for: Parachute, Medic, Heavy AT, Light AT, AA, MG, Explosive, Recon, Empty small, Empty large - =BTC= Logistic Scripts to spawn an 'Ammobox'. Available for: Missile, Ordenance, Ammo, Empty - =BTC= Script to automatic change in a Diver wet suit or land infantry or pick up a rifles with ammo - =BTC= Random missions places - =BTC= Random patrol units, with random behavior using BTC Urban Patrl Script by Muttley - Land, air, sea Vehicles will respawn, edit by Muttley to avoid respawn if you leave vehicle - VIRTUAL AMMOBOX SYSTEM - A.C.R.E. (optional) - Norrin Heli taxi script - Enigma Dinamic Weather - Changeble parameters BRIEFING This is a coop up to 44 players on Altis map. You can play it as NATO or CSAT side. You can choose the amount of enemies before the begin of the mission. The tasks are assigned during the game and you have to complete the mission in progress before it is assigned another. All missions have a random position, well everithing is random as possible, so every time you'll play the same mission will appear different. Through radio control you can skip the current mission to start another one or the finish entire mission. Details of the mission will be shown in the task. There are 12 missions currently. The areas of the objectives are marked with markers showing the area of operation, and a short description of the mission task. The higher the difficulty level the larger the marker, and of course, the larger the fight area. Once the mission will be completed the objective area will be marked by an 'end' marker accordingly. There are five friends F.O.B. where you will be able to resupply in case of needed or if you need a few mortar round on an objective. The FOB's are marked on the map, here you will find transports vehicles and a field hospital if necessary. The island it's patrolled by infantry units, naval and helicopters vehicles, watch your back even if you are away from areas of objectives. ;) Good patrol. This mission and all the scripts are designed to be light as possible. Please read parameter instructions to better understand how they affect the game. If you have performance issue read the guide below, deactivate AI patrol units will increase performance. PARAMETERS OF THE GAME This is a guide on how to configure the parameters of the settings before launching the mission on the server. I voluntarily wont explain parameters more mundane and I will focus on those most important. ***************************************** "5. AI Skill - Define AI reaction speed " " 0", " 0.1 ", " 0.2 ", " 0.3" , " 0.4 ", " 0.5 ", " 0.6" , " 0.7 ", " 0.8" , " 0.9" , " 1", " BTC_AI_SKILL " Defines the values ​​of the following parameters of the Enemy AI : setSkill " aimingAccuracy " setSkill " aimingShake " setSkill " spotDistance " The set value is divided by 2 , since a value greater than 0.5 is absolutely lethal. example: Setting the value to 1, the parameters will be set to 0.5 Setting the value to 0.3 the parameters will be set to 0.15 BTC_AI_SKILL It ' a system of control of AI scripted by Giallustio that takes into account and change the parameters of the skill as a function of certain parameters. Not fully tested with the latest version of ArmA3 ***************************************** ***************************************** "6. Difficulty - Defines quantity of enemies " "Low - 2/5 players" , "Normal - 5/10 players" , " Hard - 10/20 players" , " War Hero ! Good Luck. " Defines the amount of enemies in missions. It should be also chosen according to the parameter number 23 Reinforcement, because it increases the amount of enemies for each mission. ***************************************** ***************************************** "8. Enemy vehicles on each objective ," "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence of tracked or wheeled vehicles in missions. The vehicles and the amount depends on the level of difficulty of the parameter 6. At low levels one will find light wheeled vehicles, at high level tracked and APC. It is not valid for all missions and does not include the spawn of aircraft. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 9. Random Enemy sentries patrolling the island :"; "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence or absence of enemy infantry patrolling the island. The amount of the group depends on the level of difficulty of the parameter 6. This include unit AA and AT, but minimally. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 10. Enemy random vehicles patrolling the island " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence or absence of enemy vehicles that patrol the island. The quantity and type depends on the level of difficulty' of the parameter 6. At low levels one will find light wheeled vehicles, at high level tracked and APC. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** 11. Enemy attack ships patrolling the island " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence or absence of enemy ships patrolling the coasts of the island. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 12. Enemy Helicopter random patrolling the island " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence or absence of enemy helicopters patrolling the island. The Helicopter can be attack or transport(random ) and iclude pradrop of enemy troops in case they spot the enemy. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 13. Defense Friendly sentries at BASE " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence of friendly infantry defending the base in case of attack by enemy patrols. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 14. Friendly static defense weapons at BASE " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence of friendly static AI defending the base in case of attack by enemy patrols. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 15. Defense sentries at FOB Friendly " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence of friendly sentry at FOB defending in case of attack by enemy patrols. This parameter can affect server performance. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 16. Mission selection sequence " " From the first ," " Random" Defines how the missions are chosen , in sequence, that is, from No. 1 to No. 12 , or random (recommended). ***************************************** ***************************************** " 17. Place distance Select mission " "Nearest : 1500/2000m " , "Near : 2000/3000m ", " Medium: 3000/4000m ", " Far: 4000/5000m ", " Very Far: 5000/6000m " , "Random whole map : 1500/15000m " This parameter controls the distance at which appear the mission. This parameter defines the radius of a hypothetical donut whose center is the player, and within which the mission will not appear. The missions can only be called by the TL and Commander by radio command 0-0-2. Distances may vary slightly from what is set by parameter, the minimum distance of 1500m was chosen to avoid having enemies appear in front of your eyes, and try to get a gaming experience as much as simulation possible. Example: If You want to play in a specific area of ​​the map : - Select the minimum distance "Nearest : 1500/2000m " - After game starts go to the area you like - Call a mission through the radio controls 0-0-2 - The mission will appear around you at a random location but close You want to play in a random all over the map : - Select the maximum distance "Random whole map : 1500/15000m " - After game starts calls via the radio controls 0-0-2 - The mission will appear in a random position Note: it may take a bit of time before the mission is available, it is the price to pay for choosing a random position. You can not call another mission before finishing the current one, if you hit 0-0-2 while a mission it's running, after mission complete another will be generated automatically. For whatever reason, you can cancel the current mission via radio command 0-0-8, in this case, the mission will not be never selected. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 18. Place on the Create Mission " "Random City / Open field / Hills ", " Only on city", "Far from City" This parameter allows you to control where mission appear, not valid for all missions. "Random City / Open field / Hills " random "Only on city" : Only on population centers, military facilities or areas with buildings "Far from city" : Outside the towns, fields, hills, forests ***************************************** ***************************************** " 21. * WIP * Enemies use Artillery " "NO ", " YES" Work In Progress This parameter controls the enemy artillery if present in the mission. Temporarily not work, the AI will behave as scripted by the BIS, this means that could not fire a shot or shoot a burst of 10 shots. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 22. Enemies use static defense on side missions " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence of static enemy in missions, not valid for all missions. The static are random among those featured in the game and the amount of it depends on the level of difficulty by the parameter 6. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 23. Enemies call for reinforcements " "NO ", " YES" Defines the ability of the enemy to call for reinforcements. The reinforcements are called when the enemy loses 50 % of the units in the mission. The quantity depends on the level of difficulty of the parameter 6, the type of reinforcement are random between pre-determined configurations that includes: - Paradrop with transport or attack helicopter - Infantry transported overland - Tracked or wheeled armored vehicles ***************************************** ***************************************** " 24. Squads Markers " "NO ", " YES" Defines the presence of a marker which follows the TL of the group. There is only one marker per group. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 25. Civilian Presence " "NO ", " YES" Defines the animal and civilian presence in urban centers. Enabling this parameter will also be available static civilian vehicles. Enabling this parameter will have a quantity of civilians according to the size of the village. The smaller the amount of buildings lower the number of habitants, the greater the amount of buildings greater will be the number of civilians. In order to have a minimal impact on performance highest quantity it's fixed at 20 units, and the minimum it's 3 units. Firefights near the civilians will have the effect of making them away from the residential area. There will be no punishment for the killing of civilians. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 26. Weather " "Sunny" , "Clear ", " Overcast " , "Cloudy ", " Raining / storm" , "Random / Dynamic" Check the weather in the game. "Sunny" No cloud , no climate change "Clear" : Slightly overcast , no climate change " Overcast " : Medium overcast , no climate change "Cloudy " cloudscape , with the possibility of rain , every 30 minutes the conditions may change " Raining / storm" Very overcast with a chance of showers and thunderstorms, every 30 minutes the conditions may change "Random / Dynamic" : Enable the script by 'Enigma Dynamic Weather', the conditions are totally random and can change over time ***************************************** ***************************************** " 27. Fog " "NO" , "0.1" , " 0.2 ", " 0.3" , " 0.4" , " 0.5" , " 0.6" , " 0.7" , " 0.8" , " 0.9" , "1" , "RANDOM 1-10 " , "RANDOM LIGHT 1-3" Check the presence of fog. Higher values ​​will increase performance by reducing the viewing distance. May interfere with the parameter 26 when set to "Random / Dynamic". "RANDOM 1-10 " : randomly between 10 % and 100 % "RANDOM LIGHT 1-3" : random between 10% and 30% ***************************************** ***************************************** " 28. AI Helicopter Taxi by Norrin " "NO ", " YES" Activate the artificial intelligence that controls a transport helicopter and one of the defense. Useful in the absence of a human pilot. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 29. Halo jump height: " "500 ", " 1000" , "1500" , "2000" , " 3000 ", " 4000 ", " 5000" Height of Halo jump on the Base/FOB flag. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 30. Fast time: " "NO ", " 1h 3h = ", " = 1h 6h ", " 1h = 12h" , " 24h = 1h " It allows the acceleration of the flow of time. " 1h 3h = " After 60 minutes real time, game time will be spent in three hours " 1h = 24h" : After 60 minutes real time, game time will be spent in 24 hours The schedule of play is updated every 10 minutes, you may notice a slight ' freeze ' (lag ) when this happens. ***************************************** ***************************************** " 31. TPWCAS THE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM (need @ CBA) :"; "NO ", " YES" System that simulates the deletion of the AI due to the bullets fired in the vicinity of AI. The script work only if there is the @CBA mod. Select "YES" without @ CBA has no effect on the mission. ***************************************** CREDITS Version 3.12.13 - 12 Mission for ARMA 3 - 1.08 Mission created and edited by =BTC= Muttley. <img image='=BTC=_logo.paa' width='200' height='200'/> I have to thanks: - =BTC= Giallustio, for the ammobox filler, the Revive and the Lift scrips, his suggestions and everything taught me - All =BTC= clan for testings suggestions and MP support - Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.81 for Arma 3 by Tophe of Ostgota Ops [OOPS] http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18791 - Dynamic Weather Effects Script by Engima of Ostgota Ops [OOPS] http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16096 - BTC weather selector by Muttley - Norrin Heli taxi script - VIRTUAL AMMOBOX by ''Tonic-_-'' http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149077-Virtual-Ammobox-System-%28VAS%29 - Remove Dead by Anjan-Riot http://www.thebutcherbay.org/showthread.php?tid=63 - BTC Script for depthgauge by Muttley, by an idea of Cobra4v320 - A.C.R.E. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149946-A-C-R-E-Advanced-Combat-Radio-Environment-for-Arma-3 -Other stuff by the ArmA community around the web, thanks to everybody visit us: http://www.blacktemplars.altervista.org/. You are NOT allowed to modify and re/distribute this mission without the creator permission. You are NOT allowed to modify any script inside this mission without the respective owner permission. NOTES - JIP do not work as espected, I think BIS function have something wrong. Will be fixed in future release. - Weather system it's actually on going developement, so may not work properly if you change parameters at mission start, need time to change. - VIRTUAL AMMOBOX, if you load the missions with addons weapons, will be included automatically to the list of available weapons. - to call for a mission hit on keyboard 0-0-2 - to end current mission hit on keyboard 0-0-8 CANCEL_MISSION - to end the entire coop hit on keyboard 0-0-6 END_PATROL (mission will end once the last player leave the server) - May update for the future! DOWNLOAD LINK This mission come in two files, one for NATO blufor and one for CSAT opfor. NATO https://db.tt/f6egVYHc CSAT https://db.tt/XF5pfFa3 HAVE FUN !!! :bounce3:
  14. privitan

    UPSMON for arma3

    Hi, I'm using your script for my mission on Arma 3 Alpha and it's work fine with all kinds of unit except for 'Divers'. Any chance to have an update including patrolling Divers? Thanks anyway this script it's awesome! :o
  15. privitan

    Arma2 oa crash with teamspeak 3

    I've found the solution. i'ts a problem of Team Speak Plugins called "DirectX Overlay Plugin". Just disable it till Team Speak patch will come out to solve the problem. :yay: