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  1. Hi fellas thanks for the replys. I have tested and i get nada no helli no pilot and no guys. Im not sure about which are the global variables if its the two markers i wasnt sure if i could spawn everything with the one and as for the pilot i just put it in as it was working in the on activation field in editor for someone elses project. Actualy i tried that first and wanted to expand so thats why i tried to merge it with a spawn script that i use that does work. Anyway its all good i will keep plugigng away at it ;) PS: and i will put future scripts in the code thingy :)
  2. Hello all hoping someone can help with a script i have cobbled together from all over the place. What i am trying to do is. On a trigger spawn a CH47, Pilot and some guys that will then fly to an LZ unload guys who then move into position and the CH47 buggers off. I know i can have the whole lot on the map waiting to go but i am trying to cut down on stuff on the map as my pc isn't the best. Also trying to wrap my head around scripting in my Little spare time. I have ........and dont laugh i know its a mess and probably very wrong :P This.. // Creates Marker createMarker ["BFQRF1", position SPBFQRF1]; "BFQRF1" setMarkerPos getPos SPBFQRF1; createMarker ["BFQRF1G", position SPBFQRF2]; "BFQRF1G" setMarkerPos getPos SPBFQRF2; BFQRF1 = createGroup west; BFQRF1G = createGroup west; //CH47 and Pilot veh = createVehicle ["CH_47F_EP1", getMarkerPos "SPBFQRF1", [],0,"fly"]; CH_47F_EP1pilot = grpr1 createUnit ["USMC_Soldier_Pilot", [0,0,1], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; CH_47F_EP1pilot moveInDriver veh; //Blufor QRF BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; BFQRF1G createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", getMarkerPos "BFQRF1G", ["BFQRF1G"], 1, "FORM"]; {_x moveInCargo chopper1} foreach units group BFQRF1G; //CH47 Waypoints _point1 = getmarkerPos "WPBFQRF1_1"; _wp0 = BFQRF1 addWaypoint [ _point1, 10]; _wp0 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp0 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp0 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _point2 = getmarkerPos "WPBFQRF1_2"; _wp1 = BFQRF1 addWaypoint [ _point2, 10]; _wp1 setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _point3 = getmarkerPos "WPBFQRF1_3"; _wp2 = BFQRF1 addWaypoint [ _point3, 10]; _wp2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp2 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp2 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; //Blufor QRF Waypoints _point1 = getmarkerPos "WPBFQRFG1_1"; _wp0 = BFQRF1G addWaypoint [ _point1, 10]; _wp0 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp0 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp0 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; Sleep 1; exit Any help would be very apreciated :)
  3. OOh very handy thank you Iceman77 i will have a look at this on the weekend ; ) It will come in handy for shure. Nice to have some Gerry hunter groups working a bit more dynamicaly : )
  4. Cool thanks guys i will try tonight and report back :) :( nope no joy. Will keep at it tho ;)
  5. Still having no luck with this . There is plenty on how to delete both vehivle and crew but not crew only. I tried removeing bits here and there but it just stufs the whole thing up. This has to be possible. If some one could just point me in the right direction. Also i am having difficulty understanding how a lot of the scripts work and what some of the syntax means. Would it help if i knew some C++ or something as it would be easy enough to get some books and learn a bit. Just dont know what would be best to learn and then transfer over from.
  6. I need to figure out how to delete some crew from mg nests but leave the nests i have been using {{deleteVehicle _x} foreach crew _x; deleteVehicle _x} foreach thislist Set in trigger OnAct But as i said the mg nests dissapear to.:o
  7. Thanks mate i thought it had to be something simple LOL and thanks for the links checking them out now :) ---------- Post added at 09:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:33 AM ---------- Ok that worked perfectly but. There's allways a but sory :rolleyes:With the other( cant make head nor tales of the script pages ) Basicaly what i am trying to do is make a script that can be used by multiple units. What i have is many road blocks and to keep FPS high i would like to have each of them spawned when the player gets close enough. So to do it with waypoints i would need a huge number of scripts because each MG nest would have to be named etc etc.. Now i know this is wrong but it will give an example of what i am trying to achieve createMarker ["GRPBF1R", position SPBF1]; "GRPBF1R" setMarkerPos getPos SPBF1; Sleep 2; GRPBF1R = Creategroup West; GRPBF1R createUnit ["I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_NCO_M1Carbine", getMarkerPos "GRPBF1R", ["GRPBF1R"], 1, "FORM"]; {_x moveInDriver (nearestObject [_x, "LandVehicle"])} forEach (units (group this)); GRPBF1R allowfleeing 0; Sleep 1; exit Any ideas apreciated. I am slowly learning about scripting but i have prescious little time and it is soooo confusing to a total noob.:bounce3 Ok i got the above to work a fiew times :( but now it dosn't. weird
  8. Hi all. I have been trying to get a spawned unit to Seek and destroy but am haveing no luck. I have a unit in the editor set with the SAD waypoint and they do just that. However my spawned unit gets into formation and dosn't move anywhere. I have this in my script. _point1 = getmarkerPos "WPOF1"; _wp0 = GRPOF1R addWaypoint [ _point1, 100]; _wp0 setWaypointType "Seek And Destroy"; _wp0 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp0 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; Any ideas? Also what would i add to get a spawned unit to enter an MG nest. I tried all kinds of move in as...... etc but couldn't crack it.
  9. Bejmo

    Ai thread

    I would dearyl love the ai to stay in the blody formation i put them in. For example when i say file id like them to stay in file not wander into some file/wedge mess. Also i would love for them not to overtake me and require me to stop and wait for them to eventualy find their way back. Also also how about they orient to the player like when i say file line up behind me not to either side or as has happened in front of me LOL and when i want them in a line it would be nice to have the line to either side as it makes sneaking up to the edge of a forrest or hedgerow pointless if half of them wander into the open. Would also like them to crouch when stopped of if i say danger actualy get down which they only do %50 of the time. Ok thats my rant thanks ;P Why wont my unit MOVE when i tell them for the love of god. They are not engaged they are just standing there. They may as well be knitting. I say move they say knit 1 pearl 2 ARGGGHHHHH
  10. Bejmo

    Mission for I44 mod (SP)

    Made two more missions :) First is Pawn takes Colleville. An infantry assault on Colleville. Short and sweet. https://rapidshare.com/files/639551669/Pawn_Takes_Colleville.7z http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15697 Second is Our Own. A rescue mission in occupied teritory. Lots of patrolls lots to blow up etc. https://rapidshare.com/files/1120752299/Our-Own.7z http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15719 Any constructive feedback allways welcome. Hope you enjoy and thanks to the whole community for being patient and helpfull unlike some other games LOL.
  11. Wiggum thank you so much it is exactly what i was after. Well now it works i can finish the mission it will go in and i now have something i can study and learn from (that works) :) I will put a nice big credit with it for you :) :) :) PS what script editor do you use. I have seen some scripts in coulou likr this. Should i try using something like it, does it make it easier?
  12. Erm i did post an update on the situation but its not here. Are we haveing to wait for aproval or something :( Argh man this sucks ok here we go again thanks borg for the reply i have looked at the bi page before but none of it seems to work for me. I have allready got all the triger stuff worked out but its the arty stuff im haveing trouble with. I dont know if my other reply will show up but some of it may have changed so here again is what i have done. in editor placed arty module named it mybattery put down 3 us mortars (maned) all grouped then synched the group leader to the arty module then placed a trigger set to alpha radio for test purposes then in the on act i have heTemplate = ["IMMEDIATE", "HE", 0, 15]; targetPos = getPosASL targetUnit; [myBattery, targetPos, heTemplate] call BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission; also i have a heli pad as marker and it is called targetpos So on the alpha trigger the mortars rotate to an angle that is not in line with the target and start to fire. The lead mortar fires straight up LOL. However nothing lands anywhere as far as i can tell. I have tried varying the distance eg using utes map target is at one end of the runway and mortars at the other but mothing ever lands :(
  13. Thanks for the reply Borg :) i have looked at the BI page and just couldn't get it to work. i have done this in editor i have placed 3 m252 mortars grouped then synched the lead to an artilery module with the name arty i then placed a heli pad and named it targetpos then placed a trigger with radio alpha for test purposes (i have allready got the trigger on number of op left sorted) then in the triger i have put heTemplate = ["IMMEDIATE", "HE", 0, 15]; targetPos = getPosASL targetUnit; [arty, targetPos, heTemplate] call BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission; [artyLogic, true] call BIS_ARTY_F_SetShellSpawn; Taken from the bi arty page ok so in game on alpha trigger the mortars turn to allmost face the target then the lead fires one round almost straight up then the other two turn to odd directions and fire but they do fire and all seems well but nothing lands. I have tried moveing the target further away for eg i have the target at on end of the runway on utes and the mortars at the other they fire but nothing lands i have moved them closer and again no good and i have put the target and mortars at opposite ends N/W of the island and still no joy. Ps: as for the bi arty page it says a lot of good stuff but it dosnt realy help scripting noobs like me because its hard to know how many of the provided snippets you need to use and where exactly they go. Like is there an order they need to go in or is it better to use them in a script or in the editor. Anyway thak you and im sure i will get it working eventualu :p
  14. Hi all i am trying to find a very simple arty script and its doing my head in. All i want to do is have arty rain down on a town on a trigger set to how many opfor are left in the area and then stop after a minit or so so that opfor reinforcements can move in. I dont want the player to have any controll over this as it is cover for opfor. Sorry if it has been covered before but i have spent the last two nights looking for something (and found many many many scripts/tutorials) but what i have found either just dosnt work or is all to involved with FO and targeting and such. It cant be this hard im sure but i just dont have the time to delve into scripting and such to a level where i can either write or even just understand the stuff. I un pbo'd one of the i44 maps (parras i think) and played around with their script trying to understand it, it works but it wont stop and when i change even the smallest thing i just bugger it up. :( Thanks in advance to anyone who can help : )
  15. Bejmo

    Mission for I44 mod (SP)

    Hi there all i have had some reports of a "Bad Vehicle" warning but i have no idea what it means. Aparently it occurs when the player has killed a unit (may be a particular one cos i have not seen it yet) and its reinforcements are spawning in. Any ideas ?