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  1. Claude_Viole

    Grebbeberg - WIP terrain

    Hi all, DualJoe's 'buddy' here... Once every few days I do some testing on DualJoe's Grebbeberg 'island'... Starting with a raw heightmap with a sat image projected, it's slowly getting to a really promising project. As said, the 1:1 scale feels a little odd at first glance, but I think it is the only way to go when modelling for a real world area. Almost every evening I speak to DualJoe about his project to inform him about bugs, performance, etc. I'm a little surprised by the overall positive feedback here in this topic. I'm looking forward to the public release... Here are some screens (not the best ones, I know...) of the current w.i.p.
  2. Claude_Viole

    Landing on ships,

    Lots of models in TOH were already present in Arma 2. Just like the LHD... ;)