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  1. I kept getting task failed as well and then to see if it was story related I dropped difficulty to Beginner and managed to blow up 1 or 2 technicals with Hydras and got Task Complete and that enemy forces were withdrawing and then you get told to go land and get the Cpt. So its not story related but on Trainee I havent been able to do it. I believe its partly related to not having your crew firing on the technicals and personnel as I believe on the higher difficulty you need to take out more in order to get them to withdraw. So if anyone can provide info on how to get your weapons crew to fire that would be helpful. I've looked through the controls and manual and there really isnt anything clearly explaining how to give orders to crew. I also noticed a new "order bar" below the guages (I may just not seen it before) and hitting 1-4 opens up different command menues but nothing happens. Anyways other than this so far enjoying the game a lot...except for autorotation grr!! I'm gonna give putting the throttles in idle that someone recommend a try and see if that helps as by the time I'm told to flare its too late (if I understand the process correctly all you're doing is stopping/slowing forward progress and reduce rate of decent with the flare and so as long as you dont let your tail hit the ground things should be good)