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  1. Everon Railways

    Bringing Everon to life in miniature.

    Hello OFP fans. For some time now, (a few years), I've been working on modeling the buildings of Everon in approximately 1:160 scale. I intend to model several towns of Everon and run a miniature railway through the towns. The railway will be called Everon Railways. Obviously, there are no railways on Everon, but this will provide some operational interest to the modeled scene. The construction process for the buildings usually consists of a 3D printed master that was designed with the Google Sketchup program. A mold is made of the master and several replicas are cast in resin. At this stage, I have most of Everon's buildings cast, and over 120 castings have been made. Buildings which have not been designed yet include the military base buildings as well as the churches and chapels. Most of my work now is focused on scaling game generated scene shots of the building sides and roofs and printing those out to scale. From there the screen shot panels are adhered to the resin casting "blanks" to complete the model. This process gives the models the most authentic look possible to match the buildings appearance in the game. Below are a few pics of completed buildings. You can follow along on YouTube here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfemapbGwk_Y6SKFr1k4LzA The channel is still in it's infancy, with many more videos to come, including an explanation of the concept of Everon Railways. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfemapbGwk_Y6SKFr1k4LzA
  2. Everon Railways

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Cpt_SMagnet, supportgunner is correct, the photo is fake. This was a screenshot made in Windows Paint. Sorry you thought these are addons, I wish they were. I made this photo to illustrate the concept of a railway on Everon. However, I am in the process of creating "Everon Railways" in real life at approximately 2mm scale. I've got most of the buildings of Everon physically modeled. Right now, I'm in the process of casting duplicates. I'll start a thread sometime in the near future featuring my progress. I hope there may be some interest by forum members to see Everon recreated in miniature.
  3. FINALLY Success! Zulu, I reinstalled Eliteness and Derapified the files, the key was saving the files in the Elitness window file menu which would ultimately change the file so it would show up in the editor. Many thanks to You and KayvaanShrike for the help!
  4. I drag the mission file to the desktop and open PBO Decryptor, I then attempt to drag the file into the "open file" box of the Decryptor. When the file gets over the window, a circle with a slash through it appears, indicating that it will not accept the file. I have to manually select the file path from the Windows Explorer pop up which then appears when I click the "open file" button in the Decryptor window. I select the mission FOLDER for the Dycryptor and Dycryptor does it's thing and places the processed FOLDER on the desktop. I then drag the Folder into my user missions folder where my own editor created missions are stored. When I go into the editor I see the newly installed folder which contains the decryptored files. When I load the mission, I still get the blank map...nothing.
  5. Thanks KayvaanShrike, I'm trying to import the original OFP single player missions (those that came with the game) into the editor. Those mission.sqm files refuse to show themselves in the open editor. I've been experimenting with my own editor missions by swapping mission.sqm files from one mission folder to another and they will appear in the editor as they should under the new swapped mission name. I've derapified the original files but they still are not showing. I've tried the PBO Decryptor 1.5 by Amalfi and still nothing. What am I doing wrong here?
  6. After giving up on this for a while, I finally resolved some problems with my computer that would not allow me to run DeRap. I'm now able to run DeRap and it converted the mission.sqm files into a readable text file. This text file is in the editor mission folder along with the original mission.sqm. What do I need to do with the text file? The mission appears in the editor mission drop down menu but still just a blank map, no units, no waypoints, no triggers, nothing. What do I have to do to bring this mission onto the map for editing? Thanks!
  7. Downloaded Mikero's Eliteness, I just have to find this famous DePbo.dll file.
  8. Thanks Zulu, I will check it out and report back.
  9. I'm trying to import official sp missions into the editor (ofp). I'm using cpbo to extract the pbo files and then copy them to a specific user mission folder. When I open the editor and select "load" I can see the name of the single player mission (I just placed in the folder) in the drop down window and select it. However, when I open the mission in the editor there is nothing on the map. There are no units, triggers, waypoints, etc. The entire map is empty. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. Everon Railways

    Waypoint label question.

    Thank You! I was wondering if it had something to do with difficulty settings.
  11. Everon Railways

    Waypoint label question.

    I understand waypoints while working in the editor. I don't understand why sometimes labels appear during game play which guide the player to the waypoint and at othertimes they are not there. Ultimately, I want to use them to show a distance to the waypoint during gameplay.
  12. Everon Railways

    Waypoint label question.

    How do I make waypoint labels show up in game play while using the mission editor? Those waypoint labels that appear as yellow brackets with distance and display the type of waypoint such as "move", "get in", "wait for others" etc.
  13. Everon Railways

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    Everon Railways Class 22 pulling out of Le Moule.
  14. Everon Railways

    Actual (real life) distance of Map grids? (Everon OFP Cold War Crisis).

    Thank you Faguss, so each cell (say Ec69) is 128 meters across?