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  1. you're right, that was just my (obviously not so) funny way of saying that I was still in Seattle, not far away in Minneapolis :)
  2. On my first tour to downtown Seattle I saw that CenturyLink field shows "Vikings" instead of "Seahawks". Maybe I got off course a bit, but I'm sure I still could see the Space Needle from my position :D
  3. Finally I got a proper installation :), must have been an issue with the downloaded file Take_On_Helicopters_Setup01. Can anyone please officially confirm that these MD5 checksums are correct: Take_On_Helicopters_Setup 884E8DC771954F509CB80CA2ACF9E07E Take_On_Helicopters_Setup01 25B19BA5972C5077648C33CAD9583A4F Take_On_Helicopters_Setup02 294664A4F26CC54D8EEF9F9032190FFD Take_On_Helicopters_Setup03 BD8E805A71FAE96AB758B9FA03BB3736 Take_On_Helicopters_Setup04 4AE498CDB02AFD6E4AEF590209E79A5A Take_On_Helicopters_Setup05 B80B9C2563464A44CC34C4ADDCD17971 Take_On_Helicopters_Setup06 4EB61C19617A073883CF04E951B24424 Take_On_Helicopters_Setup07 80C46223C5706BFC9459478021690B38 Take_On_Helicopters_Setup08 57C81D018FDC4B1EF9EDDF69C4F28D87
  4. Hi all, I've downloaded all files twice from www.simw.com but still get some CRC issues. Can anyone please provide the "official MD5 checksums" of all downloadable installation files (should be 9 files in total) - thanks in advance!