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  1. Hi ! I use new newest CBA built and an error message appear when i start it with Arma 2 OA: Addon 'cba_xeh_oa' requires addon 'CA_CommunityConfigurationProject_E' Can i play without a problem ? How to fix that ? Can i use the newest CBA version for my Arma 2 CO server ?.... Edit: I have the newest BETA. maxx
  2. maxx2504

    German Armed Forces Mod

    Hi ! Great ! Can't wait for a new BW Mod for Arma 3. Will there be an Arma 2 Version too ? Sorry german: Mich würde es ja in den Fingern jucken mal wieder mit 3D MAX zu arbeiten und einen Tornado zu bauen, aber ich weiss zum verrecken nicht wie man für Arma 2/3 Modell einfügt... maxx
  3. Hi ! So well i have another problem again. That problem confuse me much. I reconfigured the loadouts but when i play on my rootserver the loadouts are not working for helis. Same problem with a privat hostet server. Only when i test the mission in editor the heli loadouts work. EDIT: I found something out about my problem above. Many times you can't change the loadout of helis when you are the Pilot. When u are the gunner i dont have this problem. Also manual and autofire is a little bit buggy with the loadout selection. maxx
  4. Hi! I have a similar question to this. I wanna play songs in some helis with the actionmenu. The songs are already in the missionfile because i use them for a loudspeaker at base. Conditions: - Only players in vehicle can hear the sounds (maybe vehicleChat) OR play the songs with the Say3D command. So everybody can hear the songs. - Able to play and stop the songs - Play songs randomly - Songs must stop when all players leave the vehicle or disconnect maxx PS: I know there is a car radio mod...but in don't wanna use it...sorry.
  5. Hi ! No ill stay with stock weapons first because the server is running on vanilla. But i have another problem now. I just wanna use your script instead of the domi rearm and repair scripts. But the normal choppers which are not in the loadout list, won't rearm. What can i do ? maxx
  6. Hi ! Eggbeast first of all...sorry for being a little bit noobish :) So... I figured out how to disable the hint sound (hintSilent) and i cut the loadout time to around 5 seconds with a new sound :) The waiting time isnt so important for me on my server, no problem with that. So finally Thank You again ! maxx
  7. Hi ! And can you make the script without the repairing ?? I dont need that. And i dont need a waittime or a sound. Just change loadouts immediately... maxx
  8. Hi ! Great. The simple script works for me now and its easy to edit it. But i have another suggestion: I hate the bing...bing...bing...bing....sound while reloading. How can i disable this ??? This sounds totally ruin my nerves :D maxx
  9. Hi ! I tried the loudspeaker script. And i use it for my base now not for the vehicles (well i have to find another one for that problem ;) ). The only problem i had was...when a second player join the server, his music also start and i heared 2 songs the same time but delayed. That is a big problem...imagine when 10 players join the same time. So i tried to change the whole script. And i dont know if that will work correctly...maybe you can help ? 1. I placed an object: - Name: loudspeaker 2. I placed a trigger with following conditions: - Activation: anybody - Once - Condition: player == vehicle player - On Act. : nul = execVM "loudspeaker\playlist.sqf" 3. My "playlist.sqf" look like this (I don't use an init.sqf entry for this, only activated by the trigger): ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// while {true} do { sleep 5; radio_H = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle (position loudspeaker); radio_H attachTo [loudspeaker,[0,0,0]]; radio_H say3D "track1"; sleep 30; // <<======== Track 1 song length deleteVehicle radio_H; sleep 1; radio_H = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle (position loudspeaker); radio_H attachTo [loudspeaker,[0,0,0]]; radio_H say3D "track2"; sleep 30; // <<======== Track 2 song length deleteVehicle radio_H; sleep 1; radio_H = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle (position loudspeaker); radio_H attachTo [loudspeaker,[0,0,0]]; radio_H say3D "track3"; sleep 30; // <<======== Track 3 song length deleteVehicle radio_H; sleep 1; radio_H = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle (position loudspeaker); radio_H attachTo [loudspeaker,[0,0,0]]; radio_H say3D "track4"; sleep 30; // <<======== Track 4 song length deleteVehicle radio_H; sleep 1; radio_H = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle (position loudspeaker); radio_H attachTo [loudspeaker,[0,0,0]]; radio_H say3D "track5"; sleep 26; // <<======== Track 5 song length deleteVehicle radio_H; }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The big question now is, will i have the same problem again ? I think the music will only be heared by the player who activated the script, not the others ? By the way..when i join the server and activate the trigger, i can hear the music. When i join again the script start again with the first song. But i think because of the "say3D" command for the object, the players can hear their music and the music from a player who join, or not ? maxx PS: Sorry im a total script noob :(
  10. Hi ! I don't wanna start a new thread, so i ask here. I need a simple script with i can turn on music in a vehicle (or better a whole list of music). Conditions: - Add action only when the player is in the vehicle - The actions must be colored (maybe orange) - Action name is just "play music" Or better would be to add an action to turn on the radio and the player can choose from a tracklist in actionmenu. Someone can help ? :) maxx PS: Im so confused about Arma scripts i have noone who can explain how to make those scripts and talk german. So my only hope is this forum :(
  11. Hi ! I tried to unpack Xenos PBOs with Eliteness but the mission.sqm is always corrupted. I dont know how to fix such a problem. I send Xeno a PN but i think he will never answer. If someone got an unpacked 2.60 Chernarus Domination mission, i would be happy to get this via email maxxicq@gmx.net or contact me on steam please (under my avatar) ! maxx
  12. Hi ! Sorry but i need answer so i pushed this thread ... :(
  13. Hi ! No because i dont know how to use it :/ Edit: Sorry ! I have the scripts now...thanks anyway :)
  14. Hi ! Im sorry to say that but i still need an unpacked version of your mission. Or just the scripts. I cannot implement this mission into another. Can someone send me an unpacked version ?? Email: maxxicq@gmx.net Thanks ! maxx
  15. Hi ! The only thing i mentioned is that the Nosewheel turns into the wrong direction when turning left or right. Otherwise...finally a good F-4 !! Maybe i do some German Paints for it in the future ;) Maxx
  16. Hi ! With what tool can i unpack the PBO ? PBO Viewer and cPBO don't work. Or can you upload an unpacked mission with the scripts ??? maxx
  17. Hi ! I have another question again for Domination: We all know there is a Revive System implemented where players can revive players or AI can revive players. This is good...but... I want that the enemies can also revive their mates and i want revive my AI teammates (if i recruited some) too. Is that possible in any way with a script for domination ? maxx
  18. Hi ! Again i have another little problem :) I want to change the time you need to repair the support buildings (aricraft_fac, wreck_fac... etc). I think you know what i mean ;) The time is a little bit too long. Around 10 seconds would be great... If i can't change this...i need to know how to delete those buildings. But the repair scripts/triggers must work though... We also have another problem: 2013/04/22, 19:52:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _rep_station 2013/04/22, 19:52:35 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.takistan\x_server\x_f\x_serverfuncs.sqf, line 643 2013/04/22, 19:52:35 Error in expression <_wreck = [_rep_station,_types] call d_fnc_GetWreck> 2013/04/22, 19:52:35 Error position: <_rep_station,_types] call d_fnc_GetWreck> 2013/04/22, 19:52:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _rep_station 2013/04/22, 19:52:37 Error in expression <elect 1; _no = nearestObjects [position _rep_station, _types, 8]; if (count _no > The message appears continuously. When someone join, the server crash immediately oder after around 10min. maxx
  19. Nice Work ! Would it be difficult to do a pack where u can choose from different positions on the screen ? Because i would like to have the GPS on the right bottom position, not the top right position. Thanks anyway :) maxx
  20. Hi ! How can i unpack an PBO file with ExtractPBO ? i dotn understand how to use that tool. Is there someone who can explain in german ? Thanks... Edit: I unpacked a file with Eliteness, but it says: Extractions has strange values in product header. What does that mean exactly ? Edit2: I cant edit the packed missions after i unpacked them. Is there any way to download the unpacked missions ?? I need the damn A2 Chernarus Domination 2.60 file. Btw: Only the mission.sqm seems broken. maxx
  21. maxx2504

    Advanced performance investigation (data needed)

    Hi ! Same problems here. Singleplayer works lot better than multiplayer. I have always high Pings on the Servers...and when im host...the Frames gets down to nearly 5fps. My System is not the best, but i can play other games (incl. Arma 2, Mechwarrior Online, Crysis3) without any problems: Win7 64bit AMD Phenom II X4 955 @3,6GHz AMD 7870 (not OC) 8GB Ram 1333MHz My graphicsettings are all standard to high. Textures very high, AA is off, PPAA to high, Anisotrop to high, Objectrange only 500m, viewdistance around 2000m. I tried hosting without AI, set priority of arma 3 in taskmanager to high, hosting only with 2 players, massive reduce my graphic settings...nothing helps in MP. So the only chance is to wait for Fixes :) maxx PS: I mentioned that this forum is also slow since ArmA3 Alpha release...or did i miss something ?
  22. Hi ! @dragonsyr: Thanks for your help but thats not the safezone itself. Thats only the basezone for restoring your repair capability. It also delimit the zone where u not allowed to shoot to get a kick from the server. The safezone i mean is round and can be shown on the server, when u set this parameter in description.ext: class GVAR(ShowBaseSafeZone) { title = "$STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_1131"; values[] = {0,1}; default = 1; But you only can enable/disable a visual circle at the base...not the safezone itself or change the height or diameter.... Understand ? maxx
  23. Hi ! Questions: 1. Can i change the size of the Safezone at base ? When yes, how can i do that ? :) 2. I can bring up the domination menu by pressing "T" or "U". How can i change it that the menu is showing everytime (like in other versions) ? I have Domi 2.60 maxx
  24. Hi ! The funny thing is: This works well...but only when i join the server. When other players join the server they don't get a message or get kicked from the server. Anyone have an idea why ? Xeno maybe ? ;) EDIT: Solved this problem. Sorry. Another problem i have is this: I can kick people but can't ban them. I think because i hostet my server privat ? I use an extra server.cfg and the arma2oaserver.exe. Any suggestions ? =) maxx
  25. Hi ! Thanks Sorophx. Sometimes you dont see these entries when you work on all those scripts. There are so many ! ;) maxx