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  1. As the title says, I was having issues with low frame rates. I found a post with in a thread, regarding the ATI profiler not enabling crossfire and it suggested renaming the Take On Helicopters.exe to arma2oa.exe. Well for me it worked. I now get 30-40fps at my monitors native resolution of 1440x990. I was running at 20fps. I was also able to turn up some of the features which put a load on the graphics card. pip: off (what dose this do as it kills frame rate if its on) Post prossesing: very low just like ArmA2 motion blur makes me sick. Shadow detail: Normal. Every thing else is on high. Clouds are set to Very high. PC Spec. i5 750 at 3.6ghz 2x ATI 5770 4GB 1800ghz ram X-25 intel SSD. One setting I did lower and didnt effect the eye candy was view distance, It isnt an issue flying low in a helicopter. 3042 and visablitiy to 6049. Perfect. Thanks for all the tips dotted around the forum, just though id bring the .exe for ATI crossfore to the top.
  2. I read this thread tonight after going to my brothers house and he has the same issue. I noticed he was flying with keyboard and mouse. I asked why' he then shut down the game plugged in his joystick did the windows calibration, started the game, went to take off while holding full rudder, took off let go of the rudder and the heli just spun and spun like in the video. He did auto hover heli settled let go of the stick turned off auto hover and it began to spin again. He has tried all types of trim and no fix. Same thing it doesn't do it on the helipad just in the air. issue with certain joysticks may be. He has a Saitek cyborg X. No I'm not trolling. Setting that profile fixed the x52 may be setting the cyborg to x52 fixes that. I'll ask him to try it.
  3. Orford


    Yes I know but you have to be "in game" to use it. I'm happy to chat out side the game to any one trying to join and having issues or is new to online play. A problem shared and all that. Just trying to be helpful.
  4. Orford

    Server Cost !!

    I was referring to the currant online playability. If more people were to host a server and let players know when they will be trying to populate the server the community will grow. A server doesn't have to be a monster to get us together. That's all I was saying just trying to break down some barriers to getting a good online experience. Don't forget there are a lot of simmers playing the game, they don't need mass action with none stop incidents. They are happy just to get together, fly, chat and share the moment with fellow simmers. That's some of the issues with ToH appealing to two types of users. when the addon's come then yes a bigger server may be needed but for now, if you build it they will come.......
  5. video removed due to copyright, did you use some music? Any chance or a new upload. edit: 20 seconds later it works. Ty.
  6. Orford


    just need to organise a day and time to meet. Also a chat server like team speak. Nothing like having a chat when flying about. Organisation is the key. edit: as mentioned below there is in game VOIP. Team speak isn't "needed" I don't want my post to be misleading.
  7. Orford

    Server Cost !!

    You could also try hosting a ad-hoc server on your PC. Just put it up and let us know. I have 30meg at home, I can host ArmA2 co-op missions for upto 10 smooth enough to include CAS. That's on a i5 @ 3.8ghz and 8gb ram. So ToH as mentioned above with lot less AI and player should be able to cope. Has any one tried it over hamachi? Dedicated servers do cost a lot, I know that.
  8. Orford

    Valve HQ?

    what did you do to it, pic?
  9. Orford

    Multiplayer servers.

    Just let us know if your planning an event or want to get a few on to stress test. Sixupdater can take care of any files but knowing its going on, date and time would be a great start. I have access to a dedi box running i7 960 8gb ram 100meg connection. Currently running 2x BF2:PR servers. So plenty of resources left for a ToH server.
  10. Orford

    Multiplayer servers.

    SixUpdater strikes again, Nice and thanks Sickboy. Would still like some info here so people who have bought the game can meet up and see what's planned on what day and what server. Makes the game look more inviting too.
  11. Would it be possible for owners of multiplayer server to have a sticky for there server. Name. Server IP Contact info/website map/mission Admins Teamspeak/vent/mumble details. Then those of us who will be looking for well run, like minded online flights can get together and have some community run events based on ToH. At the moment its a bit hit and miss. Just an idea that would help us get a solid online experience.
  12. Orford

    Dances With Trees

    if you set fraps record frame rate close to your ingame fps you will get smoother in game performance. The video file will be large but can be compressed later in editing. Having it set to default 30 fps makes yourr game run at 30 fps. hope it helps, nice flying.
  13. Orford

    Just had a lift around Seattle

    use VOIP press the cap lock key, you can talk. Assuming you have a mic. some one said it works in online servers. True or not I don't know. edited:correct keypress is caps lock.
  14. Orford

    Server Tool

    not my news mate I was just adding that I also would like to know if there are any tools and if the ArmA2 ones would work or what would we need to do to get them to work. File paths, admin commands etc etc
  15. Orford

    TrackIR limits

    moving your head forward isn't zoom. It just gets your head closer so things are easier to read they don't grow bigger just cos you stick your nose closer. So its not a limits issue as you head is attached to your neck. You need to increase the curve near the end of the movement limit so it acts like zoom. one thing that gets me with trackIR users why do they think leaning closer to some thing makes it grow bigger. Pay £30 for a game moan about this isn't right that's not real etc etc after paying £160 for something that puts there head into the game and don't realise that trackIR simulates your head and your head getting beyond its limits of your neck and shoulders making things grow bigger as you get closer is "REAL". adjust the cyrve so once your at the limit if your neck/head movement the "zoom" kicks in. It one or the other not both. 6DOV count them!! rant over. Love trackIR sold it bought a flight control/throttle and went to freetrack.