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  1. Flying at 4625 meters Couldnt post direct the screenshot dont know why , so take the link. Image was 95kb http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/412/4625.jpg/
  2. Restless

    problem with take on helicopte

    No problem :D Have a nice flight..
  3. Restless

    problem with take on helicopte

    Why did u try to manage swap file sizes?By default, windows manages the swap file dynamically, meaning that Windows increases and decreases its size as needed. For most users it is recommended to let Windows manage it to ensure that there is always sufficient memory addressing for applications and processes.So you need to put it on default again.. cause you dont know how to handle it .Start/Settings/ControlPanel/System/AdvancedSystemSettings you will see -> Performance Visual effects,processor scheduling , memory usage etc press Settings and click Let windows choose whats best for my computer .Then go advanced on the same window -> u will see virtual memory press change...-> and click Automatically manage paging file size for all drives apply your changes / restart your pc and try again ...
  4. Restless

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    When u decide what to take post plz cause im also interested on buying a new joystick.
  5. If u repeat the same contracts u will notice that they are different every time . Some times u need to go and take your passengers from a spot but some times they are already to the heliport. Think that in real life. You need to go to another town and the heli cant land in your current position .So you need to take a taxi or the bus to the heliport.As for the paramedics they maybe were friends of the Larkin family and went to the heliport to drink a coffee , then an emergency call comes from Coastguard and u ride the heli for the mission . You never know ... Larkin family mystery. Problem solved ? just trolling :P
  6. Restless

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    Nice , if you have more money and u dont know what to do with them or if u win the lottery can u make a gift to me ? just a little 1 i promise :P Ok here is the gift i want from u : The rainman cockpit systems with Otto B8 THanks :D
  7. Restless

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    Well those are nice controls(expensive) but Dillinja said that he can spent about 100 gbp = 160$ if im not mistaken . And a bit more money for pedals .
  8. Restless

    More Money!!!

    Well i know they are not the same every time , didnt notice any bonus . got right now 940.000 and i have bought doors for my light heli and seats , also a camera and a winch for the heavy heli . only the items needed to complete the missions . Do u know if i need to do the full training to complete ? or just the 10 missions ..? Anyway , do u know if they will add more contracts ? ---------- Post added at 02:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:43 PM ---------- Yeah it works but its like abusing the game mechanics or something . I dont feel good doing it :( I just wanna know if they will be released more contracts and new story missions .
  9. Restless

    More Money!!!

    Hello all I have finished the 10 career mission , 5 missions of private sector , and 3 mission of Government. so all missions done . Is there any way to make more money, except replaying the missions ? Will BI add more contracts ?
  10. well as i told u before i was in the middle of the carreer mission with the heavy and it perform an engine failure by itself so the first thing i did is to put the throttle off and pull up cause i was 90 meters high with 300km/h. i crashed many times but i dont know exactly if there was a difference between full throtle idle and off . tried about 20/25 times before success landing . worst scenario ever ...
  11. Well my heavy heli was falling like a rock exactly as md500 said and i was going down like 7 Meters per SEC that is like 25km/h or something ( i was sure that the heli will be destroyed again) but i landed successfully . is that normal ? cause i was falling pretty fast.
  12. there is a mission that needs to autorotate the heavy model . before the game does the autosave to prepare the engine failure , iwas at 300 km/h and 90m height .. crashed like 20 times but at the end i made it :P lol . love this game
  13. Restless

    Landing gear in Heavy Helicopter

    i think the key combo is assigned for aircrafts if im not mistaken .. if u check only "heli controls" there is not such a think . But yeah i was thinking the same think. its good the heavy heli to operate their landing gear
  14. Restless

    frame rate, stuttering and lag

    maybe copy the entire long text and paste it here between [ code] [/code] remove the blank before 1st code. so if some1 needs to check something , he can just scroll down in the window it will appear . cant explain it more try it .. or u can upload the txt into a filesharing site for example Hi!
  15. Restless

    frame rate, stuttering and lag

    +1 Yeap he is 100% correct , also check if your graphic card drivers are updated.