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  1. Hello everybody! help please understand. 2 weeks ago I ceased to hear radio communications players. nothing in the game settings have not changed. they just disappeared. I see now appears at the bottom of the player nickname, when he says, but his voice is not heard. if you add me to a group of bots, their radio I hear. and that on all servers, at least for a few which I came.
  2. I'm sorry , perhaps this issue was discussed many times , but what needs to be done in this case? creating in O2 simplest model in the form of 4 points and one surface , apply a texture , save , porting in Vizitor , the resulting image is incorrect (in this case it is no texture but the result is the same no matter in texture , and in the structure model . in addition to the connection points in the surface should be something to be done , but what):
  3. There is also, in the folder "razn" an object under the name "musor2", it is a garbage box. In it it is possible to hide if to jump inside, and to bend down. AI units don't see the player, which inside. Also there is "zabor21p" fence, on it the built-in ladder, that is it is possible to get through a fence, and to construct a long fence of these segments, and then in game to send bots to a place behind a fence, they get through a fence. However, only in one direction. (On this island these objects aren't put).
  4. Yes, free use in the projects of all models is allowed to everyone, and also to change, supplement, remake. Especially as some models demand completion. For example, the elevator which is in those 10-storeyed buildings that in the first picture. I after all made the elevator, but it works in "a manual mode", that is automatic equipment of the elevator isn't realized. The elevator is caused on a floor only according to floor number for what it is necessary to know, on what floor you are. Elevator doors too open and closed manually. Also there are no places in the elevator for AI units. The player can go both down and up in the elevator, AI units - only down, the elevator can't lift them, they "fail". As to correct it, I didn't learn. Perhaps, somebody also will make though Vilas said that it is impossible)
  5. Here models of doors, walls, and another building-parts, for Visitor3. I made them for my project, but now there is no time for ending it. Requires Arma 2 (used some textures from CA-folder). Quality not so high http://dfiles.ru/files/359jjjveh - models (non-binarized) http://dfiles.ru/files/59hwydpie - training island with ready buildings (non-binarized) http://dfiles.ru/files/6cdil3j8b - island binarized http://dfiles.ru/files/mtgna950h - models-folder binarized shortcoming - ruins aren't made still. but they can be wrote in a config
  6. How to make light didn't pass through walls (by shadowvolume LOD?), and what mean these figures in an illuminant config? colorDiffuse [] = {0.9,0.8,0.6}; colorAmbient [] = {0.02,0.02,0.02}; how to regulate parameters of light by them?
  7. In one building - about 3000 - 5000 faces, in high buildings even more. Yes, it really too much, I'll try to make less.
  8. Yes-yes, I about that. Very low resolution. Tractor is only example, all another units becomes the same. Yes, I try to make opened buildings, and make small town from them. Now I use minimum of details and faces, minimum textures, but already now problems appears.. That means, should be even less details? But, how many resolution-LODs should be, from 1.000 to 6.000? And how to define, how many faces must be in every next Res-LOD? I made simple models of walls with 0.000 LOD, Geo-LOD, Fire-Geometry LOD. When saw this problem, I added res-LODs from 1.000 to 6.000 with low details from next to next, but it don't help yet.
  9. I made several models of walls (as a part of buildings). There is one problem - blur of vehicle and man, and another game objects, around of those walls. What is the reason? I think, in resolution LODs, somewhere in neighbor and middle view, but what exactly? In O2Manual said, that "ArmA Engine selects the resolution LODs itself". I made wall 5x7 m, for 2 floors (height of 1 floor is 3,5 m). After, I put 5 those walls one on another, and get a part of wall of a 10-floor building (it like an industrial buildings-constructing technology) :)). And after that, in game, this problem appears. This is a picture - http://rghost.ru/46196898/image.png. In it, image of tractor is crushed. (Left-view on the same place, all is OK - http://rghost.ru/46197807; right-view around that building - http://rghost.ru/46197855/image.png - there is no blur?? there is - http://rghost.ru/46198144/image.png) It problem appears around of those walls, I checked. P3d file of the wall - http://rghost.ru/46197012. Please, somebody, try to help. p.s. phrase "on the phone" in a title of a thread is a mistake, don't pay attention
  10. rds100


    OK, understood, but how it will be in my example? In it, in 0 LOD, and in memory LOD there is selected part "lift1", as in GeoLOD. I should select and name a point "knob" also in all these LODs? Or, I should rename position="knob" to position="lift1" in config.cpp? Stop. I forget something. In a real lift exists 2 types of buttons - static, on each floor, and dynamic, inside of the lift box. Now I've made only buttons in lift, but even they doesn't work well. And what about buttons in floors? How to make them?
  11. rds100


    Yes-yes, I about that. I just dont know exactly, how to attach points in memoryLOD to the moving parts of model (in my case, moving part is the whole model). What I should to do, and in what LOD? I've been working in O2 not long time, I only know, how to set some divided points in memoryLOD, but how to attach? It can be saw better in model, I gave a prooflink. Number of floors is 10. So, from 1 to 5 floor actions are perfect, but they always exactly under floor of a lift. But from 5 to 10 floor it is rather hard, to "catch" anims, and in last, 10th floor, player cannot anims at all, they disappear, Yes, by some reason, points dont follow to the model, they stay in the 1st floor level. I copied and pasted all model from 0 LOd to memoryLOD, selected one point in model, and named it like "knob" or so on, as in cofig.cpp in line "position": class OpenDoors4 { displayName = "5et"; position = "knob"; radius = 300; onlyForPlayer = 0; condition = "this animationPhase ""lift1"" <= 0.4"; statement = "this animate [""lift1"", 0.4]"; }; It doesnt work, button stay down. Then I copy 10 points "knob" in MemoryLOD, and set them in the each floor level, selected all 10, and named them, but this method doesnt work too. I think, it would better to ask, and to put model to the forum. Maybe, there is some simple mistake, which I've passed.
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    Ehe-he.. What to do? :(
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    Hi everybody! Please, who works with modeling, watch my project of elevator model, or a lift. Dont pay attention to textures, i will make them later. I made a lift, made animation, it works, goes up and down, but there are some little problems. 1. A buttons of animation start. They are somewhere down, when lift is rising up, buttons disappear. 2. AI-unit can only to go down on it, but not to rise up, they fall down, when lift goes up. Here is it: http://rghost.ru/43422166 Who can help, advice something, how to correct that?
  14. rds100

    Please help with config

    Mein Gott! It works! ))) Bushlurker, thank you very much!! I've been looking answer for 2 days already. By the way, in past threads with such problem nobody didnt tell about that way.
  15. rds100

    Please help with config

    http://rghost.ru/43278902 - here is that door, please somebody, who work in Visitor3, try to set it on the map and guess, why animation is disabled