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    ETA for TOH(steam) v 1.02

    Is it not possible to: Make the Steam patch a "data file" and update the exe to do a "first run only" where it applies the patch independant of steams updater? ie. The steam patch would consist of: Normal Patch - Archive New main exe Differential Patch exe ... or would this devalidate teh steam install and trigger Steam to "update" it again thinking it is corrupt?
  2. venquessa

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    OT, VRS... Heli enters VRS at 2:00. Note this was before I knew what VRS was, the collective was ramped up and up the whole descent and the (correct recovery) pitch forward was not an intentional recovery reaction, but a reaction to the Heli not hitting me or hitting the ground anywhere near me! Don't think you can hear me saying, "I hate it when it does that!" EDIT: yes, it's RC.
  3. venquessa

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Not sure what your joystick is or your settings are, but I tend to fly most things with my hand resting on the joystick base and move the stick mere millimetres with my fingers. A lot of PC sims have different control response due to a) Users with no force feed back who can only move the stick 'an amount of travel' against an inert spring, rather than apply an amount of pressure against the aircrafts resistance. b) User with force feed back who turn it off as it's usually so incorrect as to not be worth having it on. Therefore there is no "feel". If you think that is bad, try flying an RC heli. You have a 1 inch high stick under your right thumb for cyclic. No feel, no force feed back and as the heli only weighs 2-6lb and designed for insane aerobatics it is immensely twitchy. Out of interest I have tried "expo" or "smoothing" curves and hate them, so I (almost) never use them in games or in RC. Paul
  4. venquessa

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    For me I find this approach often leads to quirky, unintuitive and just plan difficult game play. It's one thing to create a helicopter game with nice, easy smooth game like controls and flight model. It's another thing to create a 'realistic' and highly detailed helicopter simulation. But to aim for the middle ground you need to simplify the flight model, and then model what you do model properly and accurately. So you might skip VRS and tail rotor induced slip or stuff like that, but the things you do model need to be done accurately. Not necessarily presicely, but accurately. If you don't model what you model accurately, then it is not an immersive experience of helicopter flight, it's just trying to master a quirky fictional monster of game play. Just IMHO. Paul
  5. Looks gorgeous, but my video card can't handle it, NVidia GTX 550Ti. Had to turn a bunch of stuff down. No biggy. Flight model in expert is just irritating. It's close enough to be hard, far enough off to be annoying. Might just be a "nack" thing though. Game play isn't all that great either. It has taken too much of a simulator posture to be a good "game", but doesn't do simulator very well at all. The panel is too game like for a sim. * Switching in and out of map mode takes too long. * Random de-stabilization requiring nearly half a stick to hold correct in hover has to be wrong. * The trim system is very poor. * The ARMA interface is not very intuitive a lot of times. * Mouse/Free view should be on a mouse button not ALT. I only have 2 hands. 1 for stick, 1 for mouse, how am I meant to press ALT? (Don't answer that!) * In expert mode you lose a lot of information usually presented on the map and the hud, however the panel and navigation equipment is either non-functional, non-existant or just non-intuitive. Give me a real heli panel any day over this. As an example, how am I meant to program a reference point for the HSI? If i can't see myself on the map, where is my GPS coordinates? To be honest, if it was £19.99 I'd be hurt, but happy. £31.99 I feel ripped off. Just wasn't what I was expecting. Paul