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  1. Hey guys, I got the problem solved with advice from discord, in the eyesoncamp sqf which i didn't include as I didn't think was the issue, where it calls the two subjects like [SquadChatter , ConversationsAtYourMamas] i has them the wrong way round. thank you for responding though guys. I didn't include enough information for you guys to solve the issue.
  2. thanks for replying, that's the video i followed, ive just tried repeating the same format to add another section but I'm getting the error I'm getting.
  3. Hey guys, I've been learning to make dialogue for my missions and came into an error i just can't figure out. When i try to run the latest conversation script, it's saying no entry cfgSentences SquadChatter. I'll show you the description.ext I have and hopefully somebody can shed some light? I've been asking on discord for a couple days and not managed to fix the issue, i'm guessing it's something silly. My description ext below... class CfgSentences { class ConversationsAtBase { class Briefing { file = "brief.bikb"; #include "brief.bikb" }; }; class ConversationsAtObjective { class Complete { file = "objective1.bikb"; #include "objective1.bikb" }; }; class ConversationsAtObjective2 { class Complete2 { file = "objective2.bikb"; #include "objective2.bikb" }; }; class ConversationsAtVisualContact { class SquadChatter { file = "eyesoncamp1.bikb"; #include "eyesoncamp1.bikb" }; }; }; so the top three scripts work fine but when i go to execute the latest one i get the error mentioned at the top. Would appreciate any knowledge because I tried to read the conversations page on the wiki and my brain melted.
  4. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with something I want to do in the editor and I can't manage to figure it out and it will probably seem very nooby to some of you but I can't find a relevant tutorial so hoping someone can put it in plain English, i imagine it's just a single line or there abouts. I'm trying to place a trigger that activates when the player looks at a target, the target could be up to 1km away though if that's possible, the trigger will just fire a script off for some dialogue i have recorded that's all fine (eyes on target kinda thing). And if I'm able to get two birds with one stone, in the same mission i would like to fire a script but once an AI has joined the players group i was thinking ifThisGeezer is inMyplayersGang hetalk= "Goin on buddy?" unsure how that translates to SQL though
  5. frogtop

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Don't know if someone has asked this yet, but will we ever see where the holo with magnifier actually folds up and down when switching optics?
  6. Hope you're getting on well with these units! I haven't forgotten them yet but been a while since an update, I'm scared haha.
  7. Same problems as Syncie here, is latest beta needed?
  8. frogtop

    What's the point in the campaign atm.

    This is clearly a joke, 'seeing outside vehicles from the reflection of AI passengers visors'...
  9. They are, look at the pants on the models, think Road Runner may confused by g00d69's choice of words "ported into arma 3". Think we're all safe, these guys look awesome.
  10. frogtop

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Holding off on mission making until this comes out, it's destroying me, I check this thread more than I check the clock... Weapons looking nice aswell man nice job,
  11. frogtop

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    With the maps now released, it's not long before i can roll on Takistan in a convoy of humvees... Ohhhh the excitement!
  12. M27 IAR is my recommendation or suggestion, as it's due to replace the M249 for US Marines. It's also a cool as hell gun.
  13. I know you're getting bombarded with requests for additions etc. but I must ask something myself (sorry) the M27 IAR is set to replace the M249 SAW for USMC, could you see about getting this in there at some point? Thanks.
  14. Well oh my shiz nit, twist my nipples and call me shirley, SO excited, find myself just unable to get immersed in the 2035 setting which is a shame, but this, the samples mod, and the USMC unit mod by massi will make my life complete. Can picture it now, just need some decent opfor insurgents.
  15. Quick question, when you release this, will zargabad and takistan come with it? Or will they be in a later release? I can't wait to have humvees and LAVs rolling through zarga eeeeek