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  1. Steam is actually the same, only: (and excuse me if the english naming is off i got dutch here) But instead of clicking on the shortcut rightclick on TOH in the game menu in steam. Then go to properities and the start options (here the dutch fails) . Bascially here you can give custom command like loading mods Little screen in dutch but atleast you see a bit what i mean P.S i forgot . You can also get Six Updater and then run it without the steam GUI this way you can load unlimited MODS because the extra commandline is a bit short (or I load to many in ARMA II)
  2. Call me crazy but I actually can land now .... before i failed miserable. I even managed to land on a roof , dead center. *goes buying real chopper* :j:
  3. Welcome and to answer some questions 3. I think this has already been asked (but with no soloution) but is it possible to play in 'expert' mode but with the guages turned on? Yes click on the edit button when you select expert mode and there should be an option which says extended HUD info. 4. Is there a 'basic pause' button which doesn't drop you back to the options menu? There is ESC and it drops you to the menu but thats not what you need it for you want to make screenies I think =) : Update just checked for key bindings and pause is bound to ESC so thats a no then
  4. steam version here and no double so it is you =) (or when somebody else post wth this issue then it aint) not really helpful here but can you see in the edit part if the are the same ?
  5. Faye


    This missing the vital information about your graphics card. you can equip the best CPU but without an good GPU every game will run bad. I suspect you got a Intel graphics card 9embeeded into you cpu) Go to your display properties to see what graphics card you have. or tell us the HP model plus model number so we can look it up on the internet 9or provide a nice link )
  6. Faye


    if it is laggy then the game runs ... so other then that without any infomartion about your PC, GPU, CPU etc we really cant help you. What you can try is lower the settings of the graphics , lower the viewing distance etc. But other then that please specify a bit more
  7. Faye

    Maintance Points

    I meant you got the list of unknown problems which you need to identify. I did this also with the light chopper and i looked at all the point given by ALT but still missed two problems. So are all problems identifable ?
  8. Faye

    Maintance Points

    thnx tried it .. still didnt found everything. Or is this not always possible ?
  9. is there a image of all the maintance points of all three helicopters? I cant find some points on the heavy in career mode .
  10. ah yes this happend to me once. I lost control , whent to external view and saw that i didnt have any rotors anymore. Funny enough i still flew straight ... in sims funny things can happend. i remember doing a 15 min startup , took off with a wingmen next too me and the ******* crashed into me .... i was wtf ... but things can happen =)
  11. Faye


    We got whales ?
  12. Faye

    Tis the Season!

    Same here. I always had trouble with helicopters first .... and now (after getting used to TOH) i kinda do stunts in ARMA II like a mad men =)
  13. I just flew (tested out trackir in arma II) an heavy helicopter in arma II and there the head movement was just perfect. I also get drunk when using TIR in the cockpit
  14. I have been traning on expert mode now and i love how it flies (different then traninee mode) only the auto-trim is ofc turned off and it is now in manual mode. However it doesnt seem to work. You also have the set manual trim option which i dont clearly know what it does. And when do you apply trim . During flight ? or when taking off ? To devs: Is there a way to get expert flight model but traninee waypoint system ?
  15. thnx just in time was planning to play PMC and BAF next week (kinda delayed it because of the bugs and an incoming TIR )