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  1. lb8068

    iPhone variant?

    Just installed and it's fantastic - thanks BIS! Just wondering - what happened to the OpenFeint support? I was looking forward to it. Did it get removed in favour of Gamecentre? I'm not complaining, just out of interest is all :)
  2. lb8068

    Plane and Helicopter handling

    Isn't the main objective of aircraft in ArmA is for them to perform well from a tactical standpoint, as opposed to getting into a nitty gritty flight model? Sorry, correct me if I'm wrong please.
  3. lb8068

    Anymore DLCs?

    Meh, I wouldn't think so. BIS' energy will probably be focused on Arma 3 methinks. If there will be, it'll probably be a small thing. Not a total redesign like Arrowhead. I'm not too worried though.
  4. lb8068

    ArmA X: Anniversary Edition

    Christmas can't come fast enough, seriously. That and Skyrim.
  5. lb8068

    ArmA X

    Sorry, a different question. Do the disks use a steam installer or do they install from the disk, and do the games "boot" from steam? Ah man. Call me a heretic, but I really enjoyed Red Hammer. :(
  6. lb8068

    Music Recommendations

    I'm the sort of guy that listens to Limp Bizkit and enjoys it, so don't listen to anything I say. Haha
  7. lb8068

    Rainbow Six - Patriots

    EDIT: Posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  8. lb8068

    Rainbow Six - Patriots

    It's a real sad day when Rainbow Six functionally turns into Gears of War: Modern Terrorism edition. I played Rainbow Six 3 back on the original Xbox. Now I know, the Xbox version wasn't comparable to the PC version at all, but even that had a really high level of tactical fidelity (for consoles, anyway) and that really introduced me to shooters, and gaming as a whole. It's sad to see it go like this. EDIT: Oh yeah, all the civilian slaughter done by Rainbow is bullsh*t. Ubisoft has totally bastardised this franchise.
  9. I run a sandy bridge 2500, and I get around 30-40fps...
  10. lb8068

    Saitek X52 worth it for Arma?

    I use a Thrustmaster T flight HOTAS, and even that's great for ArmA. Buy, buy, buy!
  11. lb8068

    Would i like ArmA?

    True it does offer a lot of freedom, but not in the same way games like GTA etc. do. It's quite hard to describe really. But the map is absolutely huge with some beautiful sites to behold. I love the game, but get ready for a fairly steep learning curve.
  12. lb8068

    iPhone variant?

    Can't wait. I'm an avid OpenFeint user so it'll be a great recommendation to all my OF pals. :)
  13. I tried to reinstall Cold War Crisis onto my new machine, but all the colours were off. Maybe the new Cold War Assault release fixes all of that; that's partly why I'm getting the ArmA Anniversary box.
  14. Just for AI at the moment. That script looks fantastic; I'll give it a try when I can and keep you posted. Thanks.
  15. I think it would be nice if there was a nice little gear editor built into the unit placement... device... thingy. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a load of issues typing in code into the initialization box, but it is a bit time consuming. What do you guys think? Am I totally in the wrong?