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  1. ... you landed then put the throttle to idle, let the head slow to idle, then put collective to just above hover (ground effect or more), then throttle to full, then get out? I'm not home right now, so can't try it? Who wants to be first with the answer? :D
  2. I bought it but you still only get the same missions you already had. But you can use it for sling loads that are lighter loads. The view from the cockpit is a little better than the heavy. I haven't tried yet to do a coast guard search yet. Also it looks cool. I've got mine in the Coast Guard colors because we only seem to rescue boaters in trouble. It's something different to fly. I'd like to make my own missions but I can't figure out how to add them to the career mode of play.
  3. It doesn't seem to me that this area should even have a heliport close by. We got neighbors houses to the south, a hill and highway to the west, a tree hazard to the north, and boats and fuel pumps to the east. So, what approach do you usually make? I tend to come in from the east over the boat dock and touch down after passing the pump. Hoping my tail rotor does get into anyone getting fuel for their boat/mower/car/heli/weedeater/whatever while also not letting it get tangled up in barbed fence wire. Coming in from the south yields a longer runway and a choice of landing zones. But the neighbors bitch about me blowing off roofing tiles. Comeing in from the west and you can't easily see the landing circles for the structures and you don't get any ground cushion (from the ground) to assist in a smooth landing transition. Someone needs to cut down the tree on the north side and it would probably be OK. Even though the fence would still be uncomfortable. Yeah, I got too much time. :D
  4. Bothersome

    DC Amps.

    Yes, you're right about that. But most game companies get their intentions from the movies. They don't really know a whole lot about all the finer details of life and how things work. They're basically saying "This is how much charge is left in the battery." In real life, for lead acid batteries, their is no easy way to know how much charge is left in the battery. A dead battery under no load still shows 12 volts (for a 12 volt battery). So in the game you really need a volt meter and an amp meter. And the amp meter would only show a discharge or charge rate. While the volt meter would show a voltage as it comes under load. If the battery is low, the volt meter would fall a little when coming under load.
  5. Bothersome

    Help on landing

    Well, these are not like real helicopter they tell me. But in this game so far, when you get to about 1 mile from your target start easing back on the cyclic. Take out some collective to keep your altitude from rising. As the heli slows to about 50 knots, ease some collective back into the blades to give some lift back but keep altitude same. Maybe let it fall a little as experience comes. Keep the nose straight until speed has bleed off. Once you're in the yellow speed area, just cyclic forward till level. As you gain experience, you circle around while descending on your target landing spot. Using the circling to bleed off most of your speed. Landing on a certain spot is the hardest thing it seems. To practice landing go to the airport and hover about and learn to control your drifting there till you get it down. If you're drifting all over the place, you still got practicing to do. By the way, it took me about 6 months to learn to hover an RC helicopter well. And another 6 for nose-in hover (although that doesn't apply here). I would imagine it would take a few months to get it down in this game too.
  6. If I get within 290 feet, the guy on the boat start shooting at me. Of course, he appears to be shooting blanks. I never have noticed any damage to my heli. But nothing happens, I chalked it up as bugged. And reverted back to base. Took a different mission. This time the boat chase, only one Coast Guard boat of three chased the bad guy. One thing for sure, all that hovering about has increased my cool landings a lot. :) By the way... At night time the heavy heli has illuminated instruments too. But there is no way the player can turn them on. Tom must do it automatically. But at least we can fly at night.
  7. Try this one... it even scared me.. Climb to 12,000 feet. Cut power to both engines to idle. Let heli fall. At about 3,000 full power to both engines. It takes a couple thousand feet to get rotor speed back up (mine wasn't stopped all the way). Like I said, scared me too.
  8. I already said it stopped dead in the water. But no Coast Guard ships are moving to intercept or arrest. That's the problem, they aren't doing their thing to end the mission.
  9. I might be wrong here but I'm thinking the soft tail rotor effects that people are complaining about may in fact be in their controller setup or their game options. I'm wondering now if they had their auto-trim turned off in their game difficulty settings. When I first started in expert mode and auto-trim was off, I had to use quite a bit of rudder input to keep the heli straight. But after when I put on auto-trim, now hardly any input is needed for lift-off. I'd say on the heavy heli, it needed at least half way of full travel of rudder input just to keep the heli from turning at almost full collective climb. I don't really see how that's modeled wrong. Clue me in.
  10. OK, this last one is crazy. Started out at just about dark. Got out there and it's pitch black. Fortunately the instruments on the light heli are illuminated when you turn on the nav lights. Using the landing light as a spot light I managed to find the boat. Hovered around till down to less then 1/4 tank left and the Coast Guard didn't even move to intercept. I guess they can't see in the dark. Even when I was telling and showing them where the boat was. Now, I figured, screw this. I'm going home. Flight by instrument to get back and I noticed the land is lit up a little. Nice visuals there BIS. Also nice landing/taxi lights too. Now my heli is sitting by the gas pump and I'll refuel it tomorrow and go see if things change. It looks like I need a way out of this mission. Where is the abort mission? By the way, the boat must have run out of fuel because it stopped dead in the water. But no Coast Guard coming to arrest. :j:
  11. Bothersome

    All right, small gripe...

    I didn't want to start a new thread just for this tidbit of info... On the heavy helicopter, the number two engine torque gauge is not working. Can we get a repair order for it please? Also, after I've been out doing the work for Larkin Aviation, someone keeps damaging the other helicopter while I'm gone. We need to put in a security camera or something. I'm getting tired of repairing the heli I'm not using. Or was somebody out joy riding? And when do expenses come due? We making money but don't have to pay salaries or bills? And somebody set up a lease program for helis we can't yet afford? I see potential everywhere.
  12. I haven't tried the auto-rotation on the medium or heavy yet. But to me the light seemed like the head slowed too soon. Is that modeled correctly? I dunno about the full scale stuff.
  13. Bothersome

    How to use trim ?

    Wow, you got my interests, not steal the thread or anything but last question, about how much weight are we talking? Can a 50 size lift it or does it need something bigger?
  14. Bothersome

    Question about Flight Model

    I get it from flying real RC helicopters. Granted in heading hold mode (gyro controlled) is an absolute truth. In heading slip mode (heading hold is off) the heli does a bad looking turn as the tail is kept aft from the wind. Much prettier turn when giving rudder input.
  15. Bothersome

    My own music?

    Thanks I'll give it a try.