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  1. I have seen that in the road map, the only physics included in it is the standard one. Of course we always will have DCS to have "real" physics, but it would be a shame (a disaster) that Bohemia would forget to include the advance physics in their helicopters, as well as they did a better job with their vehicles. Of course I understand that if you have to include something first, are the standard ones.. but a roadmap is a plan for all that it has to come, so it worries me a lot that the "advanced helicopter physics" are not included, because this is pinacle where ARMA4 will be. https://gyazo.com/20dfdfa51a3d0833ea31d945d61e1421
  2. Japo32

    Chernarus and Livonia

    someone in workshop made a conversoin of the altitude terrain of the old Chernarus into Arma Reforger. Also Stratis. So if they could bring the terrains (only) into AR, Bohemia, that has the tools, can carry Chernarus and Livonia more easily.
  3. I am not saying that ARMA REFORGER removes the easy flying phisics. I want them to include BOTH as they are in ARMA3. Then User, or Servers, can force what they want. Always ADD never remove options that we have already. I hate play 3rd person view, BUT I am glad, the 3rd view option is still there (I would like to have the option to oclude AI detection, when in 3rd view to not ruin the first person players our playability while in COOP mode)
  4. It seems that Reforger is based in Dayz, and Bohemia needs money to continue developmet to reach ARMA4. And we all need ARMA4 as good and never going back from ARMA3 simulation. I suppose you have thinked about all of this, but what if you release Livonia and Chernarus into Arma Reforger? That would give us more maps and more assets to use in mods. Of course would be interesting to releas also Stratis and Altis plus Tanoa, but they are ARMA3 maps and I think they should be difficult to convert to Reforger.. but Livonia came first into ARMA3 and then to DAYZ so maybe is possible. Of course payware products (but cheap if possible) In case you release them we would need helicopters to carry troops (and please with advance flight dynamics included)
  5. I don't fear the consoles. In fact the first moment in PCs that was programmed a simulator instead of a game, no one could imagine that would be possible. In consoles (xbox) they have MSFS, and Asobo didn't abandon the simulation area. Of course there have to be changes to simplify life to console users, but nothing in the core of the game. What worries me is Bohemia sees the money in the faces of the console players. Of course 30€ of a console player is the same as our 30€... but we stay here. We bring more people inside making streams of our milsim plays. That is the reason I made the video. To probe, it is possible to make all the motions of the player in a game pad. So the problem is not that. IT is always the company that wants to make it or not. I think there is a place for every console player here. and I am desiring to play an ARMA series game with them... and I think it is possible, but bohemia is the one that has to make it. All steps forward to the new Arma Series, but no steps back to what we had already. And it worries me about the non-inclusion of those animations. A good number of them are the beginning of a soft-Arma sequel.
  6. ... and I am afraid about that, because Dayz doesn't have such physics and ARMA Reforger is based on Dayz. And more focus in ARMA4, please add advanced physics into planes, and extend the visibility beyond 12km. A plane with 2-4 km is totally "useless" (of course not, but it is not fun at all). Even I thought that ARMA4 would be bigger maps with procedural objects and textures as a possibility. And of course, the possibility of control with any axis joystick connected as in ARMA3. Or Mouse axis if anyone want to. Thanks!
  7. Hello! When the new Arma Reforger came out I analyzed what animation was missing from ARMA3 into ARMA Reforger. What was clear to me, was that Arma Reforger Foundation is Dayz, and in that game lots of features are included that are not in ARMA3, but animations functions are less than ARMA3. And that is happening also in Arma Reforger. Some of them I think are very important. In the presentation, someone from Bohemia said that there was a challenge to set all the motions of Arma Reforger in a gamepad, so maybe the loss of those animations were because of that. Bohemia said that there is going to be cross playability between consoles and PCs, so all have to have the same "opportunities" to manage the characters the same way. The problem is that it makes the Arma series a soft product compared to what it was previously. It is clear that any ACE3, Task Force Radio mod, it is going to be impossible to carry to any game pad, but should we start thinking that ARMA4 is going to be less hardcore that ARMA3 was because console introduction (that I think they are not going to be miss, in the future Arma4). In any case, I made the exercise to mimic all ARMA3 movements completely on a gamepad, and it was possible. So no excuse for not including them. Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA3HfOw6LSw Thanks
  8. Don't know.. but 2 mice tried both with 500hz and same problem. Maybe there is something more. Will try to contact the other user that has the same problem and checkout with him.
  9. Ok, fixed! Seems that the cord mouse did had the same frequency or higher. I changed the frequency of refresh from 500hz to 125hz and now it goes correclty. It is strange that only affect this game and in 64bits only. Maybe it has to be something inside the code? Don't know. As I said my other cord mouse has big frequency also.
  10. Hello. Thanks for the replies. This is what I have done already to ensure you this is not an issue about my side (I believe) 1. Changed mouse to one with a cord. The same result 2. Uninstalled everything and removed my user configurations. Nothing at all. The same. Of course always loading without mods. 3. Changed video drivers. The same. 4. Changed to mininum graphics. The most mininmun with lowest view distance. The same. 5. I have 3 monitors running 5040x1050. runned in one single monitor. with 1080p and lower resolutions even with window mode. Nothing.. the same. 6. The other user that have it he says he have windows7. I have win10 so I guess it is not the problem. 7. Changed memory allocator options in the launcher. The same. I would say that if I had this problem in 32bits version, then maybe it would be something mine.. But in 32bits all runs smooth. With all the details distance of view, all the graphics up.. It is in 64bits when it goes down. Only when the mouse cursor appears. If not, in 3D world evertying is ok and smooth.
  11. I tried to find a solution. Bohemia seems that don't find the problem. Maybe because I was the only one that complained. I found other user that had the exact problem but there is no connection similar in what we got, and he didn't report here as he doesn't know english. Maybe other users are having same problem as this. If so, please tell me and we together we can try to find a solution. Thanks
  12. Hello. I need to launch arma3 in 32bits, but now even if I put the default launcher to 32bits parameter... when I launch through amra3sync it does it with 64bits. I use executable location arma3battleye.exe If I run with arma3.exe it loads in 32bits but as soon as I want to join multiplayer it says I need battleeye, and when reloading.. it does it in 64bits. Is there any parameter to put in arma3sync to load with battleye and 32bits? Thanks!
  13. Tried that one. But still the same issue.
  14. Hello Dwarden. Thanks a lot for replying. Me I have a Razer mamba wireless mouse, but I tried with other cord mouse and still the same problem. Uninstalled mouse drivers and put the default windows10 ones. Still the same. The other user has another mouse but is cord one. But if it where the mouse then it would be produced in 32 bits also I guess... (well.. we never know paths of the bugs!) Ok.. I made a video to show everything in resume, where you can see the issue and that in 32 bits is not produced. I just removed arma3 and installed totally new today and of course without any mods. Also deactivated the steam overlay in case it was affecting it, but still same problem. Really thanks in advance!