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  1. Panther353

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Oh no worries guys. My tongue was firmly inserted in cheek.
  2. Panther353

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    The flight dynamics thread has gone quiet. Everyone still in a turkey coma?
  3. No man, Visual COBOL. The new killer gaming language. :D
  4. Panther353

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Scott can correct me if I'm wrong but correlators are primarily found on piston based helos like the Robinson R22 and the Schweitzer 300 series. Governors are on turbine driven helos but may also be found on piston aircraft. I believe that correlators are an older technology.
  5. Panther353

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Jedra, This is normal behavior. Helicopters are naturally unstable beasts and you are always on the controls. The Rotorcraft Flying Handbook is a great place to get a basic understanding of helicopter flight dynamics. Regards, Chris
  6. Panther353

    First "Community Patch"

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=126712&page=17 is where the link to the file is. How to make it work is in the readme file.
  7. Panther353

    First "Community Patch"

    Nicely done Scott. This might actual be more "sim" than originally thought.
  8. Panther353

    First "Community Patch"

    Tiny little bathroom just off the kitchen with just toliet, sink, and mirror. Nickname is from the purpose, it where the ladies go to powder their nose.
  9. Panther353

    First "Community Patch"

    Scott, I'm supposed to be remodeling the powder room not testing helicopters in ToH. You're gonna get me in big trouble :) Chris
  10. Panther353

    New Missions

    I think you might want to post that request here.
  11. Review over on http://www.hovercontrol.com/
  12. I downloaded the mission. I created an AddOns folder in my Documents\Take On Helicopters folder. I fired up the game and went to Singleplayer Challenges and it is not showing. What did I miss?
  13. Panther353

    The hands that feed.

    I thought this was just me. I too have a waypoint with no object to pickup.
  14. Panther353

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Patch 1 has nothing to do with the flight modeling. I think that is scheduled for patch 2 depending on the difficulty involved.