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  1. Hey, Usually when this gun i operated there is a second dude reloading the launcher behind the shooter. Could be a cool feature, I havn't found a mod that allows that. Btw what do you call the guy who is loading in english, loader?
  2. Yes it makes sense :) I have played in blender abit so I'm familiar with faces. Its a SUV in Arma 3 I wanted to retexture to look like an ambulance and wanted the fancy effect of having reflection on some areas as a real one usualy have.
  3. Hey, and thanks for the reply! So if I understand correctly I should edit the model of the object (e.g. SUV) to have an area I want to apply reflection on, on top of the actual vehicle model? If that is the case there is a problem that I can't edit a BI model and also this means that people that want to play on the server need to download a custom model if I'm correct. Also, when I look at the rvmat file for SUV I can see that it doesn't have many things to edit and it looks like I can't edit a specific area on the SUV. Maybe I'm just lost.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to make a texture for an emergency vehicle. On the side I want to have some retroreflector areas that will reflect light at night like a real police car (swedish) for example. Is it posible to do this for arma 3? Like on this picture for example:
  5. I'm trying to find the texture files for orca and amv-7 but all the files has very ambigous names like heli_01. How can I know what texture files these vehicles have?
  6. Stalkarn

    Can never spot enemy soldiers

    I hear that lie still will hide you. Bull to the sht . I play multiplayer. O can lie still in a tree using only my head too look around. And sudenly i get shot from an actualy invisible player. Is cheats common in arma 2?
  7. Hi! Feedback: The elevator seems to be a little exaggerated. I love this mod, time to fly!
  8. Hello! I am trying get some sounds when my player get new orders out in the field. Do I have to make the sounds my self or can I use allready existing ones from the game? I see examples with some cfgSound in the description-file but no where to find the sounds.
  9. Thanks alot man! Defineing the variable in init.sqf did it :-)
  10. Hello! I have a "hold" waypoint and whant it to release when a sertain condition is met. I also have an object with an "addaction" command attached to it. When the addaction is activated I want the waypoint to continue. First I tried to use a trigger that had the condition set to false. Then I passed the trigger to the addaction command and changed the condition with a script. That didn't work. Then I put myVariable = true in the condition field of the trigger and tried to pass the variable to the addaction command. That didn't work either. How can I pass a variable to the addaction command (and make it affect a trigger)? That must be the easiest way. In the editor: evidence1 = evi1 addaction ["Collect evidence","evidence.sqf", ["conv_move"]]; In evidence.sqf First try: Here the conv_move is a trigger named conv_move grp = (_this select 3) select 0; _trg setTriggerStatements["true","",""]; Second try: Here conv_move is a variable decleared in the triggers condition (conv_move = true). grp = (_this select 3) select 0; grp = true; Dont mind the variable name "grp". It's from a third atempt....
  11. Hello again! I'm sorry I missed the sticky about -showScriptErrors! That helpt me find my problems and fix them. The biggest reason that I wannted help was because I want to learn to script for this game. The second reason was to get it to work. Or maybe they are equal:-) Anyway, I made the script work so to make this post not be in vain I will post my script here and feel free to use it if you want. What it does: When a trigger is triggered and executes this script a group will start to hunt the player. They will first go to the position where the player or target group last was "seen". Then they will continue to hunt for the group. When they are within 350 metres (if it is not feet the command distance give) they will get out of the vehicle if they are in one and start seek and destroy at player position. To make it work: 1. Create a group to be the hunting group and name it. e.g. Create group --> grp1 = group this; // "grp = group this;" should go in the init field of the group leader. Note: grp1 is the name of the group. 2. Create a group to be hunted/chased. Same way as above. 3. Create a trigger and make it trigger the way you want. E.g make it trigger when the group to be hunted is detected by enemy side. 4. In the trigger "On Act:" write this: nul = [hunter, hunted, 2] execVM "nameOfFile.sqf"; Note: Replace hunter with the name of the group that is hunting and replace hunted with the group name of the hunted group and replace 2 with the number of waypoints you already have given the hunter group. Btw, I think you can type what ever you want instead of "nul". 5. Make a file in your favorite text editor and paste in this code: _hunter = _this select 0; _hunted = _this select 1; _nrwaypt = _this select 2; _nfound = true; _running = true; sleep 3; testplayer sideChat format ["Number of waypoints: %1", _nrwaypt]; _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [(position (leader _hunted)), 0,currentWaypoint _hunter +1]; sleep 15; while {_running} do { if((currentWaypoint _hunter) > (_nrwaypt + 1)) then { //If hunter has arived where hunted was detected (this trigger triggered..) sleep 5; // Simulate they are investigating the area while {_nfound} do { if (((leader _hunted) distance (leader _hunter)) > 350) then { // Hunter heading for hunteds current position _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [position (leader _hunted), 0,((currentWaypoint _hunter))]; sleep 30; // To update hunteds position every 30 seconds. } else // If hunter is withing 350 metres of hunted { /* Make the hunter group disembark and then make a "SEEK AND DESTROY" waypoint at hunteds current position. This is the last step in the hunting prosses. If they don't find you now they loose you, or you killed them :-) */ _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [position (leader _hunter), 0,((currentWaypoint _hunter))]; [_hunter, (currentWaypoint _hunter)] setWaypointType "GETOUT"; sleep 5; _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [position (leader _hunted), 0,((currentWaypoint _hunter) +1)]; [_hunter, ((currentWaypoint _hunter) +1)] setWaypointType "SAD"; _nfound = false; // Get out of while-loop _running = false; // Get out of while-loop } } } } Save the file as .sqf 6. Place the file in your mission folder. 7. Try it. And finally, if you have problems or comments on the script feel free to ask! I have probably missted out on some important things like exit the script or something but I will look in to that to morrow. Regards!
  12. [sOLVED] Look at my last post for the result! I'm trying to make a script to make an enemy group hunt the player group. I ran in to some problems and need help with the code. This is the script: _hunter = _this select 0; _hunted = _this select 1; _nfound = 1; testplayer sideChat "add waypoint"; _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [getPos _hunted, 0,(currentWaypoint _hunter)]; hintsilent format ["hunter: %1",_hunter]; testplayer sideChat "waypoint added"; while(_nfound) { hint "in while"; if (((leader _hunted) distance (leader _hunter)) > 250) then { hint "in if"; _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [position _hunted, 0,((currentWaypoint _hunter))]; sleep 30; }; else { hint "in else"; _wp = _hunter addWaypoint [position _hunted, 0,((currentWaypoint _hunter) +1)]; [_hunter, ((currentWaypoint _hunter) +1)] setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; _nfound = 0; }; }; and to use it I have two groups: "hunter = group this" and "hunted = group this" I execute the code in a trigger to make them chase the player when they are detected and the trigger works. to execute the script I use this in on act: hnt = [hunter, hunted] execVM "hunterscript.sqf"; I only get to line 6 and the test player says "add waypoint" in the game. This is just a printf to show where in my code I am (for testing). The reason I says getPos on line 7 is because I had "position" but wanted to try to see if I had to use getPos even thoug they do the same thing. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  13. Hello! I'm trying do make the player able to request ammo drop from communication. I have searched google for hours but can't find a way that lets you shose what weapons to drop. I DON'T mean shose in game. I just wan't to drop a box containing setchels and ammo. I tried using the Simple Support Module (SSM) and add missionnamespace setvariable ["BIS_SSM_AmmoDrop_BOX_WEST",["BAF_BasicAmmunitionBox","BAF_BasicWeapons"]]; and than change BAF_BasicWeapons to the name of a box I made in game, just some "happy hacking" that didn't work. Plus the second problem with SSM was that it was overriding my Arty Module. Now I'm tring to find a solution that doesn't use the SSM and lets me chane the weapon in the ammobox. I would realy appreciate some help with this one! Tanks,
  14. Hi! I've tried to find information on this but can't find it so. I'm trying to make a heli take off to a destination when the player has mounted and says a command like "ready" or "go". The action/script doesn't have to care about if the player is mounted it is only the menu I am interested in. How can I make command in the menu (space) and make it trigger something. E.g. i press "Space" -> "Custom -> "Ready, lets go" and heli takes off.