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    Take On Sample Missions!

    Ok it is helpful and fun to mess around with. But now that we got the absolute basics out of the way, I'd really like to turn this into an actual playable mission. Right now, as cargo is damaged it is just disconnected and the second waypoint remains active, effectively breaking the mission. It would be more fun if you had to go back and pick it up again, so the mission would reset to the first waypoint after damaging the cargo. Or if the cargo got lost in the sea, you'd have to go back and pick up the next object or even better, have the cargo respawn at the original location and reset to the first waypoint.
  2. I had the same thing pre-patch, seems like it hooked on the container below. I restarted the mission and was able to finish it after a couple of tries carefully towing it out.
  3. NMLcollective

    Take On Video Settings! - Discuss

    I would definitely recommend upping the cloud quality to high or even very high :) Doesnt seem to do much for my fps but it really helps disguising my short view distance and object draw distance. I have a slower cpu/mem but a decent current gen gpu and the empty space looks pretty bad. With the awesome clouds the picture is very pretty again.
  4. I don't think this mission is "solved" quite yet... I have the same problem this guy has. I picked up the new torch from the docks to place on the Needle. But because of the protesters on the needle I am told to bring the new torch back to the docks. I put the new torch back where I got it, on the exact GPS spot the mission tells me to. I hover above it but there's no guy to release it and nothing happens. There's no menu item to drop it like I did the old needle. I have the latest patch installed. Anyone else get this, and maybe even solved it? Maybe the GPS point is a bit off or something. Edit: Seems another restart did the trick after all. Was able to finally complete the contract, if anything it was some good practice hovering over that tiny spike with a big lumbering beast like that :p
  5. NMLcollective

    Throttle Question

    Throttle has only three settings, either off, idle and full. The rotor will more or less spin at a constant RPM on full throttle. You control the amount of lift with something called collective. It's the angle of the rotor blades, steeper angle creates more lift just like a aircraft wing. You want to map the analog collective to either throttle. I left it standard for my x65 and it works exactly as advertised ;) Make sure you leave the slider bar for sensitivity dead in the middle for a linear collective response.