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  1. Hello there. I pre-ordered ToH and started playing the beta. I enjoyed it, and got myself the Saitek Cyborg X Fly 5 joystick, but I'm having a lot of trouble setting the controls. Does anybody have this joystick? If so, could you maybe take a few screenshots of your setup? The throttle is very weird, it'll go jumping up and down sometimes, and seems to be dead at the middle of throttle on the joystick. Going forward, backwards and to the sides I get very little response. I can only fly about 50 mph and that's when I constantly have the joystick pointing forward.. Getting tired of that. What is a deadzone(or what you call it?)? The screen that appears under controller --> Customize.. Can somebody explain the options I have there? Can you help me? Any suggestions? I really want to fly but I just can't right now.. Will the full game support a variety of joysticks? That would be optimal, most reasonable. Thanks in advance!
  2. Gangsta692

    Bug Reports - Release version

    I had a problem, not sure if it's a bug or not, but in the Campaign where you have to record Whales, I found two groups and then flew around for 25 minutes where nothing happened. I ended up quitting the game
  3. Downloading right now. Just a shame I have to wait 'til tomorrow evening before I can play it..
  4. Gangsta692

    Take On Video Settings! - Discuss

    Alright, nice tutorial. But! I put the exact same specifications, except I'm running 1920x1080 resolution and I'm only getting around 20-25 FPS with this system: i5-2500@3.3Ghz (4 Cores) 8GB DDR3 1600mHz AMD 6950 (2GB) 850w Powersupply 7.200RPM HDD All that small stuttering/lag is making it annoying, so can you explain where my system is lacking? Or which settings I should turn down EDIT: Ok, I turned down the visibility and it improved. I also turned AA down to 'Low' and now im getting 30-40 at least so thanks again for the tutorial!
  5. Gangsta692

    Saitek Cyborg FLY 5 Joystick

    Thank you so much! Auto hover was on. Everything is silky smooth now, and I'm havin the best time :D And yes my bad for calling it the throttle, what I meant was the cyclic and it is working just as it should now. Can't wait for the full game! Thanks again
  6. Gangsta692

    Saitek Cyborg FLY 5 Joystick

    Alright then. I'll try funking around with the controls again, see if I have autohover on. And yes, I was playing on Trainee, I'll try bumping it up once if the other stuff doesn't help. Thanks, and keep them replies coming!