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    Insurgency Sim

    Insurgency Simulator is based on the well-known Insurgency gameplay (where Blufor team search for hidden weapon caches across map by locating intelligence from Opfor). Insurgency Sim offers a much richer and realistic experience. Insurgency Sim was originally created for the Takistan map, but there are versions for Zargabad, Lingor and Chernarus too. This mission type is designed for our dedicated server and a COOP game style with just a few OPFOR human players to mix things up. Insurgency Sim main feature list: - No additional mods required, unless playing on Lingor map. ACE version is also available. - Weapon choice restricted depending on role, emphasising the importance of each squad member. - Randomised roadside IEDs. - Suicide bombers (on foot and in vehicles). - AI are more proactive and unpredictable. Option to adjust number of AI dynamically. - Additional small villages added to Takistan and Zargabad maps. - Ambient civilians and civilian vehicles. - A variety of side missions to provide an alternative to cache-hunting (Takistan only so far). - Customise the MHQ vehicle loadout in the mission’s parameters. - Additional ambient sounds, such as music in village markets, mosque prayer, etc. - Added TPW Suppression system for suppressing AI. - Vehicles can be loaded into Chinooks (BTK script). - AI land and air patrols (UPS script). - Supports ACRE radio mod. BLUFOR (human players): - Option so that only squad leaders can see which map squares are red. - Intel is gathered by searching insurgents’ dead bodies, questioning the civilians or finding laptops. No more magic suitcases! - Vehicles can deploy sand bags and H-barriers and have additional equipment and ammunition. They also have longer respawn delays, so take care of them. - Ambient light at night (TPW script) - Remote artillery support - Machine gunner role is able to defuse IEDs. Approach suspected booby-trapped objects with caution! - Verbal commands can be issued to civilians, such as, “stop, lie down.†Can be mapped to a key. - Additional explosive charges when equipped with C4 (breaching charge and improvised claymore) - Call in the following support elements (Artillery, Apache, A-10, Merlin, Chinook, Lynx, Little Bird, Even more...) OPFOR (human players): - Insurgent players spawn as civilians and can blend in with the population. - Can wear suicide bomb vest. - Can set proximity fuse to IED to act as an anti-personnel mine. - Can attach IEDs to objects and detonate them remotely, ie. attach a bomb to a vehicle and roll it towards the enemy, attach to a cow etc. - Threaten the local populace: some civilians may give you weapons or access to a vehicle. - Random weapons and equipment, including night vision goggles, flares and more. - Find the cache before the BLUFOR for some extra firepower inside. - Light campfires or use a jerry can to make a larger fire which will billow black smoke. Best used to interfere with night goggles or as a strong psychological weapon... If you are interested in trying out the above mission type, check out totalboffin.blogspot.com for details on our the current servers. We are running a Takistan and Lingor version of Insurgency Sim at the moment. The code behind this is very rough and ready (we were aiming to try features and build an interesting mission type)
  2. totalboffin

    Insurgency Sim

    Yes these will be released for download, however I just need to update each version before they are available.
  3. totalboffin

    Insurgency Sim

    Khaki : The gameplay is the same as Insurgency, this is just a revision on that with many tweaks to try to improve the gameplay or at least make it more interesting. Hazey : The way the Opfor players work in this version has been revised, you take the place of an AI Opfor soldier by clicking on their position on the map, however you are a civilian with the AI Opfors weapons/equipment. With this change the major advantage is that Opfor can use the team radio without any issues which plague the original. Once a player has chosen a position, you have to play out until you die.
  4. totalboffin

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    For IceBreakr : After spending more time in Lingor, just a quick bug report for the town of Benio. The factory (building Land_Tovarna2) is slightly too low in the ground so the floor and the ground flicker back and forth. Edit: Another odd quirk (easter egg?) perhaps there is a OA office building in one of the rivers at 062 045 to the South East of Corazon?
  5. Nice Cuel, didn't notice that new option since 1.62. oh that's really useful one! I hated the connect/disconnect message mid game - especially when recording footage ;-)
  6. I think that it might take your settings when you host the multiplayer game. Not sure as I've only really worked with dedicated servers so far but give it a try and edit one of the difficulty settings (eg Regular) see what happens ;-)
  7. I believe that is a server side message, if you adjust the difficulty player settings in your My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\UserName\username.ArmA2OAProfile DeathMessages=1 to 0 would stop the messages.
  8. totalboffin

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I did a little test and it looks like landAt 0 is Maruko and 1 is Calamar, any other numbers don't seem to register with the AI. not sure if this is something that could be added for the next release, just it's very useful for guiding AI planes to land with ;-)
  9. totalboffin

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Quick question IceBreakr, are any airports setup for the LandAt command on Lingor?
  10. Once again, great to see all the development work on the Linux builds. We have two very happy dedicated linux servers ;-) Keep up the good work!
  11. totalboffin

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    IceBreakr just wanted to say what an excellent job you have done with Lingor. We are late comers to this map, we have been testing out the island with our version of Insurgency and we have been loving the different heights of terrain and all the effort you have put in. A very very minor note, I noticed that in Calamar power station, one of the transformation stations (to the west of the building) appeared to be sunk into the ground, I wasn't sure if this was intentional, just thought I would mention it. The other issue I've noticed, not your fault and it's probably been mentioned before that one of the house types (wooden with green) have a narrow front door which is a bit of pain, always makes me think I'm too fat to get in it. ;-)
  12. Great idea, was about to start writing a similar script. Any chance of getting a new download?
  13. totalboffin

    Arma keeps freezing..

    Likewise, since BattlEye 1.178 no problems again. So can only think it was that battleye update.
  14. I'm not sure you can direct access these faces. I think the special characters (drake,graves,etc) have their own Heads rather than just a face? I guess you could create your own custom face and use one of these special characters as the base. http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=23 has some details on making your own face.
  15. totalboffin

    Arma keeps freezing..

    Yesterday after the battleye update, I had Arma2oa.exe stop responding numerous times resulting in me having to kill the process and restart. Not sure if its Battleye, but it does seem odd it only started yesterday. Looks like there is a new update today for the client to 1.178 so lets hope that fixes the problem.
  16. Task Manager in Windows 7 has a networking tab, to show network utilization. Might be a starting point. If its a local game, I would expect you would need alot of players to overload a 100Mbit Ethernet connection. Are you experiencing a problem?
  17. totalboffin


    Check the defines.sqf in the root of the Insurgency folder. #define CENTERPOS sets the center point of the map and is used for the base spawning position.
  18. Hi Guntz, what are you exactly trying to do?
  19. Agree more granular settings on the server would be excellent.
  20. What operating system are you running the multiplayer mission on? What network connection are you using? Is it a dedicated server?
  21. Agree with getting Afterburner, its a very useful tool to monitor GPU load and temp. Also you can setup your own fan speed mapping based on card temperature.
  22. totalboffin

    Is Arma 3 going to feel desolate?

    I find having civilians, moving traffic and parked cars does add alot to our coop games. Using a "fear" factor civilians can run to their homes and hide when the local area is under fire and then come out and go about their business when all is calm, still very simple stuff but does mean people have to check targets rather than just shooting everything that moves. In some situations you may not want any civilians in the area if its been taken over by a military presence. Adding better ambient civilian logic would be really nice to see in Arma 3, especially for dedicated server games.
  23. Crckdns, best to go over to the Dayz forums and check out this thread : http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/55657-start-here-a-beginners-guide-to-dayz-servers-and-administration/
  24. totalboffin

    Linux server version

    This is the best place to look: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server#Linux_2 The latest Beta for Linux servers is v1.62.97035
  25. For tanaka: Which distribution of Linux are you using?