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  1. My advice to you would be to use the script version of DAC over the .pbo version. It's much easier to change settings, etc in DAC especially if you change a lot of parameters (in DAC_Config_Creator). You will still need the init.sqf stuff for the script version.

    I believe DAC assigns the 0,0 waypoint to generated units until it is finished initialization... then assigns them their proper waypoints within the zone (or at least that's my guess). I've noticed this as well when moving a DAC zone after init.... units get assigned the 0,0 wp temporarily until the new zone is completed.

  2. If only used serverside it is expected to work only partially for al AI not part of a players group. Visual debug will not work. Player visual surpression like camshake neither. Player triggered AI suppression may or may not work.

    The player camshake was something that was disabled by default for MP dedicated server, but due to a recent code change may work now after all. This hasn't been tested yet, so any feedback is welcome on this

    Thanks for the response. So if I wanted to force player supp and shake on the dedicated server to test it out how would I go about doing it?

    Edit: 3.01 is on SU network now.. thanks sickboy!!

  3. what happen if I leave it on for dedicated?


    tpwcas_playershake = 1; //FORCED OFF IF RUNNING ON DEDICATED SERVER



    Question (and I think I already know the answer but to confirm) - if run on a dedicated server the only way to get player suppression and visual effects is for the clients to also have the addon?

  4. ^ yes I tried all three together last night (with DAC of course!) on an UNSUNG/VTE defend-the-base type mission and it completely changed the mission (for the better). Did get a few script errors but that is due to DAC + UNSUNG unit configs I believe.. certainly the courage errors are now gone although I found those hit-or-miss to begin with...

  5. WIP ACE configs - grabbed from other missions cannot be sure they are complete or accurate until tested. If you have some ACE configs already please PM them to me so I can add them here.

    Config Units:

    US Army

    		_Unit_Pool_S = 	[	"ACE_usarmy_crew","ACE_usarmy_pilot","ACE_usarmy_officer_2","ACE_usarmy_ar","ACE_usarmy_at","ACE_usarmy_at_2","ACE_usarmy_dmr","ACE_usarmy_grenadier","ACE_usarmy_medic",
    	_Unit_Pool_T =	[	"ACE_M1A1HA_TUSK_CSAMM_DESERT","ACE_M2A2_D","ACE_M6A1_D"];
    	_Unit_Pool_A = 	[	"AH64D"];

    US Army Special Forces??

    		_Unit_Pool_S = 	[
    	_Unit_Pool_V = 	[	"ACE_Truck5tMG","ACE_HMMWV_Armored_USARMY","ACE_HMMWV_GMV","ACE_HMMWV_GMV_MK19"];
    	_Unit_Pool_T =	[	"ACE_M1A1HA_TUSK_CSAMM_DESERT","ACE_M2A2_D","ACE_M6A1_D"];
    	_Unit_Pool_A = 	[	"ACE_UH60M","ACE_AH6_GAU19","ACE_AH6","ACE_MH6"];

  6. Upon inspecting the camps I believe the howitzers are blowing themselves up for some reason lol.

    I know Orcinus already sorted you out but also be aware the camp howitzer gunners can be idiots at the best of times.. I've seen them take out entire groups of friendlies in their attempts to direct-fire vs the enemy... or even blow themselves up by shooting at the ground (they don't seem to take into account obstacles or elevation in direct-fire mode.. they will fire away at a target even if it is blocked by terrain or some object).

    @cuel - let me know if you find an ACE-specific configs (don't think the config thread has one... or else I'm truly blind :cool: )

  7. Congratulations tpw, it's been good watching this addon emerge into it's current state :) a great example of how members can work together to make something great. And, I enjoy the emergent gameplay it produces.


    Is this update on the Six-Updater network? (currently v1.01)

    Congrats and thanks to all those working on this great addon!!

  8. @SavageCDN

    Hey Savage you have the full version of CWM, or the light version? Have you had the chance to test anything for the ACE compatible version ? if so let me know/report on the ACE thread for CWM.

    WarMod v 1.5 for Arma1

    Also Im possibly releasing WarMod v 1.5 this weekend which is the original WarMod for Arma1, the mod that started it all, it has SLX, ECP, and GL3, as well as a ton of other ausome mods in it

    all working together, is it possible if I send you a draft of a readme you could create a pdf of it and add the links?

    I still need to create a readme for it but currently Im doing some testing for the mod.

    I have CWM full version 1.2 for testing with ACE but sorry I have not had any time yet this week to do so. I will have a few hours this weekend however and will review/post in the CWM ACE thread.

    As for the readme files yes send me a draft and I'll pretty it up in PDF.

    @Jetliner - looks great so far

  9. Correct. The first unit in the Soldier array is for vehicle crew members, second is for pilots, third is for infantry group leaders (avoid changing these 3)... after that it selects randomly from the remaining entries to fill up the group.


    You can also give each entry its own custom weapon loadout.. see the DAC manual for info on this

  10. @tpw - this thread does indeed reflect on the coders - and none of them have any reason to feel stressed or depressed about that.

    This is one of the best threads I've read here, and TPWC_AIS is already a great mod, and a credit to the coders. Thanks for all the hard work. This mod is already on my 'must-use' list.

    Could. Not. Agree. More.

  11. Hi guys back again after some sleep ( i work the 3rd shift 9pm-5am btw) :)

    Good to see some feedback on the new version, i will answer them in order.

    Thanks man, your help also has been noted, I have you and a few others added in the credits, checkout the bottom of the release page, and on Armaholic.

    A CPU?!!! wow sounds great, I got to assume its a socket 754 and better then what i have now which is a 3400 2.8, do you have a heat sink/fan to go with it? and how much are you asking for it?

    BTW is this a personal cpu you have or something through work?

    Thanks for the credits.. not really necessary but hey :p

    Re; the CPU I'll send you a PM