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  1. Just an FYI it appears they work with ACE but are not 100% compatible (ACE medic and healing system for example). Also ACRE will work but without any ACRE radios (148, 117) added to crates it leaves you with just your short range 343 radio. On the plus side our new dedi runs this mission quite well...still low FPS after 10-15 mins of mission start but as you said before with FSMs it is certainly playable. Now if I could only get people to download Dingor.... :p
  2. I think that was my issue initially.. it seems using the PBO version with custom DAC_Config_Creator doesn't work well.. forcing me to add stuff to the init of the DAC Logic if I want to change anything from the defaults (ie: DAC_Comm_Value=[1,2,0] ). This gets a bit messy if I'm changing a lot of defaults in Config_Creator. Not sure if saving ~1MB of mission file size is worth the headache :) @tpM - I could be wrong but I don't think DAC has any way of adjusting the 'detection' range when it comes to AI and sounds.. you might have to look at another AI mod (believe GL4 has this feature)
  3. You're welcome Cuel. Drop by TS (ts3.veterans-gaming.com) anytime if you need more help. We're also doing weekly campaign missions (currently getting 15-18 players average) so if you're interested let me know.
  4. Yes if you look in the DAC_Config_Behaviour file there is a variable in each case called _setSupport = [1,2] The first number is what you are looking for - change it to _setSupport = [0,2] and units will no longer leave their zone to support (they will continue to support within the zone). The second number is for artillery support and must match up with (for example) case 2 in DAC_Config_Arti You can of course assign different behaviour configs to different zones - just change an entry in the DAC trigger in the editor (to match the appropriate behaviour case) fun=["z1",[1,0,0],[4,2,20,4],[],[2,2,10,6],[],[0,0,1,0]] spawn DAC_Zone
  5. @friznet2 - another +1 - I agree this is sorely missing in Arma (SP and MP) but would change the game entirely if MP-compatible @Orcinus - that is great to hear looking forward to the demo
  6. SavageCDN

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    @RUG_DSAI is a sound mod (voices) @ASR_AI is awesome (AI mod that makes them 'smarter', they will re-supply when low on ammo, throw smoke, etc) @Blastcore and @JSRS are visual and sound mods (and are highly-recommended) @I44 is the Invasion 1944 mod
  7. Yes thanks I use this consistently it is a real time-saver for mission makers. One question - is this latest version ACE2 compatible? I see on the website the last version to appear ACE-compatible was 2.41 or else I'm reading it wrong.
  8. SavageCDN

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    Haven't had a chance yet maybe this coming weekend
  9. haha nice I had this on 5.25" floppy (and wasn't allowed to play it) :p
  10. Will try them out and let you know
  11. Awesome..can't get enough L/Dingor !! Edit: Krem are these missions ACE/ACRE compatible?
  12. SavageCDN

    HAC custom configs

    We are reading..don't worry :p
  13. SavageCDN

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    If your CPU is overheating I'd recommend two things: Open your case and make sure your CPU heatsink is securely attatched and that the CPU fan is running @ full RPM.. your mobo may have a BIOS setting for CPU fan speed - make sure it's set to Full or SuckAsMuchPowerAsPossible mode. Get a small but powerful fan, leave your case side open and setup the fan to point directly at the CPU/board. Not a permanent solution obviously but it might get you through a few days. Either way you shouldn't run your PC if it continues to overheat like that as you will burn out components Edit: right I will check this out over the next few days... won't be able to give it serious time until the weekend though
  14. Check these great videos as well: Basic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16680 Advanced http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2937921EE970A877&feature=plcp
  15. SavageCDN

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    woohoo great job Gunter!! :bounce3:
  16. I can confirm ALICE2 works on Fallujah running vanilla Arma2 CO. Where the problems arise are when other maps seem to conflict somehow (mentioned before), and with Fallujah, I believe civilians will only spawn out of one type of house (one of the 2 storey ones with the upper balcony... read this on the forums somewhere recently). Apparently this was done to conserve resources as there are a lot of enter-able buildings on that map. When I was testing this the other day I can see why people think it's not working as sometimes it's pretty quiet on the streets :)
  17. I've used this flare script before with good results: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?111037-Ai-Shoots-Flares-script-version-1-3
  18. Kremator you know what to do... ATCRabbit + spell casting = WIN
  19. Ok thanks a lot guys...I went and re-read the manual for the pbo-specific stuff...looks pretty straight-forward not sure how I messed it up. :p I think my problem was that I was using Intern with configs but I had them in a \DAC folder not in the mission root.
  20. hmm.. I've always used the script version so never noticed. Hope you didn't spend too many hours pulling your hair out on that one!! :) I've recently fallen in love (again) with ACE however and am starting to use it with ACRE in missions... so I have an ACE/DAC question for you :p If I use the built-in DAC with ACE, and place a DAC_Extern logic on the map, it errors looking for a certain file under DAC\scripts\ I believe (I can verify from home PC).. I thought with the Extern all you needed was a DAC folder inside your mission folder with all the config.sqf files (ie: DAC_Unit_Config.sqf, DAC_Config_Creator.sqf, etc), and DAC_Intern was for the default configs (ie: 0,0,0,0 lots of Russians!!) and no other files needed? Or do I have that wrong? Intern expects the DAC folder with just the config files and Extern wants basically the entire script version inside the mission folder? Sorry if this is a dumb question I've never used the addon version before
  21. SavageCDN

    Fayshkhabur V1.0 Released

    Congrats on your release BlackMamba!! I've fiddled a bit with this island it is very well done!!
  22. ^ not sure what you mean... so DAC wasn't working with older versions of Lingor? That seems odd.. are there other island where this is a known issue?
  23. Hmmm... gonna try Lingor tonight I am in love with that lsland!! Thanks :o
  24. You need to set the rabbit to ATTACK MODE :p