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  1. Nothing from what I can see.... how close are these zones to each other? Is it possible that even though they are not linked the AI groups are close enough to 'detect' you and then once they are in combat they won't leave to return to their zone (shot in the dark here)?
  2. Thanks for sharing!! Do you happen to know which from ASR_AI work with your mix? (sorry for OT)
  3. SavageCDN

    [SP] Old MacDonalds Farm adventure.

    Trying with TPWCAS and it seems the cows are not being suppressed??
  4. Yes all of Icebreaker's maps are awesome (Lingor is my favorite) With regards to AI yes you will want to stay away from any maps with bridges (unless you test them 1st for pathfinding - some are OK) or extreme elevations as like you mentioned the AI have difficulty with this
  5. Thanks for the updates!!!
  6. SavageCDN

    SOC-R Special Ops Boat

    ^ Good tip Chris thanks!!
  7. I would try a small test mission with no other AI scripts or addons running - that will nail down if the problem is with DAC or not.
  8. SavageCDN

    SOC-R Special Ops Boat

    Thanks for keeping these updated... fit perfectly on Lingor Island :p
  9. Thanks for the detailed response... I can only hope for future MSO versions to include HAC :)
  10. Thank you for the update. We've been playing with MSO recently and noticed it is included there as well. I assume the documentation for HAC will apply to the MSO version as well? Do you know if it works in conjunction with the WICT module (or should I be asking the MSO folks)? Thanks again.
  11. SavageCDN

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Thanks for the update and good luck with your surgery
  12. Thanks megagoth!!! Loved watching your FH videos way back when :p
  13. God damn it I am getting old :p
  14. Yeah that's a weird one.. have you changed any of the DAC scripts at all or the DAC lines that go into init.sqf? Is your mission 'complicated' ie: lots of scripts, etc? If so have you tried just a simple mission - clean set of DAC files - with one DAC zone to see if it spawns units? Do you have access to your server .rpt file?
  15. No if you are using script version (which is highly recommended over the .pbo version) then the addons are NOT needed by client or server
  16. If you spawn in camps in the zones they will come with D30s or M119s which should provide the arty automagically... I think there is a way to integrate editor placed arty as well but can't remember or check ATM. You can edit the DAC_Config_Camps and replace the howitzers with mortars if you prefer that.. just make sure you take a look at the DAC_Config_Arty as well and replace appropriate classnames. Also in DAC_Config_Behaviour make sure you have with the 2nd number a valid entry in DAC_Config_ArtyWith regards to your markers issues.. not sure but it might be a SP thing.. try a test in MP and see if the markers still appear With regards to init time at start of mission the more waypoints and units you have the longer it will take to complete. Especially for 'dense' maps (ie: lots of vegetation or urban setting), the waypoints can take a while to generate. You can actually tweak this in the DAC_Config_Waypoints file if you find DAC doesn't generate enough waypoints or errors saying it cannot generate (for example) a camp. Otherwise I'm not sure that it matters much with regards to overall mission performance. Obviously more units = more CPU work.
  17. Yes and thanks for working on the COOP dedi version as well
  18. Has anyone tried the script version with Iron Front yet?
  19. He's probably thinking more along the lines of just being able to plop it on the server and not have to worry about clients needing mods and/or adding scripts to existing mission... in which case I would agree :)
  20. SavageCDN

    Mosul area Iraq

    I have a question although perhaps it's a Six-updater problem.. if I try and add @Faysh thru SU and launch game it also adds Fallujah map to the preset however doesn't add all that is is required for the map (OPX_buildings). I'm trying to use this map for an event but if SU doesn't load it properly it's not an option. Thanks for your time...love the map.
  21. Can't say I've tried it with that many human players... but did you try removing just Zeus? Also were you using 3.01 version of TPW? Firing vehicle MGs caused pretty bad lag for us with 3.01 and we had to turn it off.
  22. Can't say I've ever had that issue myself.. and I've been tinkering since v1.01
  23. That is pretty cool thanks for the info!! Gonna try this next mission.