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  1. PrivateWolf

    ArmA 2 has stopped working, version 1.11

    Am I still lacking any more information?
  2. PrivateWolf

    Infantry Combat-Boring and Unrealistic?

    The OP's problem is that he's playing with AI. Have you EVEN tried playing with a realism unit? You'll have more realism than your 'loose' formations and 'box' formations.
  3. Months ago I could join any server without crashing to the desktop and getting the message 'ArmA 2 has stopped working' then it only gives me the option to close the program. But now, unfortunately, any server I try to join gives me this message after I choose a role/unit and before I even respawn, it would only crash. Now I'm not sure if the problem is my firewall or anti-viruses because I've tried turning them all off and running ArmA II as administrator, but to no avail it still crashed. I only installed ArmA II because I needed to save the HDD space(which at the moment is very limited) leaving ArmA 2 OA not installed even though I bought ArmA II:CO. Thus, I only updated ArmA 2 to version 1.11, now I'm not sure if this is the root cause of the problem though. Specs: AMD Athlon X4 640 Processor 3.0GHz 4096MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 - 2258 MB, 1600x900 128bit Kingston 4GB DDR3 Memory M4N68T-M LE V2 Windows 7, 32-bit
  4. Should I just have a empty preset selected, so that I may play on the vanilla Takistan Life server?
  5. It always shows up a message saying 'Addon ace_main requires addon 'CBA_OA_XEH' even after I have set it to A2 OA Standalone(forced) or even A2 OA Combined Ops(forced) profile. Afterwards it shows the ACE intro screen and crashes with the message 'Include file x\cba\addons\ui_helpers\script_dikCodes.hpp not found.' help me? D:
  6. Does anyone know how to run a ArmA 2 OA vanilla preset on SU??
  7. Since it doesn't practically work(Include file x\cba\addons\ui_helper\script_dikCodes.hpp not found.) when I directly open it I thought it would work on SU. But clueless, I don't know how to make a 'vanilla' preset on SixUpdater, does anyone know how to do this? P.S. I highly doubt that posting my specs would further collaborate with the issue
  8. After choosing a role, and being on the loading screen on a few minutes it always ends up not responding. It runs for a few seconds on the last 'receiving file' bit but after that it freezes and I get the error message "ArmA II has stopped working" does anyone know a possible fix for this? Further information, I am running on the ArmA II vanilla, hence no mods at all. Every server I try to join ArmA 2 just stops working and crashes me back to the desktop with the error message. Specs: AMD Athlon X4 640 Processor 3.0GHz 4096MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 - 2258 MB, 1600x900 128bit 4GB RAM
  9. At the moment I can't find a simple IED that can explode if triggered and defused. I also can't understand the ACM configuration from the wiki since it appears too complex for me, what I just want is that 5 or 7 Insurgents would spawn in a vicinity of 150-200 meters every 10-15 minutes..
  10. Thanks!.. but what if I want to destroy multiple caches?
  11. I would like to know how to make an objective out of destroying a ammo box(objective 1) and killing a enemy officer(objective 2) both objectives saying "Objective completed!" after completing it.. and also I would like to set up an ambush area, basically when a player gets in that trigger circle many AIs would spawn in a particular direction and engage the player(s) that started the trigger. And after all the enemy AI's are killed within the vicinity of the ambush point a message would say "You have successfully fended off an ambush!" Thanks in advance :)
  12. How do I use my bayonet and make foxholes?... And it said theres new jumping and crouching animations.. are those modules?
  13. PrivateWolf

    More gun simulation? interaction

    I dont like the idea of that PRESS G TO REMOVE MAG!! PRESS R TO GRIP MAG!! PRESS SCROLL TO TAP MAG!! or anything in those lines... Press R reload wait for 2 seconds and your done, basically what I want is a better reloading animation not these silly combos, what are you playing Tekken? This is arma son!
  14. PrivateWolf

    ArmA 3 Maps

    A map wherein it has buildings, it will be a whole new experience for us.. :)