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  1. Thats true, tho if your in First person view out of the helicopter however the mouse feels very sluggish and it would be next to impossible to play a fps shooter. Something to look into in the future. (its difficult to even open the helicopter door due to this) Running a Amd 6970 cata 11.11 with no AA or Post effects on 40-50 fps triple head i7 @4 ghz
  2. Noticed even with damper settings at 0 and the latest RC patch there is visible and noticeable input lag in the game. Its not a great deal (10 MS perhaps) so its perfectly flyable but you can clearly see the stick in game react slower than your inputs.
  3. Cannot Create 3d device Adapter 0 (amd rad 6900 Series)Fullscreen Resolution 5840x1080, format x8r8g8b8/A2B10G10R10/D24S8, refresh 60 HZ. Error D3DERR_INVALIDCALL Solution start game with -winxp
  4. Trigen

    Community Update No. 3

    A little less power i believe , other than that it should be identical. With the new RC FM files released there's no real need to modify (much) though it in my opinion (might be some tweaks to be done of course)
  5. Just extract the Hsim folder into your root TOH folder Under Steam\steamapps\Common\something if your using steam
  6. Doing Hoist training mission with HDR at very high will give you a complete white screen when flying into the sun. Normal working fine. First impression of the patch2 xml in the 400 trainer (medium aswell) is very good from my perspective, much more stable. Flying expert of course Big thank you and hopefully the real pilots will have some proper feedback.
  7. Trigen

    Community Update No. 3

    Noticed that the slingload training mission is using the light 400 instead of the 600 (or so i believe) , with the improved fm of the 600 its actually quite controllable. I could barely do the training with my custom made helo stick (and no way with the warthog, to much center groove) but dont have to much issues using the modded one. Sorry to go a little off topic Thanks again to NightStalker and the rest that has worked on this, quite enjoyable to fly Ps Still feels like it has a massive pendulum effect from high above the rotor, it dont take much for it to go all out crazy
  8. Trigen

    PAUSE Function Request

    Would also like too see a auto pause when you open the map, helo's dont like to be unattended for long ;)
  9. It also depends what chair you use actually, on an office chair the vibrations dont get trough so much (starts flashing red on the amp quite early) , put it on a pure wooden chair and its a big difference. And to be 100% honest in sims like Il-2 it can be a real blast, same with racing games and even shooters, so if you play all that quite a bit its a good buy for sure tho a little expensive. For only helicopters i'd be a little more apprehensive mostly cause its expensive and i dont feel it gives the greatest bang for the buck unless you have constant low frequency (its a bass box) rumble (not that many helo's in games/sims have). Hopefully they will write a FFB to audio later on that will give it a true feel. But thats just my opinion and your mileage my vary of course
  10. I cant say having a buttkicker in helos does a world of difference, thing is it depends on sounds and thats a bad thing, turn your head (with trackir) and suddenly the blade or engine sound drops, so until someone write a FFB to audio that you can assign to a secondary audio card its not the greatest (maybe Bohemia wants that task?). Gives another feel thats good yep it does. I cant really recommend it tho (car games rock however) Trackir Is the best buy you can possibly get btw just run and get it asap
  11. Trigen

    Community Update No. 3

    Running a WH at the moment myself EagleEye and i must say i have great difficulty controlling the helo's it feels next to impossible and almost like its dangling from a rope high above. Having only Dodosim FSX to compare with a i cant really say much but i have no issues hovering steady even in high winds there, on takeon its next to impossible to get a stable flight. A great deal of that comes from the fact that the helo pretty much jumps into the air and straight into instability, in my opinion anyway. I truly hope all these issues gets ironed out as i absolutely love bohemia for making this game and soon perhaps somewhat closer to a sim, you have my eternal gratitude
  12. Trigen

    Community Update No. 3

    Thanks for this mod Night and other contributers, havent had a chance to try this game yet and i will surely get into it now
  13. Hello I'm curious if it would be possible for you to implement a feature where you could configure each screen in a config file much like Eagle dynamics DCS series or FSX if you will. I'm one of those nuts that have 7 monitors up (2 touch) and i'd love the possibility of configuring it properly. Hope this can be something for a future patch.
  14. Would very much like to see aspect support for 5 monitor setup in wide mode (5 screen landscape 9xxx-1080 etc resolutions) Hope you can achieve this for the final release
  15. Trigen

    General Flight Model

    Have to double tap - my mistake thanks