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  1. Hi! During the mission I am told to return the new antenna to the harbour. When I lower the new antenna there, I am not allowed to drop the load. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks, doc-e
  2. docehrenhoefer

    Where is the simulation

    Did you really expect a Hifi-Simulator when the basic game is Arma2? Well, it might not be DCS, but it´s fun in my opinion. What grieves me more is the relatively small amount of missions. Something like an EMS Story, a police story etc. would have been better.
  3. docehrenhoefer

    Help on landing

    No apologies please. X is steerboard/starboard cyclic, y is up/down, y up is nose down, y down is nose up. As finetuning speed is much more difficult than fintuning lateral movement, I decided just to modify cyclic fwd/bckwd.
  4. docehrenhoefer

    Help on landing

    hm, laggin´... did you check your deadzones? they must be kept very low. Though, the overall effect depends on the joystick used. I own a Saitek x-52, a Logitech G940 and a TM Warthog. The Saitek is very good for small adjustments, but I tends not to be steady in higher speed or normal transition flights. The Logitech G940 is a total catastrophe if you want to make very small moves, and the counteractions of the force feedback motors destroy every careful movement. Had the same problem with refueling in DCS A10C. Well, I still use the pedals. The Warthog is the most expensive but best joystick I ever had. He has a very small center postion, so you can almost null the deadzone, with y-axis adjustments in the middle zone it´s almost like using the autohover. Well, almost.
  5. docehrenhoefer

    Help on landing

    Hi, this is a very crude drawing of the joystick sensitivity adjustment I did under controllers in the options menu. I am at work right now, so I could not make a screenshot, sorry. What is important - I think - I use a TM Warthog as a stick. Greets
  6. docehrenhoefer

    Help on landing

    Crucial is good adjustment of the y-axis of the stick. I have reduced the deadzone to about 2-3%, then I have reduced sensitivity of the y-axis around the middle position and more movement in the outer areas of the y-axis. The x-axis was left alone except for lowering the deadzone. Works like a dream, as I can apply more movement on the stick during slow flight, so the heli won´t overreact. Ah, and I forgot: when using rudder pedals, you mostly hav to counter strafing movement. So watch your vector!
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    ....the map...!! :crazy_o: Thanks, sir.
  8. docehrenhoefer


    I jut tried the "whaling" mission. Well, the first one was no problem. But I found a group of 3 whales very close to the 1st location, and Kelly just does not film. Is there another group? What is the problem here?? Or is it a bug?
  9. docehrenhoefer

    Downloading the Full game - Sprocket

    Ow my, maddogx... I should have noticed the mad b4 the dog... :D stoopid me.
  10. docehrenhoefer

    Downloading the Full game - Sprocket

    Nope, didn´t get an email. Not even in the SPAM-folder.
  11. It´s not so difficult. -While in autohover, you can do very fine movements in all directions using cyclic controls. Use the crosshairs / dots in the VVI to do fine tuning the movement in the horizontal plane. It shows you where you are moving, so counter this movements. -do a complete autohover a few meters in front of the mark point, use pedals to center on the mark point, approach slowly until the height over ground is equal to the distance to the markpoint shown. Then you hover directly or at least very close to the mark point. -then sink slowly while hovering, normally about 30 ft over ground the slingload will be attached / cleared. I would really fancy to have a PIP where you could look directly downwards.
  12. docehrenhoefer

    trackir movement

    Look here. Did the trick for me. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=125583
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    There´s a helipad on a roof nearby... how can I make screenshots?
  14. docehrenhoefer


    when I try to land on WN93 near Seattle downtown, the touchdown is about 3 m above the helipad... :)
  15. docehrenhoefer


    Thanks, changing the settings in youraccountname.TakeOnHProfile did the trick. I did load the TrackIR settings beforehand, but there was no option to enable it...