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    Ukraine General

    Hi. I'd like to know what BIS community thinks about current events in Ukraine and about Ukraine in general. To be honest, I don't have clear opinion and I'm a bit confused. Please, share your thoughts and knowledge.
  2. This quote from a book about failures [1] (without references) sounds interesting but I couldn't google any more info about it. Do you know any interesting read (military history) about it? [1] Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection, page 2
  3. batto

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    It has happened: https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/ https://developer.nvidia.com/Vulkan
  4. batto

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    That's false. Again, it's not something that does the work. It's just an rendering API. You only need the support in the driver. It's known that the Vulkan has the ability to directly issue commands in GPU similar to DX12. There's no point for having faith in or disdain for either as it's quite opposite of something magical. You do need faith in BI making use of it. And there's simply no point in choosing proprietary implementation over standard one of the same thing and close doors to many market areas like Android or SteamOS[1]. https://twitter.com/ID_AA_Carmack/status/689440925500571648
  5. batto

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    These DirectX benchmarks are mostly pointless. It's the game and the hardware that is responsible for moar framez. The rendering API and drivers should have as little overhead as possible. That review misses the main newsworthy of DirectX 12 (and Vulkan) which is the low-level interface, which should greatly reduce this overhead, but the game needs to be vastly redesigned for it first. Hopefully these DirectX benchmarks will become even more pointless in future. Also, AMD donated Mantle to Khronos, which, along with major players in the industry (except Microsoft), turned it into Vulkan. So it's better to wait for its release and forget about Mantle.
  6. batto

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Tomorrow is Khronos Vulkan meetup http://www.meetup.com/Khronos-Paris-Chapter/events/227540099/. Perhaps someone there will finally announce when they plan to release the damn thing. Android will use it and Oculus most probably too. http://android-developers.blogspot.cz/2015/08/low-overhead-rendering-with-vulkan.html Interesting write-up about current state of proprietary drivers: https://www.gamedev.net/topic/666419-what-are-your-opinions-on-dx12vulkanmantle/#entry5215019 http://blog.mecheye.net/2015/12/why-im-excited-for-vulkan/ Some more reading: http://blog.imgtec.com/tag/vulkan https://www.khronos.org/assets/uploads/developers/library/overview/vulkan-overview.pdf https://developer.nvidia.com/engaging-voyage-vulkan It'd be sad if BI chose another vendor lock-in for another 5 years. Wait, evaluate, incline to standards. <3
  7. batto

    European Politics Thread.

    I can confirm it's prevailing point of view here in the center of EU. Freedom of speech should be absolute until nobody is harmed. Your little feelings or prophet don't count. What you regard as acceptable may be regarded unacceptable by other person. Go watch some Richard Dawkins to get the point. I enjoy and value controversial satire and black comedy. It's good eye opener sometimes. This is exactly what I expected: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fnarodnidemokracie.cz%2Fakcni-plan-pro-reseni-migracni-krize-v-cr%2F&edit-text=&act=url&act=url National "Democracy" hahaha... Hopefully, elections were shortly before migration crisis.
  8. batto

    New Horizons / Pluto

    New Horizons probe is just passing the Pluto in a closest approach after 9 years of travel :bounce3:: http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/. We will start getting images tomorrow :popcornsmilie:. I don't know about you but I still have tiny little hope for aliens. You check the program there: http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/Mission/The-Flyby.php
  9. batto

    World Politics General

    But it is Russian. Or do you seriously believe that citizens of Crimea would voluntarily choose current UA government? Don't bother with international rules (blah blah no country recognized it blah blah) and try to use common sense.
  10. batto

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    I don't see much into technology of long-range AA missiles but why can't such missile have two stages where one is activated on close range that is capable of same maneuvers as Sidewinder or AMRAAM? What you say sounds so last century. I predict long-range carriers for multiple (3-5) short range missiles. And lasers!
  11. batto

    World Politics General

    I feel Benjamin Netanyahu is a bit honest and speaks sense here:
  12. batto

    Greece navigating "uncharted territory"

    Perhaps oversimplified and stupid. Nicely made nevertheless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8xAXJx9WJ8
  13. batto

    European Politics Thread.

    Confusion indeed. I find these half-believers most illogical though I disdain them less than fundamentalists. Anyway, the muslims you know are not all the muslims in Western Europe. I saw videos and photos from protests crowded with hardcore believers who demanded Sharia law, restriction of free speech and probably some other downright idiotic ideas.
  14. batto

    European Politics Thread.

    Not trying to spread fears and whatnot but I assume this 1% represent only those muslims openly demanding it. I'd say that muslims demanding Sharia in Western Europe are 99.9% and if they get a chance they won't let it slip by. Never heard of Sharia Police in UK?
  15. batto

    World Politics General

    Why is there only Europe? What if I dislike government, like culture, dislike earlier history, but like later history? Should I just average it? What are the weights for particular criteria? I feel really sorry for you for disliking Ukraine that much (don't you put too much weight on current government criteria?). What's the point of this utter non-sense anyway? Here's my version:
  16. batto

    Greece navigating "uncharted territory"

    You can help to crowdfund a bailout fund for Greece right now! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/greek-bailout-fund . Can't believe people actually donated €907,086 already o_O. As for me, I'll rather donate to my favorite artists or to catgirl research or just burn the money.
  17. Non-sense. The differences, if there are any, are so tiny compared to what training and experience can give. The Wikipedia says that this is highly debatable and controversial topic and you can't draw such general conclusions only from statistics. We may not have equal intelligence on birth, but in civilized society all humans, blacks, whites, females, males, ... should have equal rights to increase their intelligence. If modern feminism was about this, that'd be perfectly OK! But sadly it's mostly about hatred.
  18. Something unbelievable happened to Tim Hunt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Hunt He made some jokes involving females at some conference. How dare he?! Feminist, led by Connie St. Louis, charged their hashtags and ruined his career: Details are here: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3141158/A-flawed-accuser-Investigation-academic-hounded-Nobel-Prize-winning-scientist-job-reveals-troubling-questions-testimony.html While reading Connie's heartbreaking story about how "women had enough" I realized that she and her minions don't even care about the (flawed) idea of feminism. Of all sexism occurrences, be it rap music or movies, they pick this! They're simply seeking easy waves of publicity on which they can surf. In other words, this is great example of pure attention whoring. The saddest thing is that in civilized world a bunch of 100% disposable and harmful (sub-)human beings have the power to sack a person from useful research from which we all would benefit. This is so ridiculous it's not even funny.
  19. batto

    European Politics Thread.

    Who gives a shit? Anybody with half-brain can read into it. Get over it. If natioanlists like you who make hassle over frivolous banalities just disappeared there'd eternal be peace on this planet.
  20. batto

    Russia and China have cracked Snowden's files!

    What a load of bullshit. I may be overly skeptical sometimes, but in this case I'm sure 99.999% it's bullshit. First of all, who has the files and how did they get them? If they got it then to decrypt it they'd have to either 1) get they key, 2) brute force the key or 3) find a flaw in the algorithm. 2) is out of question because Edward lectured journalists to whom he handed the files on strong cryptography, 3) would mean that some algorithms recommended by NIST on which even US military relies are now useless. So 1) is the only realistic option but that's not really what he's saying, is it? That'd mean that some journalist gave it away or they managed to steal it from her computer. I doubt that. IIRC Edward didn't even intend to stay in Russia and traveling with such burden seems pretty stupid when it's in hand of journalists already. So I don't think he could exchange it for his asylum. But again, that's not what the source is saying.
  21. batto

    Hypersonic jet travels a mile a second

    I guess they're catching up on China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WU-14
  22. Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling Involution Ocean by Bruce Sterling (very underrated) Some short stories from P.K. Dick like "The Trouble with Bubbles" I'd love to see them filmed, but only by Tarantino or by someone outside of Hollywood.
  23. No one said that. It was said that role of government is not telling the truth to its citizens. It's kinda obvious. In case of US think CIA/NSA for instance. OK, it's time to let this go =). What I find most unbelievable on Hersh's story is the huge risk associated with whole operation. The lever US had on Pakistan wouldn't help in case of accidental and unwanted leak from any side which would expose Obama as liar before elections.
  24. Where? Makes perfect sense to me. His story explains that. Stop referring to these. WikiLeaks is most famous for diplomatic cable leaks and Ed leaked NSA documents. If they actually leaked CIA documents now that would be some fun read =)). I don't know and I don't assert that his story is true or not but I wonder what makes the government story more credible than his. I mean the same government that has been caught lying many many times before and the same government that pays one agency to do (illegal) stuff covertly and lie about it. Government role is not telling the truth to its citizens.