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  1. Thanks for that explanation; this is way outside the scope of what I thought was expected, I'll try it again and hopefully it'll less confusing for me.
  2. gromacs

    Ok, this is getting ridiculous :\

    If you still have access to this could you please share it? I would like to read and understand this too :)
  3. WOW, turning 3D Resolution up made a world of difference. It's like that time in 8th grade when you complain to your parents that you can't see the blackboard and then you get your first pair of glasses and all of a sudden everything is in 1080p lol. Thanks for all your help everyone, you've made this game a lot more enjoyable for me Also turned off post processing since I don't like the bokeh, turned up fxaa, and my framerate is still silky smooth. Damn this is a good engine...
  4. Thanks, will try this tomorrow What exactly is 3D resolution? The default is less than my monitor's default res, I left it alone because I thought it was for Nvidia 3D vision. Since I don't 3D vision anyways, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to turn that up to my native res edit: nicholas posted between the time I opened this tab and responding lol, I will definitely turn 3d res to native and turn of post effects, will give it a try tomorrow :)
  5. The whole purpose of Steam is to have a centralized place for all your games, dlc's and updates so you wouldn't have to do stuff like manual installations. So THAT isn't unnecessary work, but if anything is unnecessary work, it is the end-user's manual installation. Well yea, it is actually necessary if they want to play it. I'm actually waiting for this to be on steam before I try it, I've got enough stuff between Bohemia and Tripwire Interactives to keep me occupied for the time being:yay:
  6. I'm not on my gaming PC, but I was browsing the forum so I thought I would post this question I've always wanted to ask. The instrument panel is very blurry. I can make out the text on some of the dials but it is very difficult, most of the time I can read RPM torque fuel temp direction etc. but it is just so blurry! And the text under all the switches too, if it weren't for the HUD I would never figure out which switch I want to use. Is there a setting or config file I can change to make the dials more clear? Do I need to move the character's head closer instead of just 'zooming in'? If you guys want a screenshot I can post one later when I get home, but I'm quite certain that this happens for almost all players running default settings, and I also see this fuzzy unsharp effect in ArmaII and OA. I'm using a gtx460 1gb with most settings on normal, very entry level stuff so I just thought that maybe this is to compensate for low quality textures, but it's just very annoying :(
  7. If you are talking about the gyroscopic effects trying to use the pedals to turn while moving fast like you can in Battlefield 3, yes it is supposed to be like this. Real life also behaves like this. If you want to turn while moving forward quickly, use the cyclic instead of pedals (bank into a turn and pull up, and if your pitch changes, compensate with pedals or bank more).
  8. I'm not very good at autorotation but I understand the theory of it. Part way through operation Bullseye, So obviously I haven't found the "correct" way to play this mission yet. What am I doing wrong here?:confused:
  9. (1st post) How about right click for float zone, and hold right click for another type of ADS of the player's liking (such as no float zone or move head with float zone as you suggest)?