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  1. hollywoody

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Hi guys, Can someone direct me to where I can find the list of current class names used in VAS? I'm trying to restrict certain ammo and rifles but cant seem to locate these current class names. Thanks in advance. Hollywood
  2. Hey Kylania, I having trouble trying to clear out the virtual box by adding string to "crate init" could you give a sample string to input to clear all items in box and add a custom loadout? This will help alot as I could copy and change as needed. Thanks Hollywood
  3. Thanks kylania, Where is the Tool tip? What I did is just copied the init string in my static supply boxes that are working and pasted it in the virtual supply box modules int string. Is this how one should do it? Thanks again
  4. oK, I have the virtual supply drop all working though now I would like to customize the supply box. I tried to add to the virtual supply drop provider module init string to customize the box (as I do to other empty supply box placements) and all i get is the default loadout? am i doing this correctly? any help? Thanks
  5. hollywoody

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    how does one get Altis prior to official release? thanks
  6. Hey guys, Just recently and after the update it seems randomly while in a MP mission, when a player try's to get in a Helicopter it will explode upon entering????? any ideas what may be causing this? thanks in advance Hollywood
  7. Hey Group, Today I was trying to create incoming Mortar round effects by using the Effects Module and all that would work was Smoke? does anyone know if this part of the module is working or not? Thanks
  8. Hey Group, I've created a custom loadout for individual players within our MP game. The one problem I'm having is that when spawning at the start of game and re-spawning the primary weapons are always empty though I do have plenty of magazines in backpack. can someone clue me in as to how to make it so the primary weapon is pre loaded with a magazine. I hope it is something simple like the order/placement of items in the loadout.sqf Thanks in advance Hollywood
  9. Hi Sickboy, I cant seem to find the Classname for the Scope with the crosshairs?(sniper scope) all I seem to get are the scopes with the red dot on top. Do you have the classname for this scope? I would like to add this to my custom gearbox. Thanks Hollywood
  10. Hey Group, I notice after creating an MP mission and putting it up on the server list I see there is no info listed other than the mission name... ie. the "coop" and max # of players info is missing. Where do you input this info? I could not find anything within the editor while creating the mission. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey Group, how does one get the AI to embark on Helos? I made myself player and in charge of group. Now I would like to fly group to insertion point but I cant seem to get them to board the helo? Thanks in advance.
  12. hollywoody

    How do I insert a Helicopter ?

    Prof, I have been inserting a playable Heli...should this be "unit"? maybe this is why I dont see the empty? Thanks
  13. hollywoody

    How do I insert a Helicopter ?

    Thanks toxx & kev!