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  1. Foxhound74

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    Yea but apparently it causes the Gun to overheat quickly and sometimes make the bolt so hot that they will start cooking off before the trigger is pulled.
  2. Foxhound74

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    I say that the Russian Faction gets the Current Opfor Helmets and better weapons while the Iranians get the Helmets and weapons that the Russians used in Arma 2 with some modernizing. That sounds fair right?
  3. Foxhound74

    What would an insurgency in 2035 look like?

    They'll look like any other civilian until they pull the gun and shoot you. With the advanced weapons of 1035 so comes advanced surveillance and thus the only way to survive is not to be targeted. And if you look like everyone else right up until the hit then you're less likely to be taken out before you can take the shot. Unless the rebels have enough advanced weapons to fight the Bluefor to a stand still or a way to negate Bluefor Surveillance then with Drone warfare they would be utterly screwed.
  4. Foxhound74

    Why not add killstreaks to the game?

    In real life they don't give you air support because you're doing well, they send it when you're getting blow to hell and need back up. How about that if your team is getting the Sh*t blown out of them and you've racked up twenty deaths you may be eligible for a Helicopter gunship to fire a few rounds at the approximate hostile position from a Kilometer away. :rolleyes: Oh and if you are getting owned really badly you can get a tactical nuke! Which destroys the entire island and then the entire world as every nation launches their missiles and creates a global nuclear Holocaust out of panic and fear. :rolleyes:
  5. Foxhound74

    They better have female soldiers...

    Don't forget there are women in non-combat support roles, suppose the fighting took a turn for the worst and suddenly these rear positions are the new front line?
  6. Foxhound74

    They better have female soldiers...

    I personally would like to see Females be at least able to use a weapon. In Arma 2 it was frustrating that the Female civilians couldn't do hardly anything, For example I wanted to make a scenario where a female aid to a general was shot down and had to try and survive behind hostile lines. I don't mind if they don't have female soldiers, but it would be nice if the females civilians can at least drive and shoot.
  7. Foxhound74

    Covert Ops

    Is there a way to make it so soldiers wont target you unless they can see you have a weapon drawn? Example. The mission starts as you being a civilian with a handgun. You have to sneak into the city kill a enemy officer then escape. I want to make it so the soldiers wont target you unless you have your weapon out so you can't just walk around pointing a gun at guards. (And if it makes any difference the target for the mission is a rogue American Colonel.) Thanks in advance.
  8. Foxhound74

    OFP Addon request thread

    Are there any mods that Add new voices to the game for you to chose from? Also are there any mods that Add Female voices to the game? It is really grating my nerves when the female resistance members talk.
  9. Foxhound74

    Mission requests and ideas

    Has anyone made a campaign/mission for instead of defecting in the Red Hammer campaign you blow the crap out of the house the resistance leader is in with frags and a .50 cal. Are there any missions that have you continue to play on the soviets side?
  10. Foxhound74

    1.99 patch FFUR problem

    Okay i did that and it did not work. BUT i rebooted my computer and it did so i recommend rebooting.
  11. Foxhound74

    1.99 patch FFUR problem

    Some more help would be appreciated. I am having the same problem. It all ways wants FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE and i cant find a way to fix that. I tried renaming my EXE to that. (I backed it up.) But it just caused the game to crash. I am running the Arma Cold war Assault version.
  12. Foxhound74

    Killing civilians.

    Thanks a lot!
  13. Is there a way to set it so a faction. (Like the soviets.) Will attack civilians? I want to make a mission were you have to stop some soldiers attacking a village. I know the trick of putting civilians in a squad with another factions soldier. But is there any other way? Also. Is there a way to make a panicked rush? (Like instead of everyone dropping to the ground when they get shot at the all start to run as fast as they can away from the firing.) Thank you in advance.