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  1. I sincerely wonder why the animals wasn't included in TKOH? I mean, it really puzzles me, unless someone else is sitting on the copyright's for them? Also, there are many other small objects that could/should have been included to make TKOH more versitale other than just ferrying people around. Like a bambi-bucket, log's etc (I'm not making a list he he, just a few examples). These should have been there from the start, also; I did a flight i Chernarus and had a nice encounter with some powerlines during a MOE flight, wich kinda reminded me of reality and how much one misses this feature in TKOH. Powerlines are definitly one of the biggest hazzards a heli-pilot have to be on a constant lookout for due to the nature of heli-operations, as you might imagine, it would incourage a different type of flying (if you catch my drift) since you'd be scanning for those pesky invisible snares lol. Conclusion: powerlines are important, and although I understand that putting down powerlines/streetlights on every road probably is totally out of question, I still think that bigger, more central/main powerlines absolutly should be included with a future patch...if you agree, say aye! :D
  2. Yeah, I found it to be very strange that the animals are not part of TKOH, I mean, what gives? They would definitly be usefull in many areas if not only for visual candy. So I must say I was very suprised to find out there was no animals in the release. I had a very cool experience with the CP, landed on a hill and went outside and whaddayaknow, Lord & behold a f'in rabbit jumped across my feet and I remember thinking how cool that was :D Animals should definitly be part of the next patch, say yes BIS :) Of course, I have both A2 and A2OA, so I do have the animals and it's great fun. But not for everyone apparently :(
  3. scarp

    Fire fighting

    Oh no, no - no - no - no, that would just be wa-haaay too cool and I wouldn't be able to live a normal life anymore due to flyin' bambi's all day long, so don't do it, please :D
  4. scarp

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    That is very much doable in TKOH, despite some of the flaws in the FD :)
  5. scarp


    I imagine a script would work for a mission. My post was directed more towards multiplayer where we are talking about individual player's interaction with eachother and helicopters. I have rescued a fellow pilot who fell off a roof and was stuck on a narrow ledge, I put the helicopter with 1 skid on the ledge, and he could enter my helicopter. At the same time, I have tried numerous times to rescue players who somehow ended up in the water, both hovering above water and even lowering the the skids below the surface, still no go :( But it would certainly have been cool if the interaction between helicopters and players would have been more 'open' so that you could enter the helicopter in more than 1 way, hopefully without having to use scripting and such. As it is now, I believe there are some constraints/limitations before the game actually let's you board a helicopter. In my humble and fragile mind, it should have simply been simpler to enter (and exit) a helicopter...if you know what I mean :) Perhaps BIS could make a game logic/animations/function that uses a different enter/exit function as soon as it registers that the helicopter is no longer parked on the ground? Of course i see limitations in that approach too as there could be a million different scenarios to cater for, but at least a function to pick up players from oceans or in stationary hover would certainly open up the playability, especially in multiplayer.
  6. I wouldn't know..but it's definitly fluid with crisp gr.textures and a visibility of 12000. But as with everything else, there's no problem to "optionize" my system to a crawl if I was to set everything on full :D . But Im happy with the current settings, but I am considering a new card for sure tho. The game is CPU intensive, but if I can make a pharable; what good does it do to have a 600 BHP engine in a Lada if you can't transfer all that power to the wheels? Yeah you're right, you'd still be doing 60 MPH and your accelleration will at best still be the same. The keyword here is to have a balanced system throughout the 'chain of command' :) As far as memory and OS, I'll leave that to those who knows coz I dont know myself how TKOH relate to memory (RAM) and say a 64 bit system vs 32 bit. But as far as video card goes, a gtx570 would be a good choise, I have only heared good things about them :)
  7. As MD say's, your vid card cant keep up with the rest of your system. I have a identical CPU (@ 4.8 GHz) and a gtx460. And card is breathing heavily under load and it is definitly the bottleneck in my system. Not only regarding TKOH, but also other graphically intense programs. :)
  8. scarp

    Joystick setup help

    Auto trim or manual trim, that's the only options you have. The 'over' requirement of trim is a bug and I pray to God BIS will fix this, coz it's outa proportion :)
  9. Have you tried reading the previous page in this thread? :)
  10. scarp

    Landing on ships,

    Bremerton. S/W of Seattle
  11. scarp

    Add Waypoints

    Open the map, point and click on the desired location while at the same time holding down the 'shift' key.
  12. scarp


    I dont know if it is at all possible. We have tried in multiplayer to rescue other players (who's been sacrificing their beloved ships to Neptun) on numerous occations. Maybe BIS would ease up on the restrictions when it comes to boarding a helicopter. Dont quote me on this but, it seems like the passenger need's to be on the same level as the skid/helicopter. But what about all the other cool stuff like boarding helis standing light on skids on a steep slope? Getting people out of water? Picking up passengers in a hover from swamplands, railing of ships, ledges, younameit? I dont know, but perhaps the game need to register the helicopter as landed before you can board it? Maybe BIS could enlighten us on the matter, what is the limitations in relation to interaction between passenger and helicopters?
  13. The difference usually should boil down to mass...bigger helicopters, more air passing through the rotor, bigger mass of air being directed etc. It is a known fact that; the bigger the slower (in terms of action/reaction). Normaly that would translate into something a bit slower and also a bit more stable behaviour and reaction to inputs from the pilot......could be me, but I swear to god that the heavy feels alot more twitchy than the light one. But I put my trust in BIS and that they solve these problems with the next patch. :)
  14. scarp

    Respawn Point

    open notepad and paste: Save it as vehspawn.sqf <- NB! Very important that you save it as a *.sqf file and not as a ordinary text file. And it should be placed in your mission folder (folder containing your mission)
  15. Landing on movable ships is possible, exept the chopper doesn't seem to stick on the deck. What happens is that the boat just sails away from you, and if you're not quick and pull i off the deck, you'll slide into the water lol. Do I need to say that this should most definitly be looked at seriously (by BIS) and hopefully a fix would surface? Also, I've noticed that on stationary ships (not the ships that are part of the scenery tho) that if you land on them, the chopper stands and bounces around. I've even seen it escalate to wild bouncing to the point that it actually sunk the boat :D Do I smell a fix in the future? If so,
  16. scarp

    Help on landing

    Dont worry Jedra, if you put in that much work already, and really felt it afterwards (as in deflated), then rest assure you already have learned a ton but you just haven't realized it yet. But you will the next time you fly. I think all us RL pilots can attest to the feeling you have, we've all been there and there is no way around it either he he, so keep up the spirit and you'll do just fine :) In the end, it is about focus & calmness. The most common error a studen pilot does, is over reacting (over-controlling) , partially because the student is all tensed up. So when you feel like 'everythings going haywire' say to yourself 'relax' and then just do it....relax! Get intune with the machine :) Also, dont try and squeeze the life out of the joystick handle, it'll just F-up your 'feeling' in addition to make your arm and neck stiffen up quite a bit. I also very much remember the mental fatigue back in the student days. When you're sitting all day fully concentrated for long hours, that really takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. But boy do you sleep well at night tho :D So if you're new at this, just relax, it's part of the game (blame BIS for that ;) ) and you should actually feel that you did accomplish something rather than just pure frustration...coz you most likely did :)
  17. A quick & dirty workround for the light helicopter: First, make sure no trim has been applied (by pressing release trim) and then, if you trim the MD500 about 4-5 clicks to the left (I have assigned a cooliehat for trimming all axis and one button for trim release.), you'll have a more trimmed helicopter when taking off. I haven't tested the other models yet in terms of "how much trim" is needed. Also, it is still a helicopter and you still need to fly it, but it wont keel over that easily anymore :)
  18. scarp


    I belive he's thinking of the navy base in Bremerton :)
  19. Nice, and thank you again Konyo, this is brilliant :)
  20. Lol, OK, that makes sense, thanx for the tip Manzilla.
  21. Not sure why it doesn't work for you guys, could be that you need this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=126509 Except for the above mentioned, I just put the .pbo file in the addons folder.
  22. Very nice, love this little thing. But my own limited understanding of the editor presents me with some difficulties when it comes to placing them in the terrain and get the height appropriate. I've tried this -> this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 20] <- where the last digit (20) determines the height? Elevating it to 20 meters was no problem, but getting it to sit nicely in relation to the ground was a bit more frustrating. I presume the object has a reference point which also determines the default height if you dont use any codes. So when trying to place it on the shore, and if the shoreline/geography under water is very steep (as it is almost everywhere), makes the pad disappear under water. To the creator, this is an open question/suggestion and hence no critisism as such; wouldnt it be more sensible to move the reference point of the object to the walkway (and not the pad itself) so that it would always rest by default on the ground when placing it on/near the shore? Either way, very cool addon, thank you so much for your time & work :)
  23. scarp

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    I agree, and add to the list: ground effect is still too strong and needs to feel more like a cushioning effect rather than the current ballooning effect. And then the way overdone trim that is needed between the different stages of flight, waaaaay over done. The latter is actually so overdone that it is almost rendering the whole illusion of flying helicopters unusable he he. I must add, I fly only on expert, so my references to the FD are based on that, all other modes I cant speak for as I haven't tried them much. Other than that, I am a happy camper and I see tremendous possibilities with this little software, especially if some patches that adresses the FD are released or that we/users get our hands on the SDK for the flight model. The sooner the better
  24. Just wondering, are there any type of flares in TKOH? What I am mostly curious about is; in a multiplayer scenario we have a stranded pilot. Except for marking the spot on the map of his location, it would be way cooler (if anything) if pilots had some kind of emergency kit by default like a flare gun? Me thinks that could make the whole ordeal of rescue a little more interesting...and fun. I dont know, could that be done either with a weapon/flare-gun, or would you have to use scripting/effects/triggers/orwhatever?