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    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    Any shots of virtual cocpit?
  2. Not very realistic but nice, Air file is from Arma (elementh from Jade Groove map) for sure but big fun :) .
  3. Yes, tested but not many players to do tasks in this missions (with ToH). I was killed in 2 minutes ;).
  4. Is it possible to create mission like "Take on Taxi" but for multiplayer? Like Domination - many "targets" but pickup a people ect.?
  5. 1.06 beta with free "Panthera map".
  6. Dont try it. In this mission You must be shot down. Its a part of scenario. After this do safe autorotation and keep orders.
  7. Shake him as You can. He will start to speak.
  8. Just noticed - no speach of pilot if he did checklist (APU on, Engine IDE ect), only something like "beep". @Jedra, TonyGrunt, thank You, I will try. Edit: no, cant see and addons in expansion in TOH menu too. My TOH Folder: http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/9553/catalogl.jpg If I run the normal version of TOH, or ArmA I have this map of Lingor (in ToH only with many errors missing objects). "G:\Take On Helicopters\beta\takeonh.exe" "-mod=G:\ArmA II;G:\ArmA II\Expansion;G:\Take On Helicopters;G:\Take On Helicopters\Hinds;G:\Take On Helicopters\beta" -nosplash
  9. Works nice, only with Chernorus low fps with this view and settings of TOH. I dont see only additional maps like : Lingor island. I have for expample folder named @lingor in main folder of Arma II. Any ideas why or this beta dosent allow addons for Arma?
  10. _YoYo_

    Take On: Hinds!

    No it isnt. Gunsight of pilot in TOH:Hinds its ok for version of V, P. Only yellow/orange colour is too mutch + colimated. More weapons / gunsight options can be used by weapon operator. For pilot its near ok now. Quick serach: (with modern avionics, but You can find to classic 24V video on YT from cocpit).
  11. _YoYo_

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    It concerns not only Super Hind but all Hinds in addon, for me its a bug of damege model. You can fly ahead without any big G-force and this shake will be present too.
  12. _YoYo_

    CTD when is a night

    Yes, here: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/30055 Here is video with this graphical problem, in the end game freezes: Here is mission with this place: https://hotfile.com/dl/151931736/1bafe8a/Nights20Hunter.South_Asia_H.zip.html (I started do it but not finished, in final will be coop night mission). I noticed it only heppens on Asia map. No problem with night on Seattle map with night vision but... if I turn on lights (search lights) recived CTD. For me looks like a problem of lighting or shadows or bloom or HDR?
  13. Hi, I have a problem when I take Night in TOH. One thing - sometimes view looks like below. Next problem is CTD, after 1-3 minutes. Looks like a graphical driver problem or TOH problem... but on ArmA2 or ArmA 2 Opertion Arrowhead no any problem with this part of day. Any ideas? Drivers of CCC 12.3 (but on 12.2 I had too same), AMD 7970. Cfg: adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=93750; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1920; Resolution_H=1080; refresh=60; winX=16; winY=32; winW=800; winH=600; winDefW=800; winDefH=600; Render_W=1920; Render_H=1080; FSAA=2; AToC=0; postFX=0; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=7; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=2147483647; nonlocalVRAM=2147483647; vsync=1; SWLayersCount=64; PipQuality=1; AmbientTraffic=1; FXAA=2; Windowed=0; PPAA=2;