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  1. Hi there, For reference: My coding skills are very basic at the moment (despite having a computing science degree, I haven't coded in over a decade). I'm leading a newly formed unit, and typically we play small-squad based infantry operations with nil re-spawns, and little to no support and a 'one life' policy. What we're finding is that there are players who tend to have connection / network issues and are dumped from the game (either BSOD issues or the red link chain), and upon reconnecting, their original slot has vanished so they're unable to rejoin the game. The respawn system we specifically need is one that allows the players to rejoin the game after dropping, rather than a typical respawn system that is for players to come back to life after being killed. My questions are: 1) If there are for example 6 players slots in a mission, in order to preserve the slot should a player disconnect due to technical issues, does "enable AI" need to be checked? I.e if "enable AI" is set to disabled, will the unit dissapear from the game as soon as the player drops / disconnects? 2) What's the best way to protect against this, and allow players to jump back in with the same loadout / equipment? I am actually of the view that respawning in the same position is fine as a solution, as we only allow respawns owing to technical issues. Is leaving the "enable AI" option set to 'enabled' enough - will it place an AI in the slot the dropped player was in, and allow the player to restart the game and take the slot back? Or is a different solution required? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. Rouen58

    Simple radio briefing

    Thanks mate. Only problem is - I don’t actually know how to apply the conversation system and filters. Is there any guidance available?
  3. Hi all, just getting back into mission making after a log lay-off since ARMA 2 (itself a long lay off from Flashpoint). Looking to add a simple radio transmission briefing (voice and text) from HQ to all players in MP, using the built in radio system. An example of this is the radio messages from ‘crossroads’ in the default campaign. I recall using this before but 8 years has significantly eroded my memory. Questions: 1) I will use audacity and a friend to record the voice. Question is - does ARMA have filters I can use to emulate the radio effect? 2) I’m completely lost as to the mechanism by which to do this. I’ve seen some conversation scripts but don’t need anything that complicated. Any guidance to existing scripts or examples would be appreciated. Thanks Satnam
  4. Hi everyone. https://units.arma3.com/unit/smallsquadoperations Squad name: Small Squad Operations Timezone/location: GMT / UK Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Contact email: satnam.singh.sagoo@googlemail.com Language: English Short description: I've just formed this unit to fill a gap I've been unable to find with existing units: We focus on elite infantry based operations - insertion and patrols to AO by foot, detailed recon, followed by a surgical strike and exfil We use minimal mods - mostly just the vanilla game with a handful of realism aiding mods. BI have created beautiful assets in the ARMA series so it makes sense to utilise these Realism, teamwork & coordination in-game. Relaxed outside of the game. No hierarchy or ranking system. One leader per mission, but otherwise we're all equal Ideal for adults / people with family, looking for some like minded release a few times a week We have a UK based dedicated server. Respect is central to what we do, and all walks of life are welcome If you've played dynamic recon ops - that's basically what we're aiming to run (along with user created missions of a similar nature) Drop me a message if that sounds like what you're looking for. Thanks, Satnam
  5. Rouen58

    Is ArmA III having the OFP:CWC vibe?

    OFP:CWC was released at a time where there was nothing even close in terms of a sandbox style 'war' game. It was the early 2000's, the modern computer age was dawning, and people were keen to sample the abilities of the latest hardware and software. The computer landscape has completely changed now, with modern hardware being generally more than sufficient to play games, and a wider range of games available that cater to the same player. Add to this the fact that the West had just begun bombing campaigns in Afghanistan (around October 2001 according to Wikipedia), and you had a raft of people wanting to sample the realities of war. I remember reading a review around the time - I think the original Ghost Recon had been released, and there was numerous comparisons between the two games in gaming magazines. Ghost Recon won almost each review, as the reviews praised OFP's complexity but came to the conclusion it was 'too tedious' for the large majority. I was 16 at the time the game came out, and computers were pretty much my main hobby. I'll always remember the game fondly because it let me pretend I was a soldier, but for every OFP fan there was probably 20 who hated it. The nostalgia is sourced from my circumstances at the time even moreso than from the game itself.
  6. Hi Max, Basically a non-railed M4A1 with a silencer - otherwise no modifications from a standard stock M4A1. No rails (therefore no barrel attachments), no scope, no attachments. I'd be willing to budge on the Flat Receiver/Carry Handle detail as these would be independant of time period, but any other detail (like the laser module the ACE/RH silenced ironsight M4's have) would be too modern. Here is the OG link for the pics I wanted to post: http://www.usmountainranger.org/assets/images/fillmore6.jpg Ultimately it's only a small detail but trying to nail the look and feel of the mission as close to the time period as possible.
  7. Hi guys, I'm creating a singleplayer mission and would like an unscoped M4 / M16 with silencer. Can't seem to find this anywhere though. ACE has one but it's a camo version with a laser module attached, which is no good. Also tried using the ASC mod which is great but I couldn't cope with the scripted fixed-magnification ironsight aiming. Earl Filmore (Delta) carried one: http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg480...jpg&res=medium As did these guys (Tier 1 from Op Just Cause): http://www.specialoperations.com/Arm...orce/delta.jpg Any ideas? Thanks *edit - Colonel Stagler mentioned that ACE2 and RH packs both have the weapon, but I've checked and in both cases there is also a Laser Module attached to the weapon, which isn't suitable.
  8. Hi guys, I'm creating a singleplayer mission and would like an unscoped M4 / M16 with silencer. Can't seem to find this anywhere though. ACE has one but it's a camo version with a laser module attached, which is no good. Also tried using the ASC mod which is great but I couldn't cope with the scripted fixed-magnification ironsight aiming. Earl Filmore (Delta) carried one: http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg480/scaled.php?server=480&filename=dast9206704ys3.jpg&res=medium As did these guys (Tier 1 from Op Just Cause): http://www.specialoperations.com/Army/Delta_Force/delta.jpg Any ideas? Thanks
  9. In terms of neatness and de-cluttering, is it ok to have multiple pveh sitting in "init.sqf" waiting for client-side actions to call them? Will it have impact in terms of performance? Is it preferable to call a seperate script from the init.sqf once the variable is made public, or can the code go directly in the init.sqf? Funny thing is, I have a 2:1 B.Sc in Computing Science from a top 20 UK uni (but by some twist of fate, ended up working in finance after I graduated). I hated every minute of my studies. I could never get my head around Java, which was core to my degree - I passed by memorising long chunks of code for exams, and just working extra hard on coursework. Yet ARMA 2 is making me enjoy coding for the first time in my life.
  10. Awesome... Will give CBA a go and read up the documentation. Do I need it initalise CBA in my init (I have it installed already) or is it automatically included if it's in my commandline Thanks Muzzleflash!
  11. Sweet :-) I'm building up a picture of MP editing now. So on server, use remote execution for player based actions (i.e sideradio or hint). On client, make a global variable public and catch it with a publicvariableeventhandler. Where would the server side catch go? Do I whack it in a script and then call that script at the start of the game from the init? And does that script subsequently just "wait" until the public variable is "caught"? Muzzleflash, Sickboy, Pelham and Demonized - thanks
  12. Also, When a script is executed by a human player on dedicated server from an "add action" attached to a vehicle local to the server, how do I switch out of the local machine and get code to run on the server? Last nights mission I had: 1) an addaction running a script that set a variable to true, and then publicvariabled it 2) In game I had a trigger waiting for this variable to become true, and on activation it executed code that ran on the server. Does public variable event handler work on both server and client sides? How could I get the client to trigger some code to run on the server?
  13. Thanks, the rpt file is longer than my thesis! : - O n00b coding skills ---------- Post added at 16:10 ---------- Previous post was at 15:04 ---------- Ok sorted the scripts, everything working OK! Except my titletext isn't working - anyone know the remote execution call I need to make for title text? Thanks
  14. Brilliant, Up and running. However, heartbroken that my mission is pretty much broken on dedi server :-( Is there a way to show script errors on DS? Thanks
  15. Thanks Demonized, Does this mean I can start a dedi server and then start a normal ARMA 2 session and connect to the server, without owning 2 copies of the game?