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  1. hyzoran

    Jets - HUD improvements

    Anyone else having issues locking targets? Despite having clear radar detection on a target and a 'blip' appear on HUD, whacking the lock keys does not always work, very inconsistent right now.
  2. hyzoran

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Critical Features: -New Damage Model for vehicles. (Stuff that @RAM does, Also no more vehicles just completely exploding just because they hit 0 hp, Ammo Cookoffs, disabling certain components of a vehicle (such as engine) if it takes a good hit, etc. ) -Working Penetration for Missile weapons. -New Tracked PhysX. -FCS for Vehicle weapons Suggested Features: -Interiors for Vehicles that do not have them (APCs and MBTs) At the VERY least, for drivers. -Reworked Thermal Sights for better environmental contrast. Suggested Content: -New MBTs and APCs +Domestic vehicles for NATO (Abrams, Bradley, Stryker, maybe Challenger 2 for British Forces?) +Recommissioned M60s and M113s for AAF? +T-14s for IAF and VT-14 for PLA? +Old Vehicles for Syndikat and Armored Vehicles for Gendarmerie? -New Unique AT Weapons to compliment the new Armour. (Sort of how FFV complimented Helicopters and whatnot.) +Javelin and SMAW derivatives for NATO +Fictional ATGM system for CSAT? +Maybe yet another for CTRG? -Maybe some new Personnel vehicles as an added bonus? (HMMVs and whatnot) Probably won't fit into your development schedule but yeah.
  3. hyzoran

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hello Genesis! Another bug report here! AI Squadmates almost always lock up (Stand still indefinitely) once returning to aware or clear mode after experiencing enemy contact. Sometimes the identification of a new threat will 'reboot' their state and they will return to normal combat behavior. CLS will also sometimes lock up after patching a friend. Also it seems that Squadmates spread a bit too thin during combat, and feel too comfortable dashing through open areas.
  4. hyzoran

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hey Genesis! Feedback on the new version: Wonderful, I first-hand witnessed an ambush again a squadmate, who proceeded to strafe to cover while returning suppressive fire and then quickly drop to the ground. It was magnificent, never seen anything like that from an AI in arma before :3! However, I have noticed an issue: occasionally squadmates, after entering combat mode, seem to get 'stuck'.Stuck as in the AI can turn, aim, and shoot, but they refuse to move, ignore direct move orders, dont fallback to formation, and sit 100% idle movement wise for the rest of the mission. This usually happens after the AI spots an enemy, but not always. For example, while patrolling a village, our squad encountered close enemy contact. We exchanged fire for a bit, took a loss, but managed to kill off our attackers. Afterward I moved us on, however I noticed the AI were not following me. I went back and they were all laying down in the area we were fighting in, they refused to move via any command, but they turned and looked around occaisonally. In another mission, I was leading my fireteam on recon at night when a fast-mover flew overhead. The AI crouched down, looked up at the aircraft for a bit while moving slowly around in duck position. After this they wandered a bit slightly, but ignored any movement commands. After awhile they eventually stopped moving completely and refused to budge. Besides this though, your mod is great work, and manages to remove alot of the 'up and down and shoot till death', expand on the limitations of the vanilla A3 AI and the rugged and slow movement that of some other mods *cough* bCombat *cough*. Thanks for putting your precious time into this piece of art <3 Edit: I would like to note that most of the testing was performed in WLA and DUWS (Which would probably have a high chance of influencing AI behavior), however still I have not noticed this issue with bCombat OR ASR AI. The issue only seems to affect player squadmates (Which further increases chances of it being the mission). Edit Again: It seems it happens in a stock (stock as in placing two squads and telling them to move towards eachother) mission as well, AI units entering combat mode cease up almost 100% of the time.
  5. hyzoran

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hello, I am currently experiencing an issue with VCOM, as shown here in this video: A single squad with a single default move waypoint, though in any circumstances, including combat, different strange behavior is formed. Extremely Erratic and broken behavior is being exhibited by the AI, most notably squad leaders, and in my scenario, 100% reproducible and unavoidable. Additional behavior includes: Squadmates scattering and sprinting off at random vectors, Squad Leaders order the squad to random local locations, complete stationary positioning even under fire, completely ignoring enemy existence, even under fire. Enable and Disabling different mods will display variation in behavior, however regardless of the mods I use (Even with just VCOM), the behavior remains erratic. The fact that no one else has reported such a glaring and obvious damage in core behavior suggests that the problem is unique to my setup, however I am using default userconfig, simple as possible mission, On standard branch 1.50. Using VCOM 2.10. Here is my .rpt log of a combat test if it helps any: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93583028/arma3_2015-09-15_02-18-07.rpt
  6. I deeply apologized if this has been asked before, but will this feature improved armor simulation? Something along the lines of RAM? Regardless, Can't wait!!! ^.^
  7. Hello, is there a feature to export objects to SQF spawning so I can add them to my mission's init.sqf rather than sqm? I ask this because I am using MCC to build fortifications in 3d instead of using 2d editor, however SQM doesnt support height adjustment or de-aligning objects to terrain, so when I load my resulting SQM all the objects are misaligned, any ideas? Thanks.
  8. hyzoran

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Im playing the Supply-truck ambush mission in the campaign, and every time I place down a mine, one of the AI in my squad immediately runs over to it to deactivate it, and I have found no way to disable this, maybe add a way to check if mines were placed by friendlies or not?
  9. hyzoran

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    -Enableht is only implemented in the server performance binary ATM. The ArmA 3 client does not yet (if ever) support it.
  10. Welcome to the gaming industry 2014 where critical issues are never fixed, instead development goes into half-baked overpriced dlc, expansions that will be no better than the current game because they will share the same issues, and sequels that will be exactly the same while vaguely leading players on that things will get fixed every time the vicious forever cycle of 2014 this applies to every game, even ArmA, Total War, Mechwarrior, you name it.
  11. hyzoran

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Strange. He doesn't appear in the forum search anymore, I remember he used to be on the forums. For some reason I thoguht you were him, nevermind about that :P. I forgot to mention this as an example, I was thinking about this when I was forming my post. This would indeed be one of them. Even though it was very unfortunate and I am sure BIS put alot of effort into solving the problem. I think that BIS should have pushed the deadline further back as a result. It just feels like their entire development plan became scuzzed up.
  12. hyzoran

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    I have to agree with this post, the entire setting for ArmA 3, in addition to its' assets, features, etc. they all feel castrated (Possibly because of complains from certain players that the game was 'Too Futuristic' and thus they promptly removed all the cool new ideas for assets in the game (Such as the experimental railgun, and possibly many more things, in my opinion, there is no reason a game can't be futuristic yet still authentic and immersive, it just needs to be done properly) . Many of the confirmed features and ideas were eventually cut and were not featured in the final game, heck, even the campaign feels like it was cut short. It was as if the entire development of the game was halted mid-development, all their work deleted, and they started from scratch and approached a deadline, so they started reusing alot of assets and materials from older games and recycling other assets ingame and got almost nothing done, and now that the game has been released they don't on finishing anything. I can't help but feel that the game was originally planed to be so much more than it is, and there are so many flaws that could be fixed and features that could be implemented that I feel like we could all see in just a few months were this a collaborative open-source project. Heck, we didn't even get improvements in performance and hardware utilization from the engine. The engine still stuffs all the labor onto a single core, and craps out after pushing past a certain limit for some odd reason. All I can is think of is some serious setback happened during development that screwed everything up, BIS is several underfunder/underfunding ArmA 3, or that BIS just doesnt care anymore (executive wise, the actual developers and designers might still actually care) which seems to happen alot these days, decision makers try to put the least amount of funding and effort possible into games and make them barebones as possible. (Alot of games have ended up being screwed up like this when it comes to ACTUALLY IMRPOVING THINGS, Mechwarrior Online, Rome 2: Total War, ArmA 3, etc. Ive been so disappointing so many times lately it makes me lose hope in gaming...) In the end I wish we had answers to whats going on but unfortunately people rarely get answers for when things go wrong. ArmA 3 has done alot of nice things and Altis and Stratis are really nice (except midrange textures), the lighting is gorgeous, the futuristic setting and creative flexibility is interesting, CSAT are badass, and the new movement schemes are amazing but I feel there is so much missing still. I think the game had so much potential that was obviously not achieved. I have sorta have OCD when it comes to playing games and I want everything to be perfect, which I realise isnt reasonable to demand, but I just wish that things could have a little more effort put into. (Off topic: OpticalSnare, are you 'DeclaredEvol', aka 'Blu3Haz3' by any chance, from Unreal and Redrum? Something in the back of my mind is indicating that you are indeed that person. If so, I have a little joke for you: It looks like ArmA 3 pulled as '227' :) )
  13. Does this mod have plans to improve Vehicle AI as well? (Such as APCs, MBTs, Artillery, Helis, MRAPs, and Fixed Wing)? I find that AI drivers and pilots are not very self-preservent, often not taking very intelligent maneuvers to protect themselves and their vehicles. Also, While testing 0.15, I find that AI are absolutely horrible with dumb-fire launchers, they often miss even at ranges of 50m, (An example being Beyond Recognition, where I instruct my Ai to engage the truck at the start with his launcher, and misses 100% of the time (With All AI settings set to max except super AI). AI should always hit under certain distances, while AI of higher skill levels should be much more accurate at longer distances with Dumb-fire launchers. Additionally, I find that AI put far too little priority on destroying Combat Vehicles. Combat Vehicles should be neutralized immediately upon detection, as they are deadly accurate due to no recoil and explosive munitions. (Only attempting to engage if they find that they are in an acceptable range for their Launcher) Also, this is an A3 issue, but whenever I tell AT or AA infantry to engage vehicles they always pull their weapons out only to stare at it and readjust formation occaisionally but never fire. I wonder if there was a way for you guys to fix this issue.